20 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone in 2023

Best Puzzle Games For IPhone

Are you looking for the best puzzle games for iPhone that can keep you entertained? Then you have come to the right place! This post will take you through some of the best puzzle games for iPhone.

Are you looking for a challenge? Or, you merely wish to pass the time? This list of the most effective free puzzle games for iPhone can draw you in and find you hooked. The gorgeous factor regarding puzzle games is they’re straightforward to play. Several square measures supported easy principles; however, that’s specifically why they’re thus addicting.

1. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

If you grew up enjoying video games within the Nineties, you most likely bear in mind Puzzle bollix up. The game is the third in its series and plays constant method. You only trade monsters for witches, cats, and colorful alternative characters. From constant manufacturers as Candy Crush adventure stories, Bubble Witch adventure stories can have you ever enjoying “just an extra level.”

2. Sage Solitaire

Sage Solitaire

This game has been in existence for a long time now. You’ve, in all probability, competed with the digital versions on a Windows laptop. This game earns its spot because it takes a classic formula and introduces a game-changing twist—cards square measure organized on a three x three grid. You clear them by forming poker hands; however, you need to embrace cards from a minimum of 2 rows—simple, addictive, and fun.

3. Six Match

Six Match

Here we tend to come back with yet one more match-three clone, right? which ’80s-inspired retro graphic vogue is beggary for associate degree update? Don’t be thus fast to evaluate Six Match by its cover.

The most effective puzzle games and those for iPhone square measure regarding providing associate degree easy-to-understand mechanic that’s wildly bounties and richly addicting. With Six Match, you progress a larva around to form a match in no quite six turns. It’s far more fun than you may think!

4. Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega

How’s your word knowledge? Seeing however you’re here on the thesaurus; you most likely recognize a factor or 2 regarding word chain games. To not be confused with a specific word chain, what you get with Alpha Omega appears an additional sort of problem.

The letters square measure all involved, and you’ve got to unscramble words to resolve the stage. You’ve got the primary and last letters solely to guide you.

5. Ultraflow 2

Ultraflow 2

Seemingly simple-looking puzzle games square measure extremely the most effective. The minimalist, vector-style visuals of Ultraflow 2, a pair of extremely speak there to quite trendy, “flat” aesthetic. At its most simple level, Ultraflow is a mini-mini-golf game.

What’s completely different is that your “ball” will solely “bounce” off walls a restricted range of times before sinking into the “hole.” Are you able to do it?

6. King Rabbit

King Rabbit

With a retro-inspired cubic are a vogue, King Rabbit exudes each prettiness and longing. During this action-puzzle game, the goal is to safely induce your very little white rabbit to the goal at every level. Collect things on the method, avoid obstacles and hazards, and hop your thanks to safety. You’ll be able even to produce your levels to share with the larger community!

7. Cube Critters

Cube Critters

Perhaps you favor additional competitive games? If you fancy multiplayer word games like Scrabble GO and BattleText, you’ll love difficult your friends (and foes) in Cube Critters. Just like King Rabbit, you navigate treacherous mazes, work your method around sneaky obstacles, and collect fun power-ups too. Battle alternative players or challenge the single-player mode across cubic worlds.

8. High Rise

High Rise

One of the puzzle games that provides a three-dimensional twist on the classic match-three dynamic. Here, you build up a cityscape, one block at a time. Rather than matching colored blocks on a two-dimensional grid, you rotate a three-dimensional platform. Connect identically-colored blocks side-by-side and vertically to mix them. Mix additional blocks to create spectacular buildings for your burgeoning town.

9. 1010! Block Puzzle

1010! Block Puzzle

As so much as Tetris-inspired puzzle games go, 1010! Block Puzzle strikes a good balance between familiarity and individualism. The colorful blocks look plenty like their Tetris counterparts, however, in even additional sizes and shapes.

You get to play at an additional relaxed pace here because there’s no forced gravity on the pieces; they don’t fall to the rock bottom of the stage. a bit like in Tetris, though, lines clear as you complete them. And you’ll be able to vie with friends too!

10. Amaze


Paint the maze! Fill the stage with colorful paint. The catch is that your painting ball solely stops once it hits a wall. So, you ought to set up your route consequently to fill within the puzzle. What a colorful thanks for passing the time!

11. Dissembler


In this puzzle, you are tasked to break down little geometric pieces of art. If you’ve played the likes of Bejeweled, you will not find this game too hard to master. As you continue to break down, the blocks, successful pieces disappear. When stuck with single tiles, you have to undo your moves and make a new strategy. The game is indulging once you get the hang of the method involved.

12. Baba Is You

Baba Is You ios

Baba Is You could be a puzzle game within which you perpetually modification the foundations to fashion an answer. It plays out sort of a Sokoban block-pusher, solely the landscape is laid low with words and object names. Fashion a sentence from these blocks, and everything will require modification in a moment.

For example, you’ll be able to modification your manageable character by putting associate degree object sort before ‘is you,’ or rework all the walls to flags by putting the word ‘flag’ once ‘the wall is.’ This is often at the same time disarming, devious and pleasant.

Early mild levels presently collapse to more durable tests; however, the sport ne’er stops being unrelentingly grin-inducing as you work out solutions – but your path. The bit controls square measure pitch-perfect too.

13. Blask 2

BLASK 2 ios

Blask a pair of tasks with blasting targets with lasers. Games of this kind typically pepper the screen with mirrors, having you rotate them to attain your goals. Here, levels instead comprise puzzle items with reflected walls. It would help if you discerned the way to move and mixed them to succeed.

This is, we tend to should note, a game that typically depends heavily on unproven and error. Initially, you won’t forever acumen grade breaks apart. Strategic, military science thinking is feasible to a degree; however, you’ll often solve grades by mistake.

However, as a result of Blask, a pair of is such joyously tactile and responsive expertise, its tremendous to play with. Sure, it will be frustrating once you can’t discern the way to solve the grade. However, it’s exhausting to beat as a mystifier with a proper physical part that actively rewards messing around.

14. Song of Bloom

Song of Bloom

Song of Bloom is an associate degree iPhone game that plays with the conventions of narrative and games. Seemingly a mystifier with a smattering of hidden object smarts, you’re employed through the sport by recognizing clues and later drawing them onto the screen at the acceptable moment; however, the second you begin experiencing Song of Bloom, you instantly acknowledge its way more. At its heart, it’s a story.

Fragmented, however meaty, it tasks you because of the viewer formulating its whole in your mind. And as you are doing, scenes you explore waken mind everything from classical genre to trendy digital visual manipulation.

It’s clever while not being over the highest and impactful while not too know. If you had to put Song of Bloom aboard alternative apps, there square measure echoes of Simogo’s The Sailor’s Dream, and flight hit Florence; however, this title’s substantially its factor.

15. Spring Falls

Spring Falls ios

Spring Falls could be distinctive puzzle expertise, assaulting a geometrical incline. Its varied challenges square measure based mostly on erosion and task you to manipulate the landscape to bring wildflowers to life. This is often basically achieved by geologic process (that is, swiping down on) sections of rock that water to achieve the thirsty plants.

This isn’t a game that holds your hand. You’re expected to work out the varied rules and how this strange, angular system works. However, Spring Falls is additionally a game that wishes to interact with you and be competitive, not frustrate you; thus, it encourages experimentation instead of punishing experimentation, supplying you with unlimited time and undos to play.

There square measure sixty levels altogether. That may seemingly quantity to many hours of serene; however, usually tough, puzzling that’s a small amount completely different from something you’ve ever competed before.

16. Path of Giants

Path of Giants

Path of Giants could be a sweet-natured puzzle game with a liking for path-finding. It options 3 friends dressed for the cold – though they’re honestly not well ready for the entire world else.

They lack rise gear, for a beginning, that could be a little bit of a retardant once they are faced with large walls and dangerous drops between them and their goals. Luckily, these friends square measure happy enough to plow their bottoms on the bottom and let others climb everywhere to achieve the higher ground.

Gradually, alternative mechanics square measure introduced, like landscape-shifting switches and mammoth windmill contraptions for sailing across ravines. It’s ne’er specifically brain-smashing, however with nods to a number of the most effective puzzlers around – Monument Valley, Lara farm GO – Path of Giants is still completely bountied expertise.

17. The Witness

The Witness ios

The Witness echos classic puzzle adventures like Myst. You emerge from a metal tunnel onto a lush island. You’ve no plan why you’re there, and also, the game isn’t a language. This mute effort leaves you to work out what’s occurring.

You know there are puzzles everywhere, maze and logic tests linked by massive lengths of piping. Learn the game’s ‘vocabulary, and you can work yourself deeper into the island’s mysteries, eventually cracking the secrets of a distant mountain.

On iPhone’s smaller show, a number of the visual spectacle is a smaller amount dazzling, and interactions square measure additional fiddly than on alternative systems. Except for a game on the go, The Witness showcases the sheer clout and capabilities of contemporary iPhone gambling, and iCloud support suggests that you’ll be able to forever continue your efforts on iPad.

18. Photographs – Puzzle Stories

Photographs - Puzzle Stories

Photographs – Puzzle Stories wraps acquainted puzzle tropes around showing emotion-charged narratives, or maybe it is the opposite method around. Either way, the mix during this distinctive game sucks you in, and never let’s go.

Each of the 5 vignettes slowly reveals its tale, alternating voiceovers, and essential animated scenes with you looking at a screen for clues, so temporary puzzle sections. The last of these smartly shift and alter because the narrative demands, making certain pictures could be a coherent whole.

This all makes for a shocking and bountied game. What you won’t be ready for, though, is that the hard-hitting nature of the stories, which pull on the heartstrings as you’re employed, your thanks to the bittersweet ending. It’s a wonderful game that shows puzzlers will do way more than check your mentality.

19. Pipe Push Paradise

Pipe Push Paradise

Pipe Push Paradise sends you to a desert island, however, to not the beach. No, you’re there to the island’s dreadful plumbing disasters. This involves moving huge pipes around confined angular rooms, getting to create connections that get water flowing another time. It echoes box-shoving games.

However, it adds some ideas of its own. Pipes may be revolved and born into pits –. Generally, you’ll take into account yourself victorious, then again understand your tiny character can’t revisit out of the space, thereby forcing you to rethink.

On iPhone, the controls are bare are fiddly; however, infinite errors don’t frustrate, whereas additionally providing you with area to experiment. With multiple challenges unbarred at any given time, this is often a puzzle wherever you’ll wish to plumb the depths.

20. I’m a Puzzle


If you’re in the mood for a traditional puzzle game, check out Im-a-puzzle.com. They have over five thousand jigsaw puzzles that you can play online. Each day, they have a daily puzzle, and all their puzzles are organized by category. So if you’re in the mood to solve an animal puzzle, they’ll have plenty of options for you.

Their most popular feature is their puzzle maker. Simply upload an image, and I’m a Puzzle will turn the image into an online jigsaw puzzle, which you can then share with your friends. Have fun!


1. What are the most effective puzzle games for iPhone?

Bubble Witch 3 saga, Sage Solitaire, Six Match, Alpha Omega, Cube Critters, and High Rise are some of iPhone’s most effective puzzle games.

2. Where can I be able to find puzzle games for iPhones?

You’ll be able to find these games either directly from the apple store or by visiting the provider’s website.

3. Are iPhone puzzle games free?

Not all the games are free. A number of these games need you to shop for them before obtaining access to them.


We have come to the end of this list of the best puzzle games for the iPhone. We are sure you will find the one that best interests you.

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