20 Best Tower Defense Games for iPhone & iPad in 2023

Tower Defense Games for iPhone

Do you ever find yourself toying around with your phone late at night or during your free time? Are you an iPhone or iPad user? If so, you should download the Best Tower Defense Games for iPhone & iPad. The best mobile games are the ones that make us laugh, make us think, and most importantly, entertain us. What are you waiting for? Download these games today!

1. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

One of the best Tower defense games, hands down. Kingdom Rush is a medieval-type game with a bunch of fantasy in it. There are three difficulties in the game; depending on the difficulty, the waves and number of enemies change.

The more you progress in the game, the more features and abilities can be unlocked. But the basic units are Knights, Archers, and Mages. There is also an artillery tower that can be used to create enormous AoE damage, killing multiple enemies simultaneously.

2. Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a simple but fun game. On the field, two players will have their king stand on the opposite side. Those two players will have two towers next to them to fight against each other’s waves. Normally, in tower defense, you will build towers and attack the enemy wave to move on to the next level, but in Clash Royale, you fight against a real player!

Your wave and their wave will clash, and your tower defense and strategy will determine the output of the match. Many features await you in Clash Royale; it is a fun game!

3. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies

Huge zombie waves are about to come and eat your brain. If you let them walk through your front yard, then it will be over in no time. However, there is a way to fight back, and that’s using plants! Following the original Plants vs. Zombies, a sequel has been released with various levels, different and new plants, new zombies, and new bosses.

To play the game, you have to collect Suns, a type of resource that allows you to plant more seeds. The more Sunflower you have on the field, the more Suns will be produced, meaning you will have more defenses to use!

4. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

 One of the most iconic mobile games of all time! Clash of Clans is a strategy city-building game. You start by having a small settlement; then you gradually start adding more buildings which give you resources. The little settlement transforms into a city, and the town can transform into a castle.

Besides the city-building aspect, you must also take care of your military power. Recruit units and use them to attack other players and invade their cities. Clash of Clans supports a fascinating feature, the ability to form clans and join other players to fight together as a huge army. This takes the game to a whole new level.

5. Castle Creeps

Castle Creeps

When  Elves, Humans, and Dwarves rallied together to fight against the monsters of their lands, they were able to drive them away. However, the tide of battles changed once a sorcerer appeared. You’re a commander who must defend Dragoncross, the castle under siege.

A wave of monsters will start attacking the castle gate; it is your responsibility to build the proper type of towers to defend your castle. Infantry is good for blocking the wave, while Archers can attack and deal plenty of damage. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more features and tricky levels.

6. Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack

Crocodiles have invaded the swamp that no one was supposed to trespass on. Your evening has been ruined, but more importantly, you’re in danger if they reach your little house. You have to shoot them with your weapon before they get you.

The game has multiple levels, and you’re rewarded with gold after each level. You can use this gold to upgrade your shotgun or swap to a completely different weapon! The game is simple and funny, but it is enjoyable to play.  It is also worth mentioning that crocodiles are not the only thing you will be attacked by.

7. Green the Planet 2

Green the Planet 2

Green the Planet is a pixel art game made with beautiful visuals. Going around space and landing on different planets, you must defend them from incoming meteors. Use your spaceship to create new units and new weapons. The reason you’re going to a new planet is to green those planets! Let’s bring life to those planets by making them suitable for plants and other living beings to exist.

It would be a waste to do that while having meteors coming down and crashing all the hard work you’ve done. The units which shoot those meteors can be upgraded, and their missiles can have beautiful visual effects, even though it is pixel art.

8. Toy Defense 2

Toy Defense 2

Like other tower defense games, Toy Defense two features large levels with plenty of places to build your towers of defense; however, you will be placing toy soldiers and toy artillery.

There are different powers to use, plenty of units to try out, planes to take down, and the game will make you feel like you’re in a warzone. Although it is a top-down view, and the graphics are quite cartoonish, it is still a good tower defense game.

9. Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners is another tower defense game quite different from other tower defense games. You have an entire field with no specific place to put your towers. This makes the game tricky and more complex. An empty field with no guidelines is much more difficult. The enemy wave is also relatively fast! Making the game even more challenging. But even with all that, the game becomes just more fun.

Each time you kill a unit, they grant you money. Use this money to build more towers on the field. Those towers can also be upgraded. Depending on where you place your towers, you can create a path the enemy will be forced to follow, making them spend more time reaching the end of the field. Brewery of planes, though! They can fly over your towers.

10. Sentinel 4: Dark Star

Sentinel 4- Dark Star

 Sentinel 4: Dark Star is one of the older games on the list. The graphics aren’t amazing, and the attack animations aren’t so smooth. At each level, there will be a wave of enemies coming to attack your base. It would help if you placed the appropriate types of towers to defend against them. When a tower is selected, squares will become highlighted, pointing out where you can place them.

The path the enemy will take is highlighted with black, letting you know where to place your towers. The game is sci-fi with very modern weapons. They are needed to fight against the alien invasions and the terrifying monsters.

11. Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Realm Defense- Hero Legends TD

I am going back to medieval times. Realm Defense is a very fast-paced Tower Defense game. It’s colorful with fantastic music and many voice lines. There are four main types of buildings in the game.

The armory is used to spawn knights on the field; Archery is used to summon archers on top of the tower; they will shoot their arrows as soon as an enemy is in their range. Two more towers are mages and artillery, both having unique types of attacks. Each passing level will present a new type of enemy with more health and new weaknesses.

12. Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense

Royal Revolt 2- Tower Defense

When it comes to fancy graphics, Royal Revolt 2 has spent its budget on that. The game has unique 3D graphics as you play the game from an almost top-down view. Test your strength by attacking other players. Your hero can be spectated as you attack the enemy towers and barricades. Although the AI of the unit can be a bit annoying, you are still in control of the hero.

You can constantly summon knights, as they won’t cost gold, but they will cost time. Knights have cooldowns, but it is a concise one. Besides raiding other players, you will also need to defend your castle. The game is unique with the idea of controlling and following your units. Many features await you in Royal Revolt 2.

13. Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense

One of the best Tower Defense games out there. The game might be old, but the gameplay doesn’t hint. Radiant Defense Is a colorful game with unique weapons and vibrant effects. Your turrets can be placed on those black blocks on the map.

However, the path the alien units take can also be determined by your choices. At each different level, you will have the ability to place a given amount of blocks on the map. It would help if you took your time discovering the best and longest route for the enemy wave to take; this step is super important to winning many upcoming levels. There will always be a boss in the final level of each part. But even normal units can be super dangerous.

14. Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

Bloons Tower Defense is a 3D top-down view game where you must defend your farm and village from attacking monsters. The path the enemy will take is super obvious. The cobblestone path needs a unit around it to stop incoming enemies.

There are various units in the Bloons; each unit has a special ability and can be upgraded. You can also tell if a unit is leveled up or not based on its outfit, equipment, and size. Some units can only be placed on a surface level. Some units can be placed anywhere because they are above, in the sky. Some units can only target floating units; this gives the game a good sense of strategy.

15. Steampunk Defense

Steampunk Defense

 A steampunk tower defense game, similar to Realm Defense. There are four types of building available to use at the start of the game. Those buildings can be upgraded outside the level, making it an important decision. Depending on which building you level up, you will be forced to use it to make up for the gold spent.

As you get attacked by soldiers, heroes and other field units will run at the wave and stop it momentarily at a position to allow nearby buildings to commit their shooting at the wave. A hero can also be summoned to fight and hold the wave. Heroes have lots of health and they deal lots of damage too. You can also place mine to create more damage.

16. Bad North

Bad North

In Bad North, you will have to defend islands from the shores. The enemy unit will attack from the sea on boats. Unlike other Tower Defense games, you will have to remain active as you move your units because there aren’t paths that enemies will come from. You can be attacked from any direction. Stay on the lookout and make sure the island remains safe. Use your party that is developed at the beginning to strategically defend.

Even if you outnumber the attacking waves, you must not let any of them pass through your army. They will easily start attacking buildings and setting them on fire. For each building remaining after each level, you will be granted coins.  You can use these coins to upgrade your infantry or archers. The army deployed at the beginning of the level is out of the player’s control, making the game challenging as you will have to defend with what you have and nothing more.

17. Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare is a top-down 16-bit style game. Inside the dungeon, there is a portal that you will have to defend. You can place traps like dart traps and spike traps to defend your dungeon from invaders. The game is fun and the levels do get more tricky.

You will start to have more traps to place at future levels. The only issue with this game is the style and the looks of the game. However, compared to other Tower Defense games, this one definitely takes the spot on both animation and gameplay, especially gameplay because it’s very promising.

18. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2

When it comes to graphics quality, voice quality, and gameplay quality, this game tops everything on the list. Anomaly 2 is a Tower Defense game that is made with perfection. Everything about it from visual effects to storytelling makes the game very thrilling to play.

Though if you’re not a fan of sci-fi or aliens, this game might not be for you. Other than that, this game is fantastic with dynamic tower defense and tower offense modes. The units moving in Tower offense will have to be taken care of. You must ensure the survival of all those units by deploying healing beacons. There are many more features for you to discover as you progress in the game.

19. Random Dice

Random Dice

Random Dice is a fun unique tower defense game where you place dice on your field to attack incoming blocks. You must destroy those blocks before they reach the gate at the end. Dices you place on the field can be combined together to become stronger and attack harder.

However, you must understand when you should have a high fire rating and when you need to hit hard. The game is more complex than just placing dice and combining them together. And let us not forget the real-time PvP! You will be facing another player all while making sure the enemy wave won’t reach the end.

20. Bardbarian


Using surviving mode and racing mode, you can unlock new characters to obtain a hero of your choice. In Bardbarian, you will have to protect a town while roaming around its field. Unlike other tower defense games, you can’t settle with a single tower and wait for the wave to come to you.

In Bardbarian, you must look for the enemy monsters instead, and shoot them with your weapon or any magic abilities you have. Luckily you won’t have to do that by yourself. During the match, you can summon units to come to your aid. They will increase your power and total health.

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