How to Find Carrots in Minecraft (All Versions 2023)

How to Find Carrots in Minecraft

Minecraft has different crops available to players in their customized world. However, carrots stand out as the most effective and the best crops that a player can have. A player can effortlessly find, plant, and harvest them. So how do you get carrots in Minecraft? Or, how can you grow them? And how will carrots help you in the game? In this guide, we’ll answer all these and a couple of other related questions. Keep reading for the details……

Minecraft is an adventurous game with many resources that make creating your world more thrilling than ever. As much as you’ll enjoy the different aspects of the game, farming and using the given crops makes it more exciting.

A player can farm different crops in Minecraft for various purposes. Understanding which crops to prioritize in the game will help you create effective farmland to improve your gameplay experience.

One of the most common crops in Minecraft is carrots, and these are a must-have for any gamer. Carrots are must-have crops in Minecraft. With their adverse functionalities and benefits, let’s look at how you can find, use and grow carrots in Minecraft.

In this post, we’ll focus more on how to find carrots in Minecraft. Read on for the details….

How to Use Carrots

Carrots have many functions in Minecraft. Below are some of the most common uses of Carrots in the game:

1. Eating

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In most cases, carrots are used for consumption purposes. Direct consumption of one carrot can increase hunger by 3. It will also restore 3.6 hunger saturation points, making it a critical item to have in your Minecraft inventory.

2. Farming

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You can also start a carrot farm, given how essential it is for a Minecraft gamer to have it. Carrots mature very fast by only undergoing seven stages before fully maturing. What makes carrots necessary to grow on your farm is that a mature carrot will drop between 2-5 carrots. This is a perfect amount of food for any player whatsoever.

To increase the maximum number of carrots dropped, you can use a tool enchanted with Fortune. It would help if you also were on the lookout for rabbits. They will eat your carrots, reducing their growth stage by 1. That means that your crop will not drop any carrots after that.

3. Breeding

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If you want to breed pigs and rabbits in Minecraft, you will need carrots to help with the whole process. You are required to keep a carrot in your Hotbar hand and move close to a rabbit or pig. You can then right-click on the particular animal, after which a heart indicator appears around them.

Villagers can pick up 12 carrots and change them willingly whenever they want to. Since each villager owns a private inventory, they can pick items and keep them. A player is required to give at least 12 carrots to every villager. The villagers will then farm the carrots on the player’s behalf.

4. Trading

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Carrots make it easier for a player to get emeralds. All you have to do is trade your carrots with the villagers. With their fast growth rate, you can easily have excess carrots to trade in bulk. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you have a 25% chance of selling 22 carrots to a novice-level farmer villager to get an emerald.

However, in the Java edition, you have a 40% chance of carrying out a similar transaction. The amount of emerald you get depends on the edition of Minecraft that the player is using.

5. Crafting Ingredient

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You can also craft a carrot into different food items in the game. You can combine a carrot with rabbit stew, mushrooms, baked potato, wooden bowl. A player can then use this stew to restore up to 10 hunger points and 12 saturation hunger points. This is more than any other meal in Minecraft.

A player can also combine carrots with a fishing rod to create a radish fishing rod. This is the most common combination because you can use the carrot on a stick to guide pigs around. When combined with gold nuggets, it becomes a golden radish. Players can use golden carrots to restore six starvation points and 14.4 saturation hunger factors.

How to get Carrots

If you’re looking for carrots in Minecraft, you can find them in a couple of places. Some of these include:

1. Villages

get Carrots Villages in Minecraft

Villages are the most common places where you can easily find carrots. Villages auto-generate, and since most of them have farms, there is a 20% chance that you’ll find carrots in them. Larger villages might have more farms increasing your chances of finding more carrots.

Smaller villages might have fewer or no farms at all. If you can’t find carrots on the farms, you should check out the chests found in the village. You can also trade with the villagers for carrots.

2. Zombies, Husks, and Zombie villagers

Carrots Farming in Minecraft

It would help if you also considered fighting and killing more zombies, husks, and zombie villagers to get carrots. In Minecraft, there’s a 2.5% chance of the zombie dropping a carrot after you kill it. However, this approach is not as practical as looking for carrots in the villages.

However, sometimes it is worth giving a shot, especially if you come across Zombies during your quest for carrots. After all, the more carrots you have, the better for you in Minecraft.

3. Ship Wreck

Minecraft carrot in Ship Wreck

There is a 45% chance that you’ll find carrots in stacks of 4-8 in the supply chests in shipwrecks. So, whenever you come across shipwrecks in Minecraft, you should be aware that there’s a potential for getting carrots therein. Take time to check inside the ship to see if you can be lucky to find some carrots.

4. Pillager outpost

Carrots in Minecraft Pillager in Pillager outpost

When lucky, you can also find carrots in chests inside village outposts. Since the probability is 56%, you should always check the outpost’s chests in any village whenever you get the chance.

How to Grow Carrots

Since a carrot is a seed and, at the same time, a crop, it’s much easier to grow it in Minecraft.

Therefore, if you would like to grow carrots, you can do so by following these steps:

Step 1: Use a hoe to create farmland and prepare the soil

create a farmland in Minecraft

You can turn dirt or grass blocks into effective farmland in Minecraft. A player should have a hoe selected in their inventory.

Afterward, they can either right-click on it when using PC, press the left trigger on their gaming console controls, or tap on the mobile device to use the hoe on the carrot farmland.

Step 2: Irrigate the farm

Irrigate the farm in Minecraft

You should ensure that each parcel of your land is within four blocks from all sides of a water block. The water block can either be one block above or on the same level as the farm. There are two main methods of irrigating your farm in Minecraft.

The first one is by using an iron bucket to do the irrigation by yourself. You can craft the iron bucket using three ingots of iron. The second and last method of irrigating your farm in Minecraft is by letting the rains water it for you.

Step 3: Plant your carrots

Plant carrots in Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to make more carrots by planting the ones you already found. Planting carrots can be done by simply right-clicking on the farmland. You can also get it done by carefully using the controls on your gaming console.

Step 4: Give them time to grow.

grow carrots in Minecraft

Wait for your carrots to undergo the eight stages of maturity before you can harvest your carrots. After they mature, you’ll see some orange color in your carrot farmland. This means that you can now harvest them.

You can have your carrots grow much faster by using a bone meal fertilizer. With a single bone, you can craft three bone meals to use on your carrot farmland.

Step 5: Harvest your carrots

Harvest your carrots in Minecraft

You can harvest your carrots by mining them. Harvesting a carrot gives you 1 to 4 carrots per block.


Carrots are essential crops in Minecraft that have been around since the game’s outset. Therefore, you must always ensure that your inventory has more carrots, given how beneficial they can be. Utilize all the opportunities to find as many carrots as possible.

You can also grow them regularly. You should ensure that you never run out of carrots when playing Minecraft. With that said, we hope you found this post on finding carrots in Minecraft very useful.

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