Roblox Alternatives: 15 Popular Building Games in 2023

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Roblox is a very successful and popular game. Being free to play, easy to access and family-friendly makes it one of the best 3D Sandbox games ever made.

Developers have given their community the ability to create their content with powerful editing tools and coding materials. Most Roblox games are multiplayer-focused, which makes them even more enjoyable.

1. Minecraft

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The 2nd best-selling game of all time. Minecraft is set in a randomly generated world of infinite blocks where you collect resources and craft different equipment. You will encounter many hostile mobs during the night, so it is essential to be prepared to fight them.

On the other hand, many animals can be tamed and prove to be very helpful in your journey. Collection of building material to build a house, a barn, or anything that comes to imagination. Fight the Ender Dragon to complete the main story of the game, and if you’re afraid of doing it alone, you can invite others to your world.

2. Trove

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MMO RPG action game with a landscape similar to Minecraft. Trove offers the freedom to do whatever you want; it all comes down to your preferences. Each has its own skills, fighting styles, ways of discovering and exploring worlds. However, the building aspect is what Trove does best!

There are countless possibilities to create whatever comes to mind. So what are you waiting for? Express your creativity and share it with your friends. After long hours of building, you can reward yourself with the action-thrilled dungeons waiting to be cleared.

3. Terraria

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Terraria is a Sandbox game generated in a random 2D world. There is a whole lot to explore and various activities to be done like mining, fishing, crafting, building, and fighting hostile creatures, including Bosses that are challenging to defeat. Terraria offers plenty of blocks with unique textures that can be used to build.

Developers had done a great job with their constant updates. Terraria became much more versatile because of it. Progress through the game by yourself or create a party with your friends to play online. The world of Terraria is mysterious and limitless!

4. Terasology

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Teratology is a game heavily inspired by Minecraft, almost indistinguishable from it. But despite that, Terasology has new features that were not offered to players before. Aside from the usual crafting, building, and mining, players can explore a much more exciting landscape that is generated in a realistic manner.

You can spawn your own mobs that will follow around and perform tasks assigned to them. If you thought the villagers in Minecraft were fun to interact with, then the NPC in Terasology will amaze you with their fighting and looting skills!

5. Garry’s Mod

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Garry’s Mod is an FPS Sandbox game that brings all Valve franchises together. Create a new game to start your Sandbox world and look through all the different objects used or placed down. You can also spawn Characters and other Mobs that move and react to their surroundings.

Gmod’s Steam Workshop is truly what defines the game; the number of Mods, Characters, Items, Weapons, Maps are limitless! You can be anything inside the worlds of Gmod. Play online with friends and enjoy one of the wildest Sandbox games of all time.

6. Growtopia

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Growtopia is a Multiplayer Sandbox game that is set in a vast 2D world. Meet other players and add them as friends while you collect resources, craft new items and explore more of Growtopia. Many weapons like guns are available to fight zombies off.

Each player has their own space and areas that are accessible to roam; make sure to lock your chests to secure your items. With that being said, it ought to have your home look at its finest to catch the attention of other roaming players. Players can go as far as building fancy mansions and castles! There is no limitation to what you can do.

7. Cubic Castles

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Cubic Castles is a heavily focused Sandbox game. Build your world inside a realm, and feel free to do as you wish with no limitation!  Allow other players and friends to join so they can build along your side. There are many available activities like farming, mining, crafting, buying, and selling from other players, but creating your own “Cubic Castle” and customizing it is your primary goal.

Turning your realm into a shop is a great way to express your creativity as you get to interact with other people. Cubic Castles is very fun and addicting for anyone who loves building games.

8. Minetest

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Minetest is a free Game Engine and software that supports running games similar to Minecraft. The default Minetest game takes place in a world of infinite blocks with different biomes; however, there are no animals or hostile mobs in the world, making it quite a peaceful gameplay.

This allows you to emphasize building without being interrupted by annoying creatures. Discover all the new blocks available and reach the skies with no limitation to building height!  Once you’re done with the main game, you’re free to start testing other multiplayer games and download community mods.

9. CastleMiner Z

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A very fun and addicting survival game! You play in an infinitely generated world where you will have to collect resources and materials, craft new items, create a new shelter to survive the very first day.

Aside from no building limitation, CastleMiner is unique for its various grades of tools and weapons. Knives, Rifles, Swords, and more are available to fight off Zombies and Dragons! The more you explore, the more monsters you will encounter, and you will probably have to invite your friends over to fight against the different bosses of the game.

10. Creativerse

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Creativerse is one of the best Sandbox games to express your creativity with. There are tons of blocks available in the world of the Creativerse, lots of biomes, mobs, materials, and ores. Be involved in many features available to work out your architecture skills, like rotating blocks and using blueprints.

Blueprints are available in creative mode; they allow you to build structures taken from steam’s workshop instantly! This means you can share your own work for others to use in their worlds and create your own kind of creative signature! Exploring the world of the Creativerse has no limitation.

11. The Blockheads

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Explore a vast world made of thousands of blocks that are fully detailed. The Blockheads offers a 2D gameplay as you go through different biomes and experience different seasons, which is a unique feature compared to other survival sandbox games. Craft, fight, mine, and build!

Customize your character with different skin and find a loyal pet to keep you company in your adventure. Please invite your friends or join them in multiplayer mode. Discover more crafting and figure how far your technology can advance. In conclusion, Blockheads is a fun game with a high degree of freedom.

12. KoGaMa

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An online platform that allows people from all around the world to create games and share them with others. KoGaMa is considered one of the largest platforms that contain user-created games, just like Roblox. There is no limitation to the games made; they could be role-playing games or shooting games, or survival games.

All takes place in a Sandbox world of your creation, buildings that you have structured, and a story that you have driven. You could also try games made by other people. Filter the most popular games and enjoy the creativity of other people on the platform.

13. Lego Worlds

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Start your adventure in an open world made of lego with a character of your customization. Create anything that comes to mind and control your environment; you’re free to build mountains, deserts, seas, and much more!

Explore using flying vehicles or giant dragons and discover the creativity of your friends before you destroy it into tiny little bricks of legos. It is a game to play with just about anyone! Its silliness brings more fun and enjoyment; it has excellent narration and beautiful soundtracks.

14. Mythruna

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Character creation has always been an important feature in all kinds of games, an identity-defining feature for players, and it surely didn’t feel good for games to lack it. However, in Mythruna, the game allows you to customize your character by picking your race.

Your choices will define a unique backstory and playstyle, which adds much more depth to Sandbox games. The world of Mythruna is infinite and limitless; the possibilities to do whatever you please are only limited by your imagination. Caft, build and fight, then explore your world and enjoy its beautiful texture.

15. Fortnite

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While Fortnite was just a Battle Royal game-building mechanic meant to cover you from incoming projectiles, Playground had been introduced later to the game where each player had their world to mess around with. Take off from the flying bus and find your landing destination, begin gathering materials and start building your own structure.

While you’re limited to play inside the Island, it is still considerably large, and the world of Fortnite keeps changing with every season for a variety of creativity. Play as Squads and invite your friends to try out many new possibilities.

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