10 Sandbox Games Like Terraria in 2023

Games Like Terraria

Have you ever played terraria? Well, I would advise you to. It is a great sandbox game based on survival and getting freedom. All these games like terraria have an almost similar storyline. Choose your battle!

Terraria is a sandbox game that dwells on finding ways to survive and gain freedom. In the 2D pixel art world, accumulate enough resources to build your own home. Additionally, make weapons to defeat all kinds of enemies and communities.

The only way to survive is to be above all the rest. Try and dig underground to find equipment, accessories, money, and other valuable things. Use everything in the world to create what you need and protect it. It would help if you had a mindset with the sole motive to survive.

1. Raft


Raft is a sea survival adventure game based on the ocean. You only have a small raft and a hook. The core gameplay is to use hooks to fix things that are drifting in the sea as the leading player collects necessary resources to make useful tools and weapons to reinforce your raft.

However, be careful about the attacks of piranha sharks. Their attacks are deadly. It wouldn’t be fun, dying that early in the game. The fun game supports online multiplayer. Try your best to survive in the game.

2. Minecraft


In the game, you get limitless possibilities as you build mines, mobs and explore the landscape. Get to put all your imagination and limitless resources into the creative world. As the leading player, become craftier and use the environment to gather building materials and break down trees to create something new.

A trick in the fun game is to distance yourself from the wandering mobs. This will help you advance better in the game. Additionally, you get access to over 50 marketplace countless items.

3. Starbound


Are you ready for excitement? In this game, you have fled your home only to become lost in space with a damaged ship. The only option you have is to gather the resources you need to repair your boat and explore the universe. A unique aspect of this game is that you get to create your own story with no wrong way to play.

Choose to save the universe from the sources that destroyed your home, uncover galactic mysteries, and do your best in the journey. Creatively hop from planet to planet, collecting rare creatures and acquiring great treasures. Like most exciting games, it is multiplayer, making it possible to play with your friends.

4. Don’t Starve

Dont Starve

This is an incredible wilderness survival game based on science and magic. You get to play Wilson, who is a scientist that has been trapped by a weapon and transported to a mysterious world. As Wilson, you need to learn to exploit the environment, escape, and find your way home.

The world is full of strange creatures, dangers, and much more. Additionally, gather resources to craft items that will help you in your survival. Craft your way in the game to survive. It is typically a crafting game.

5. Crea


 In this fantastic game, discover what the crea world has in store for you. In the game, try to improve your talents and gain new skills. With each victory, you grow in strength and shape yourself.

To emerge victoriously, try to defeat enemies, learn new skills, and discover history. Get to choose your weapon of choice and survive by timing shield blocks.

6. Scrapnaut


This is one of the best fantasy adventure games that allows you to play as four players. You can easily change the game mode to online cooperation even if you start in a single-player mode. Moreover, you get to create your farm, produce food, and discover new types of meals.

Try your best to collect all the necessary resources to build your base and fix any damaged items. Resource management is crucial in this game. As you progress in the game, upgrade your equipment to become stronger. Use your instincts and decision-making skills to win.

7. Subnautica


It is a unique underwater game set in an ocean environment. An open world full of wonder awaits you. Get to manage your oxygen capacity as you explore the different eco-systems.

The clock is ticking while you need to find water, food and develop the right equipment. You have the freedom to choose layouts and components and use the resources to explore the ocean. Don’t be tensed; try to unravel the mystery, disrupt the food chain, handle the pressure, and have fun!

8. Planet Centauri

Planet Centauri

In the game, embark on the most incredible adventure, capture monsters, and discover new biomes. You also get to craft your weapons and create your magic spells.

One of the tricks that will help you advance in the game is to tame the monsters to be your new companions. This will make them support you as you become stronger. Ideally, you can craft your magic spells and eat well to become stronger. Try your best not to be caught in the chase and emerge victoriously.

9. Grounded


The world is a dangerous place, significantly if you have shrunk to the size of an ant. Get to explore, build, and survive in this multiplayer game. Can you stay around giant insects? What strategy will you use? To survive, try to construct epic bases to protect you and your staff from the giant insects.

You will even be able to craft weapon tools and armor, allowing you to fight better, explore, and survive. You can decide to face the backyard alone or with up to three friends.

10. The Survivalists

The Survivalists

Just like its name suggests, you need to find the best survival tactics in the gameplay. You have different kinds of enemies that you need to fight off.

In the game, prepare to trek into the generated wilderness with a variety of biomes. They are often unique to each player. You can train the monkeys to help you in the conquest.  The secret to survival is to make the best of the resources around you.

Play the games effortlessly.

All these games like terraria are exciting, require less effort, and are enjoyable. You can either decide to play alone or with friends. Which sounds better for you? The challenges will make you a better decision-maker even in real life.

Additionally, all the games have unique storylines. Hence you won’t get bored of playing each. What more ways would you want to relax your mind?  Most of these games can be found on individual sites or steam. You will have hours of fun that you won’t regret.

Happy Gaming!

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