How to Get Wheat in Animal Crossing: New Horizons [2023 Guide]

How to Get Wheat in Animal Crossing

If you are a fan of Animal Crossing, you know how much the game is addictive. And then there’s the news Horizon 2.0 update that came with more cooking and farming activities inbuilt.

There in you can also find a couple of new crops such as potatoes, sugarcane, carrots, potatoes, and wheat that fans can grow and harvest. Acquiring and growing these crops during gameplay come with a new level of excitement. However, wheat has standout from the rest of them.

Purchasing “Wheat Starts” to grow is crucial for its regular use in the cooking in Animal Crossing. Do you require a regular supply of wheat in animal crossing: New Horizons 2.0? This is how to acquire Wheat Starts to grow and then later make Flour and Whole Wheat Flour in Animal Crossing.

How to get wheat in Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s 2.0

As a starter in the wheat farming activity, there are two procedures in which you can acquire wheat for your farm.

  • The first option is that you can acquire your Wheat Start from Leif. You can opt to wait for him “Leif” to visit your Island where he shows up once every week or progress to make donations to Harv’s Co-op for Leif to set up his stall in Harv’s Island Plaza. Leif’s stall sells Wheat Starters in bulk and individually similar to other stores. After you have gained access to Lief’s stall, stay put until his rotating stock includes Wheat Starts and it will cost you 280 bells each or 1400 for a set of five.

Wheat Start from Leif

  • The second option is to take a lot of boat tours with Kapp’n, each trip costs 1000 Nook Miles. However, the chances of finding Wheat Starts on different Islands are very limited, as seasons and time of the day do vary. Kapp’s tour offers you a magnificent chance to access a variety of other harvestable. This gives you a chance to acquire products that may be out of stock on your home Island.

Kapp’n each trip costs 1000 Nook Miles

How to grow wheat in the Animal Crossing game

To start growing wheat, you will require to locate a suitable agricultural section. You can prepare the land for wheat planting or just place them on any grassy grounds. Here is the wheat planting guide:

Step 1: Open your Inventory.

Step 2: Click on Wheat Starts.

Step 3: Click on Plant 1 to plant One Wheat Start or plant more than Five Wheat Starts.” if you striving towards cooking wheat flour as it takes five wheat starts to make five bags of flour”.

Wheat Start or plant

Step 4: Water the Wheat Starts once daily for four days for them to grow. “You do not have to water the plants, however, watering them will increase yields”.

Water the Wheat Starts

Step 5: On the fourth day, harvest your wheat.” The planted Wheat Starts will yield more wheat again in two days”.

Harvest your wheat

How to make wheat flour and whole wheat flour

Before you start the initial process of making “Wheat Flour” and “Whole-Wheat

Flour”. You are required to set up a kitchen. These are your requirements to build your wheat kitchen:

Step 1: Get a DIY recipe for a stonework kitchen, it will include 30 stone, 15 clay, and 10 Iron Nuggets.

Get a DIY recipe for a stonework kitchen

Step 2: Unlock DIY Recipes (+) (this will help set up and build your kitchen).

Unlock DIY Recipes

Step 3: After your kitchen is all set, now you can visit your kitchen and start making “Wheat Flour” and “Whole- Wheat Flour” which require five Wheat Starts each.

Start making Wheat Flour


The whole idea about knowing how to get wheat in Animal Crossing starts with understanding where to get Wheat Starts, how to plant and grow wheat, and how to start making flour and whole-wheat flour. That being said, we wrap up this post. Hope now you know how to make wheat in Animal Crossing.

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