How to Heal Mr Handy In Fallout Shelter

How to Heal Mr. Handy In Fallout Shelter

Mr. Handy, the witty but practical robot in Fallout Shelter, can be used on any floor or to scour the Wasteland for Caps. That he is referred to as handy is understandable. Unfortunately, Mr. Handy might suffer harm or perish while defending the shelter.

Check out the information below to learn how to heal Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter if you are staring at a noticeably unwell Mr. Handy in your shelter.

Can You Heal Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter?

Can You Heal Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter

Because he can be assigned to any floor to gather resources (this feature can also be turned off), Mr. Handy is a fantastic robot to have around and will protect that floor from intruders. He has a flame thrower and a spinning blade, which, while not particularly powerful, do some damage.

You’ve undoubtedly figured out by now that he will suffer damage if he puts himself in danger! Mr. Handy won’t be moping around the floor, looking a little down. There is little that can be done if you have one or two Mr. Handys who are ill. A robot cannot be revived with Stimpaks, and there is no means to restore him to health. Only after destruction can he be repaired, but that costs 2K Caps! Sorry, Mr. Handy, but it is not exactly inexpensive and might not be worthwhile.

Sending Mr. Handy into the Wasteland to gather Caps is the greatest thing to do with him if he has seen better days and is experiencing low HP. He can’t be hurt anymore outside, so he spends the rest of his time giving you extra Caps to spend. It’s still really useful!

How to Get More Mr. Handys

How to Get More Mr. Handys

There’s a chance you’ll find a new Mr. Handy in a Lunchbox, which can be unlocked as a reward or bought with real money in the Fallout Shelter Shop if you choose to scrap your broken one. If you want to make sure your shelter always has a brand-new, gleaming robot, you can also pay real money to buy singles or packs of Mr. Handys from the Shop.

Final Thoughts

Moving Mr. Handy away from the threat would keep him safe if you wanted to keep him just as a collection robot. Tap and drag him to free space, and he won’t know, continuing to be as useful as Mr. Handy is capable of being.

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