How Much is Your Steam Account Worth?

How Much Is My Steam Account Worth

Want to know how much your Steam account is worth, or you’re sick of the games and want to sell your account? It’s now easy to check the worth of your Steam account and see how much you can make from it.

You need a Steam account to buy/download and play games from the Steam platform. Although signing up for an account with Steam is free, you have to purchase games that you want to play from its store. This means that it takes some time to grow the value of a steam account, depending on the number of games you have purchased and funds in your Steam wallet.

Remember that you can’t withdraw money from your Steam wallet, but you can use it to buy more games. Thus, the only way to make actual money from your Steam account is by selling it. Here are tips on how to determine the worth of your account so that you can sell it.

View the Steam URL and ID

Before you think of doing anything with your Steam account, it’s good to know your Steam URL and ID. Every Steam account has a 17-digit unique number called Steam ID.

The following are essential tips on how to view your Steam URL and ID.

Step 1: Open the Steam client and log into your account.


Step 2: Go to the “View” tab, click it, browse down and select the “Settings” option.

Go to the “View” tab

Step 3: Go to the pop-up window on the left pane and click the “Interface” option.

Step 4: Check the box on “Display Steam URL address when available.” Scroll down and click the “OK” button

Display Steam URL address when available

Step 5: Select your “username” to view your profile. Your Steam ID is the last number in the URL under the “Custom URL” box (In this format 76561198#########).

Steam Custom URL

Step 6: If you have set a custom URL for your account, delete the “Custom URL” to see your Steam ID in the URL

How Much Is a Steam Account Worth

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Now that you have your Steam ID and URL, you can use this platform to check the worth of your account. Please note that you can use several sites to check the value of your Steam account, but most of them are troublesome.

However, is easy to use, and you don’t have to create an account with them.

Step1: Enter the URL ( on the address bar and open the site.

address bar

Step 2: Go to the “Search box” and enter your Steam URL.


Step 3: Choose your currency on the left and click the “Get disappointed in your life” option to display the value of your account and game time.



Can you sell it?

Steam doesn’t allow users to sell their accounts. It prefers that you close your account if you don’t want to continue using their services.

However, you can still sell your account using various online platforms and make some money. Here are three sites where you can sell your Steam account stress-free.

1. PlayerAuctions


This is a reputable online platform for selling and buying gaming stuff. PlayerAuctions is the “Leading Marketplace for gamers.” You can quickly sell your Steam account on this platform because they only deal with legitimate buyers and sellers. PlayerAuctions don’t charge any registration fees, have a PowerSeller system, and customers enjoy top-notch customer support.

Here you can sell your Steam account securely to a buyer from any part of the world. Most importantly, your personal information is safe with PlayerAuctions, and you don’t have to worry about your online security when using their platform.

2. Gameflip


You can also make good money from your Steam account by selling it on the Gameflip platform. This is a reliable website for selling Steam accounts for real cash. You need to list your account or steam games on the website using their website.

Alternatively, you can list your account on the go using their mobile app (Apple or Android). The good thing about Gameflip is that it has no hidden charges, and they offer fast payout. The platform is also committed to ensuring buyers and sellers are safe and enjoy privacy.

3. G2G


This is the home for buying and selling gaming stuff securely. G2G offers a reliable platform where you can sell your Steam account and make real money out of it. The good thing about this platform is that it guarantees its users secure transactions.

Additionally, G2G has dedicated customer support that’s ready to respond to all your queries. Lastly, this platform is a free market where prices are driven by market forces. You can be sure that you will make money equivalent to the value of your Steam account.

It will not belong to you.

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Once you sell your Steam account, it will no longer be yours, so consider whether you want to sell it or keep it.  I would tell you not to sell your Steam account because you may need it in the future. It takes time and commitment to grow the value of a steam account.

Thus, it’s unwise to sell your account and lose it forever. If you need money badly, try and look for alternative sources of income. Are you sure you don’t need your Steam account anymore? Then sell it and make some money instead of closing it.

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