How to Get More Dwellers in Fallout Shelter [Increase Population]

How to Get More Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

How to Increase Fallout Shelter Residents – In Fallout Shelter, dwellers are essential to the success of your Vault. The game will give you some to start, but earning more is up to you. Find out here how to increase Fallout Shelter’s population!

Android users have more inquiries about how to expand the residents for my Vault because they are unfamiliar with this Tiny Tower-rescue vault-building simulation with so many intricate intricacies. Here are a few quick tricks to grow your Vault’s population, even if attacked or destroyed.

1. Making Babies:

Making Babies in Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, having children is the simplest way to grow the population. The Wasteland’s inhabitants arrive at your vault door shortly after the tutorial ends, numbering roughly 12. However, you must couple the residents (a man and a female) and place them in the living room. After a while, you’ll see that they start to jump and sprint toward the room, which means this pair will eventually begin to work out. Later, the male occupant of the room exits the building before the woman with a visibly enlarged stomach. Since it will take 8 hours (Real-time), you can now send this inhabitant back to work. Children and pregnant women won’t participate in fires or raiding raids, for example.

You can listen in on their talk if you double-tap the room.

Hint: You can place numerous occupants in larger spaces, and they will pair off by themselves.

2. Opening Lunchboxes:

Opening Lunchboxes

Although having children is the simplest method, it also comes with some drawbacks, including the need to raise the child and the requirement that they begin with very low SPECIAL scores. The lunch boxes are the second method for increasing inhabitants with strong SPECIAL stats. You obtain four random cards when you open a Lunchbox, and if you’re lucky, one of them could be a Special Character or a resident with better stats from an earlier Fallout game. You might occasionally not acquire a dweller because these dwellers are chosen randomly from a deck of cards. There are three ways to obtain the Lunchboxes:

  • Making in-game purchases
  • Achieving challenging goals
  • Playing the game nonstop for 7 days (you get a daily report and score)

3. Building a Radio Station:

Building a Radio Station in Fallout Shelter

When you have 20 or more residents in your Vault, the Radio Station is unlocked. The radio station’s main goal is to promote inhabitant happiness inside the Vault. Its secondary goal is to connect with the distant Wasteland, which raises the possibility that a Wasteland will join your Vault. As soon as the residents of the Radio Station begin their job, a countdown begins in each room, and when it hits zero, a signal is broadcast into the wastes in search of some wastelanders to show up at your Vault’s door. A single that invites a dweller to your Vault is issued every time the countdown reaches zero to the Wasteland.

Place residents with higher Charisma near the radio station to increase success rates.

4. Sending Dwellers into the Wasteland:

Sending Dwellers into the Wasteland

When you drag your dweller out of the Vault to explore, you may or may not be able to send them to the Wasteland. When they run into some villagers while exploring the Wasteland, they appear to be inviting them in. And it so happens that a few dwellers appear at the vault door shortly after your dweller leaves. Test out this investigation with a resident with more luck.

Final Thoughts

These are all the suggestions for growing the population of your vaults. Please let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about the methods mentioned earlier.

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