[4 Ways] How to Plant Bamboo in Animal Crossing

How to Plant Bamboo in Animal Crossing

Are you wondering how you can get bamboo on the island when playing Animal Crossing? You can get the bamboo shoots from other places and plant your own bamboo plants

Bamboo slices, bamboo shoots, and small spring bamboo are important materials in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can use them for crafts or create your little garden for relaxation.

Unfortunately, bamboo can’t be found on the island. You have to move out of the island through the sea or the sky to find bamboo and grow it on the island.

Today we will show you how to get bamboo and plant them when playing Animal Crossing.

1. Buy mileage tickets in Nook Stop

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You will go to another island, look for bamboo on this island, use a shovel to dig out the marked points around the bamboo and bring back the bamboo shoots.

Step 1: Go to the Nook Stop on the Resident Services building and buy a Nook Miles Ticket.

Step 2: Ensure you have adequate space in your inventory by putting things that you don’t need away. They include the vaulting pole and the ladder, among others.

Step 2: Take the ticket to the airport, and they will take you to a randomly selected mystery island.

Step 3: Keep earning Nook miles and buying Nook Miles Tickets to take you to different islands until you find the one with bamboo growing.

Step 4: Once you identify the island, locate the little stars on the ground (location for bamboo shoots).

Step 5: Hold the shovel and use it to dig up the bamboo shoots. You can eat some and carry the rest to your island for planting.

Step 6: You can also dig up the entire bamboo plant for replanting on your island.

Step 7: Fly back to your island with bamboo shoots and plant them so that they can reproduce.

2. Buy radishes (turnips) from Daisy Mae

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 Another way for getting bamboo shoots is by buying radishes from Daisy Mae on Sunday and receiving bamboo shoots in the mail the next day.

 Step 1: Approach Daisy Mae, talk to her and buy (turnips) radishes.

Step 2: Daisy Mae appears every Sunday before noon.

Step 3:  Once you buy radishes, Daisy Mae will have sent you a letter that includes a bamboo shoot in your mailbox the following day.

Step 4: Open the letter, read it and then open the present to get bamboo shoots.

Step 5: You can eat or plant the bamboo shoots.

Step 6: Plant the bamboo shoots wherever you like, and they will start reproducing.

3. Help neighbors

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Your neighbors on the island can help you with some bamboo shoots. If you have helped your neighbors, sometimes they will reward you with items, including bamboo chips or bamboo shoots. This is very simple. Approach your neighbors on the island, and they can reward you for doing favors for them.

Neighbors can reward you with all sorts of items such as furniture, crafting materials and if you’re lucky they will give you a bamboo shoot. You can plant the bamboo shoots and allow them to reproduce.

4. Friend’s gift

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 Do you have friends who also play Animal Crossing: New Horizons? They can also bring you bamboo shoots as gifts during the island tour.

Alternatively, your friends can email it to you at the airport. Pick the bamboo shoot and plant it so that they can reproduce and you have your own bamboo.

What can bamboo be used for?

 You can use bamboo to do various things when playing Animal Crossing. Build nice landscaping areas and get sprouts and spring bamboo used to make furniture and decorations.

Below are some DIY recipes that involve bamboo. You can try them and fill your room with bamboo items.

Final Word

 No doubt, that bamboo is one the most valuable and precious items in the game, Animal Crossing: News Horizons. Since the bamboos aren’t readily available on the island, you should acquire bamboo shoots from other places and plant your bamboos.

You can use some of the methods explained above to acquire bamboo shoots. Plant the bamboo shoots and allow them to reproduce so that you can have a beautiful garden. You can use bamboo and bamboo products to do various things as you play the game.

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