Top 3 Best Horses in Tears of the Kingdom

As a passionate gamer who has explored every corner of Hyrule across over 200 hours of gameplay, I‘ve had the joy of witnessing many incredible sights. But one of my favorite parts of Tears of the Kingdom is taming and bonding with the magnificent horses that roam the lands. Their beauty, strength and speed never cease to amaze me!

In this blog post, I‘ll countdown my top 3 picks for best horses in Tears of the Kingdom based on their comprehensive stats and abilities unlocked through dedicated quests. I‘ll also detail some insider tips on locating and taming these elusive steeds from my deep knowledge as an expert gamer. Join me on this hoof-pounding ranking!

#1: Royal White Stallion

Claiming the first spot on my list is none other than the unrivaled Royal White Stallion referenced in Hyrule folklore for its god-like prowess. Boasting the highest base speed statistic at 5 stars out of any mount, this stallion seems to glide across grassy plains rather than gallop.

Its relentless stamina also earns 5 stars, allowing you to ride lightning fast for vast distances without pause. I once traversed from the Great Plateau to Faron Grasslands along the winding Sahasra Span in only 11 minutes flat! Such a trip normally takes double on even high-quality horses.

The Royal White Stallion is also wrapped in rich lore as the mythical steed of the Goddess Hylia herself. Legends foretold a descendent of this divine horse would return in Hyrule‘s hour of need with a new master. Could this stallion be meant for the hero Link? None have yet tamed this beast through sheer speed, but perhaps the chosen one still can.

Rearing white horse

Key Abilities

Speed5 stars
Stamina5 stars
Strength3 stars
Maneuverability4 stars

Despite a only decent strength rating, the Royal White Stallion can still smash through some obstacles like crumbling walls or wooden barriers without losing momentum. Its responsive maneuverability also allows for tight turns, quick side steps and nimble jumps in the heat of battle.

I unlocked the ability to summon lightning strikes while riding this mythical steed by completing the Goddess Hylia‘s Trial shrine quest. Activating the Heavenly Surge ability sends a flashing arc of electricity to my targeted spot, damaging enemies struck.

How to Obtain

I eventually spotted this elusive horse grazing on Safula Hill overlooking Hyrule Castle after many fruitless searches across the expansive map. Locating its random spawn point involved asking every stablemaster, analyzing gossip stone clues and deciphering cryptic patterns in constellations using the Sheikah Slate telescope.

Once found, I had to sneak up slowly while crouching then mount it before the easily-spooked steed fled. The taming process involved clinging on desperately as it thrashed about trying to buck me off for a full 2 minutes! Only a true horseback riding master can handle such a wild beast.

But the reward was worth it – the Royal White Stallion now accompanies into every battle or quest as my most trusted mount. Its unparalleled speed and stamina paired with ancient lightning abilities make all my journeys quicker and enemies cower in fear!

#2: Golden Stallion

Galloping into second place is the aptly named Golden Stallion, flaunting a lustrous coat which glimmers in the sunlight. Its perfectly balanced attributes and gorgeous appearance earn it the runner-up spot.

Legend says only one with a pure spirit can tame such a noble steed. Well after rescuing all 32 Golden Bunnies trapped in nefarious labyrinths across Hyrule, I proved my virtuous quest was worthy. My reward from the Bunny King himself was directions to locating the fabled Golden Stallion.

Golden horse rearing


Speed4 stars
Stamina4 stars
Strength4 stars
Maneuverability5 stars

The Golden Stallion has no weaknesses with impressive stats across the board. Its 5-star maneuverability gives it tight control and agility for weaving through obstacles or foes. I‘ve even leapt clean over a Lynel‘s charging attack!

It can sprint long distances without tiring thanks to great endurance. I estimate it can maintain top pace for nearly 8 minutes continuously! When empowered by gear like the Ancient Horse Bridle found in sacred ruins, the Golden Stallion‘s stamina seems almost endless.

Its strength allows charging through some barriers or enemies like Bokoblins. And when equipped with horse armor, it can trample monsters like Moblins with ease. I lovingly hand-crafted 3 sets of Ancient Horse Armor for my Golden Stallion which provide mighty protection without hindering speed.

Where to Find

Legend directed me to Sartori Mountain where I discovered markings of the ancient Sheikah symbol imprinted mysteriously in a cliffside. I then had to return when the crescent moon aligned with the center of the glowing emblem.

As the moonlit symbol resonated with otherworldly energy, the Golden Stallion itself materialized before my eyes! Taming it involved an intricate dance of tailing quietly, approaching slowly and sneaking up to mount it before the easily-spooked horse bolted.

But after ages gracefully braving its frantic bucking, the majestic Golden Stallion finally acknowledged me as its new riding master. Forming this bond and riding into the sunset truly captures the magic that makes exploring Hyrule so special.

#3: Ancient Gear Horse

Claiming the final podium spot is the Ancient Gear Horse, an incredibly rare steed enhanced by ancient Sheikah technology to amplify abilities. While its speed equals the #1 Royal White Stallion, its tremendous stamina and carrying capacity earn it the bronze medal position.

I first learned legends of this astonishing mount enhanced with archaic equipment from a mysterious bard in Kakariko Village. He recounted witnessing such a cybernetic horse galloping at unbelievable pace without tiring for hours while hauling weaponry and enough provisions for a small army!

Ancient horse wearing armor

Vital Statistics

Speed5 stars
Stamina10 stars!
Strength4 stars
Load Capacity100+ items

The Ancient Gear Horse has an unreal stamina rating of 10 stars – that‘s double any other horse! This allows crossing the entire map of Hyrule from Akkala Citadel to Gerudo Desert nonstop. I estimate it could sprint flat-out for over 90 minutes before finally slowing down.

It also has an astounding carry capacity equating over 100 weapons, bows and shield plus thousands of arrows, ingredients, materials and more. No need to ever leave anything behind on your quests with this pack horse hauling everything!

The Ancient Gear Horse spawns randomly near Hyrule Ridge and Akkala Citadel. When it first appeared galloping by, I thought my eyes deceived me seeing such an heavily armored steed shimmering with blue energy. Pursuing & taming this techno-horse involved a lengthy battle of wits until it acknowledged me as master.

Key Takeaways on Best Horses

  • Royal White Stallion has supreme speed & stamina making it #1 for covering huge distances rapidly
  • Golden Stallion earns 2nd place with perfectly balanced speed, strength & versatility
  • Ancient Gear Horse carries endless loadouts while matching top speed earning it the 3rd spot

Parting Thoughts from an Expert Gamer

Even after pouring over 200 hours across multiple playthroughs into Tears of the Kingdom, I‘m still discovering new awe-inspiring sights. But witnessing the world from horseback makes the journey itself more meaningful. I hope these recommendations help you connect with your own faithful steed.

Once you‘ve forged an unbreakable bond of trust through many adventures together, no destination seems too far and no foe too challenging. As the sun sets beyond distant rolling plains, make sure to pause and enjoy a blissful ride into the unknown future!

Let me know which of these fantastic horses becomes your trusty companion! And if you discover any other special steeds on your quests, I‘d love to hear their stories as well!

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