5 Best PSN Name Checker (Available ID)

PSN Name Checker

Are you looking for an ideal PlayStation account name? You can use these 6 PSN name checkers to check whether it is available. Get the best name in an instant.

Are you thinking of creating an account on PlayStation? Have you thought of a name that you can use on the account? Then consider using the PSN name checkers to get an ideal name that hasn’t been taken yet.

Creatively finding a name can be time-consuming. However, these online tools are here to make that easier. PSN is a service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment back in 2006. The play station console accounts can store games and other entertainment media.

As per a recent study, there are over 106 million active users. The PlayStation store is a premium subscription service best for gaming and other social features. Dive in to get more information on how to check whether a username is available.

1. PSN name checker

PSN name checker is one of the easiest ways to check the availability of certain PlayStation account names. You need to input your preferred PSN name and check whether it is already in use on the PlayStation Network.

It also has a results section on the right side that allows you to see what other users are actively searching for. When searching, the name should have between 3 and 16 letters, start with a letter, have no spaces, and only have letters, digits, underscores, and hyphens.

If unavailable, you will get the message, “name is unavailable”. If available, you will get the message, “name is available”.

If Unavailable

name cheak

If available

name creat

2. PSN ID checker

Would you want to confirm whether a PSN ID has been taken? Then you can consider using the PSN ID checker online tool. You need to input your preferred ID name and check whether it is available for registration.

If it is not available, you will get the message, “name is not available for registration”; if available, you will get the message, “name is available for registration”. The name should also be more than three characters long for more effectiveness.

If available

pns id


If Unavailable

tine one

3. Spinxo PSN name checker

Spinxo is a popular platform that is used to check for various usernames. Ideally, you can even use it to find an ideal username for the PlayStation network. You need to input the name or nickname, what you are like, hobbies, likes, essential words, numbers, or letters.

After you are done, just spin, and you will get valuable usernames that you can use. You can get hundreds of personalized name ideas based on your likes. You also get related keywords added automatically unless you check the exact words. Try creatively filling in the search box to get an ideal PSN name. So, what are you waiting for?

name genarations

4. GitHub PSN name checker

Are you familiar with GitHub? Whether you are familiar, you can download the files and compile them yourself. Just download the files and run it to check whether a username is available.

path_to_wordlist.txt file is the one you will use to check whether a certain name is available for use. Each of the PSN names needs to be on a separate line.

There is also the path_to_output.txt file, which is optional. You can use it when you want to output each valid PSN to a new file. This is after the username has been checked.  This is a great way to check whether a certain PSN username is available.

pns master

5. Check the PlayStation Network website

There is also a way to check whether a certain name is taken on the PlayStation Network. However, you will first need to log in so that you can be able to check whether a name has been taken. This method is convenient if you are checking for someone else.

Therefore, the first login into the system, then once logged in, enter your preferred name in this link https://my.playstation.com/profile/****. If the name is available, the system will notify you that the user is not available.

However, if available, you will be redirected to the other user’s profile. Alternatively, try to create an account using your preferred username. If the account gets created, be assured that the name is available. If not, look for an alternative.

6. PSN Generator mix username checker

You can also use the generator Mix username checker to find one of the most ideal PlayStation network usernames. It is straightforward, and you need to input your preferred name.

The system will then include some prefix or suffix to the name. You can then check the various suggestions to find the ideal name. You will be pleased by the accuracy of the PSN username generator.

pns name

Get the Best PSN Username

These are some of the methods that you can use to check whether a certain PSN name is taken or not. They are all effective. However, it would help if you were patient to ensure you only get the best username.

What are you waiting for? Search for the best play station network username now. Your name represents you, so take your time when choosing a name.

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