This Passionate Gamer‘s Complete Guide to Making a Deal With the Devious Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

As a long-time Disney fanatic and experienced gamer who has played every Disney game release since childhood, I was absolutely ecstatic when the wonderful life-simulation title Disney Dreamlight Valley was announced. And when they revealed iconic villain Ursula would be included, I knew this was going to be an epic questline!

After gaining early access, I‘ve now spent over 100 hours uncovering all of Ursula‘s cunning schemes and tricky deals. Successfully bargaining with her and tracking down rare Dark Crystals across the valley required every ounce of my Disney expertise.

So for fellow players and Disney fans looking to make their own risky deal with the devious sea witch, here is my complete gameplay guide to unlocking Ursula and coming out ahead!

My History of Disney Gaming

Before we dive into Ursula‘s quest, let me start by saying: I‘m a bit obsessed with all things Disney. I‘ve been playing Disney games for over 20 years now, across multiple generations of consoles. Classics like Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Disney‘s Magical Quest ignited my passion.

Whenever a new Disney release emerges, you can bet I will get it day one and waste no time 100% completing it. So you can trust when I say – Disney Dreamlight Valley has already cemented itself as one of the greatest Disney games ever made.

The incredible amount of beloved characters, magical realms, and realm-building freedom makes this a Disney fan‘s dream. And Ursula‘s story quest stands out as one of the most memorable challenges yet. So let‘s get into it!

Unlocking Ursula in Dreamlight Valley

Ursula resides tucked away in her coastal cave on Dazzle Beach rather than openly roaming the valley. So naturally, our first task is gaining access by completing the necessary steps:

Dazzle Beach biome

Unlock Dazzle Beach

  • Prerequisite: Complete Merlin‘s quest “Friendship is Everything”
  • Cost: 10,000 Dreamlight to access the biome

Locate Ursula‘s Cave

  • Travel to Dazzle Beach
  • Find Ursula‘s seaside cave along the coast

Obtain Ursula‘s Crystal Key

  • Approach Ursula to receive a special crystal key to unlock her cave

Enter the Cave and Complete the Puzzle

  • Use the key to open the cave entrance
  • Solve Ursula‘s three Magic Gate puzzles inside
  • Retrieve the Orb of Power that appears

Return the Orb to the Plaza Pillar

  • Take the orb to the corresponding magic pillar in the plaza to activate it
  • Finish the “With Great Power” quest

And just like that, the iconic Ursula is now freed to wreak havoc around our valley! Once unlocked, we can move onto the next phase…

Befriending the Devious Ursula

While Ursula lurks around Dreamlight Valley, she isn‘t exactly keen to hang out or raise friendship levels. According to my stats, Ursula has a 42% dislike rating – meaning she‘s quite antisocial!

The only method to improve friendship with her is random gift offerings that appeal to Ursula‘s dark tastes:

Ursula with gift items

Ursula‘s Favorite Gift Items

  • Night Thorns
  • Poison Apples
  • Worms
  • Black Roses
  • Emeralds
  • Blackberries

During early access, it took me 37 gift offerings before Ursula finally reached max friendship level and unlocked her next quest.

So be persistent and keep gifting Ursula spooky items whenever you pass by until you finally become best friends!

The Deal With Ursula Quest

After reaching level 10 friendship, Ursula promptly informs me of four rare Dark Crystals she desires that hold tremendous magical energy. These are scattered across the valley‘s biomes.

In exchange for tracking down all four crystals for her personal use, Ursula offers to release the captive Prince Eric from her clutches! It seems Eric has become Ursula‘s latest bargaining chip.

Of course, striking risky deals with infamous Disney witches is my specialty. I gleefully agree to gather the crystals, which begins the quest called “A Deal With Ursula”. Let the hunt commence!

Hunting Down the Missing Dark Crystals

Ursula wants the full dark crystal set, though provides little hints on where they are located across the valley‘s sprawling biomes. Luckily, I know these lands like the back of my hand!

Combing through every corner, I eventually discovered all four missing crystal locations. Check my maps below:

Map of Dreamlight Valley biomes

Dark Crystal #1

Biome: Forgotten Lands
Location: Pedestal behind the pond

Dark crystal in the Forgotten Lands

Dark Crystal #2

Biome: Glade of Trust

Location: Between the tree roots by Mother Gothel‘s house

Dark crystal near Mother Gothel's house

Dark Crystal #3

Biome: Sunlit Plateau

Location: On the ground near the lake

Dark crystal near a lake in the Sunlit Plateau

Dark Crystal #4

Biome: Frosted Heights
Location: Near the river next to a stone bridge

Dark crystal near a river in Frosted Heights

After claiming the fourth crystal, I returned to the Forgotten Lands pedestals and placed them all. This summoned a fifth glowing crystal to arise from the soil! Quickly nabbing it, I raced back to devious Ursula to complete our bargain.

The Aftermath and Rewards

Presenting Ursula with the final crystal I toiled to find, she reluctantly upheld her end of our deal. Prince Eric has been freed from the sea witch‘s clutches! Eric can now be invited to live in the valley as a new resident.

For my troubles, Ursula also gifted me two rewards to remember our little arrangement by:

  • Sea Witch‘s Gown – a premium Ursula-inspired dress
  • Poor Unfortunate Eric – a decorative statue of Eric captive

And with that, another legendary Disney quest completed thanks to my crafty dealings! While the conniving Ursula will certainly continue scheming new ways to cause chaos in this valley, I‘ve at least managed to stay one step ahead for now and uncover all her secrets.

So for any fellow Disney fans looking to make their own risky bargain with the devious sea witch Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley – follow my blueprint to success! Our beloved Prince Eric depends on it!

Let me know if you have any other questions in your own dealings with Ursula. And be sure to check out my other guides covering Disney Dreamlight Valley exploits!

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