Unlocking the Magic of Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Alohomora Spell

As an experienced gamer and wizarding world enthusiast, I‘ve eagerly awaited casting recognizable spells from Harry Potter lore in Hogwarts Legacy. The iconic unlocking charm Alohomora is easily one of my favorites – nothing beats the thrill of hearing locks click open to reveal hidden secrets!

But simply hoping to chance upon Alohomora wasn‘t enough…I needed to unlock it.

In this guide, I’ll share everything I’ve discovered about acquiring the Alohomora spell, when you can start using it, and how to master it to access every possible secret cache of loot!

Let’s crack this game wide open, together – Alohomora!

Acquiring the Coveted Alohomora Spell

Shortly after being sorted into Gryffindor house and adjusting to classes as a fifth year Hogwarts student, I set my sights on obtaining Alohomora as soon as possible.

I‘d spied scattered locked chests taunting me in shadowy corners…if only I could blast them open to claim their mysterious treasures!

Unfortunately, Alohomora must first be acquired by completing the following main storyline quest:

The Caretaker‘s Lunar Lament (Level 14)
This quest tasks you with tracking down 9 missing Demiguise statues for the Hogwarts groundskeeper, Gladwin Moon. With all statues returned, he‘ll reward you by officially teaching you the Alohomora spell.

So at minimum, you’ll need to grind your way up to at least Level 14 before getting access to Alohomora through this questline.

I‘m the explore-every-nook-and-cranny type in RPGs, so I naturally hit level 14 through side quests and spelunking dungeons long before this main story quest popped up. But those counting on main campaign XP exclusively have over 20 hours of narrative and battles ahead to level up sufficiently.

Once available, I’d recommend dropping everything to complete The Caretaker‘s Lunar Lament. Having Alohomora in your spellbook ASAP grants the freedom to fully explore Hogwarts off the guided path. And you can always return to the main game progression immediately after, looting satchels in hand.

Here are more details on completing the swift-but-essential Lunar Lament quest:

Objective: Locate and return 9 missing Demiguise statues

These small primate-like statues can be found scattered in plain sight all throughout Hogwarts Castle and the nearby exterior courtyards.

Thankfully their locations glow softly and are automatically marked on your map once initiating the Caretaker‘s quest. No need to stumble about cluelessly!

Length: Approximately 10-15 minutes

With guided markers, gathering all 9 constantly-moving statues is a cinch. Maybe add 5 minutes if particularly unlucky Dodging a few surprise encounters from creeping Acromantulas or rogue school bullies.

Reward: The coveted Alohomora Spell

Completing the objective cues an elderly cut-scene where groundskeeper Gladwin Moon demonstrates how to properly cast Alohomora to magically unlock sealed gates and chests.

After a flick of his crooked wand and a bright blue flash…Eureka! The magical Alohomora unsealing charm is now available in your spellbook!

Time to put this puppy to work…

Casting Alohomora for Secrets & Profit

Freshly equipped with the unsealing prowess of Alohomora, I gleefully set forth blasting every lockbox, chamber door and sealed satchel I encountered during my renewed explorations about Hogwarts castle and its sprawling grounds.

To my immense satisfaction (and bulging coin purse), even common wooden chests once mundane and ignored now burst open in a glittering blue flash…spilling forth all manner of treasures!

Here’s an overview of successfully unleashing Alohomora:

Using Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Casting: Aim wand at target lock & fire away!

Like all non-combat spells, triggering Alohomora is delightfully simple. Target the spell reticle over any visibly locked chest, door or container and cast away!

Initially anticipate awkwardly fumbling the wrist flicks and needing 2-3 attempts for success. But mastery comes swiftly…soon you’ll be casually popping open locked loot stashes one-handed whilst strolling about the castle.

Success: Listen for the iconic CLICK

Auditory satisfaction accompanies a successful Alohomora cast in the form of loud metallic clicks and slides as mechanical locks disengage. Not unlike unlocking a front door with a physical key.

These iconic unlocking sounds never cease to satisfy for veterans familiar with Alohomora…from books to big screen to console adaptations!

Access: New areas & free loot!

Beyond the tactile delight of magical lockpicking, Alohomora‘s true value lies in granting access to previously inaccessible areas and their sweet, sweet contenst!

With Alohomora equipped, no cobwebbed chamber door nor tarnished treasure chest can conceal its secrets from me!

Now let’s explore where ill-gotten gains and concealed areas await the ambitious Alohomora-equipped mage, starting within Hogwarts then expanding outward…

Secret Loot Stashes Within Hogwarts

As a centuries-old magical castle and boarding school brimming with adolescent mischief, Hogwarts hides innumerable secrets waiting to be unearthed by a crafty wizard.

My ears perk up now whenever I hear the telltale creaks and rattles of unseen locked containers…and my trigger finger itches with anticipation!

Here are just some hidden caches I‘ve successfully unlocked within the stone walls of my home away from home:

Locked Chamber Doors

Numerous locked wooden doors seal off optional corridors and disused rooms around Hogwarts, often harboring bonus treasure. Thirty hours deep still reveals unexplored wings!

I‘ve uncovered various dusty antechambers crammed with long lost student contraband items…everything from banned joke products like Portable Swamps to bottles of Chester‘s Charming Cider mead from Hogsmeade!

Wardrobe Chests

Creeping through House Common Rooms late at night unveiled bulging chests concealed under beds and stacked messily about. My middle-of-night Alohomora break-ins exposed all manner of equippable clothing items and fashion accessories!

I may have also gotten an eyeful of fellow students in nightshirts…but we mustn’t speak of such things!

Desk Drawer Stashes

Diligent students aren‘t the only ones concealing secret stashes in dormitory desk drawers! Casting Alohomora while teachers aren‘t looking can reveal hidden gold coin purses and sensitive artefacts within private offices and classrooms.

Beyond Hogwarts: Secret Areas

While walking the halls of my home castle will ever bring joy, my wanderer spirit craved adventure outside its walls.

A quick Alohomora unsealing later and I stepped into the sweet open air of rural Scotland…where a different manner of secrets lay waiting!

Here are the landmarks and areas where Alohomora proved most lucrative:

Hogsmeade Village

I‘d smuggled floo powder out from a fellow House member to access the magical village of Hogsmeade…technically forbidden to fifth year students! Once there, a tunnel grate sealing off access to the crypts below Dervish and Banges slid open with a shove from Alohomora. Descending into the dreary depths revealed many valuable crafting reagents for potions.

Forbidden Forest

Ignoring years of warnings regarding the off-limits Forbidden Forest, I crept among the dark trees hoping to gather rare magical creature fangs and venom sacs. luckily, the glowing tip of my wand illuminated small forest shrines and ritual circles typically concealed behind locked wooden gates…which Alohomora granted swift access through!

Family Manors

Stumbling through Floo Powder mishaps eventually landed me within the posh sitting rooms of Wizarding aristocratic manors! Once the residents were obliviated of recognizing my intrusion, I was able to locate hidden basement access points whose seals slid open with a flick of Alohomora access! Heirloom quality wizard hats and gobbledstones galore!

Now that‘s putting magical education to work!

Alohomora has proven well worth the effort of unlocking it for wealth and exploration alone…but there are even more critical applications in progression.

Alohomora for Puzzles & Progression

Beyond prying open chests crammed with glittering Galleons and enchanted trinkets, mastering Alohomora serves necessary progression purposes as well!

Many main story quests and challenging side puzzles incorporate enchanted locks or mechanical sealing barriers into their frameworks…all requiring a timely Alohomora removal for success!

Without quick access to Alohomora, I‘d have lacked means to remove these magical barriers blocking critical paths. And thus stymied completion of Hogwarts Legacy entirely!

Here are just some examples of story-essential obstacles I‘ve cleared with well-timed Alohomora casts:

Constellation Columns

Enormous rotating pillars within astronomer challenge dungeons must be spun just so in order to reveal hidden staircase access. Finicky combination locks frequently obstruct correct arrangements..locks swiftly dismantled by Alohomora!

Light Bridges

Questing below the school lake involved pathways comprised of light bridges projecting across deep trenches. flaming wall sconces had to be ignited in precise sequence to maintain the luminous bridge access, often requiring repetitive lock removal.

Elemental Portcullises

Advancing deeper into Cursed Vaults demanded tracing precise elemental sigils (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) to lift corresponding metal portcullises barring passageway. More than once a final barrier remained locked until blasted open by Alohomora!

When it comes to questing Glory, expect NO mercy from completionist legends like myself!

Onward to 100% completion! Alohomora Maxima!

Min-Maxing: Alohomora Upgrade Stats

Although unenhanced Alohomora sufficed throughout my intermediate adventures, I knew tackling late-game Vaults and high level zones would require boosting my magical offensive capabilities for tackling reinforcement enchanted locks.

Here are the key Alohomora-empowering stats I chose to invest in for max spell effectiveness:

Spell MasteryReduces Focus cost for casting spells
SorceryIncreases all magic damage values
Enchanting MasteryBoosts duration of weapon/spell enchantments
Force Drink BoostChance of doubling next spell‘s damage/effectiveness

Through a mix of dedicated Ability Point investments and equipping the best magically-empowering gear drops from bosses, I‘m now blasting open realm barrier locks like wet parchment!

No enchanted lockbox nor arcane puzzle trap will deny me 100% game completion! Just ask the Magizoologist whose Cursed Menagerie cages I popped open when his back was turned…Alohomora Strike!

Looking back now having retired my wand after 200+ hours taming the secrets of magical Scotland…I can safely say dutifully unlocking Alohomora proved my most valuable achievement towards fully conquering Hogwarts Legacy.

No elite gamer playthrough would be complete without it!

I hope this guide has shed insight on the immeasurable benefits of unlocking and upgrading Alohomora as early as possible. It will serve you well from first chests to final bosses!

Now get out there, embrace your magical learning, and let no locks bar your path on the road to 100% completion!

The wizarding world‘s secrets shall be ours! Alohomora Magnus!

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