15 Best Guns in Battlefield 2042

Best Guns in Battlefield 2042

Navigating the battlegrounds of Battlefield 2042, players encounter a variety of weaponry following recent bug fixes. The bloom mechanic’s resolution has renewed long-range effectiveness, fostering a comeback of varied and strategic firearm choices. Specialists now wield SMGs, Assault Rifles, LMGs, Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and more, each catering to distinct playstyles.

Certain weapons have emerged as standout choices, offering unparalleled efficiency and adaptability. From the precision of high-powered snipers to the rapid-fire capabilities of SMGs and shotguns, Battlefield 2042’s arsenal accommodates diverse combat preferences. Season 6’s arrival with Dark Protocol introduces not only a 12v12 mode but also new weapons, enhancing the battlefield experience.

Amidst the allure of cosmetic enhancements, the essence of Battlefield 2042 lies in mastering these weapons. Understanding their strengths can turn the tide in combat, offering players the edge needed to secure victory in the chaos of warfare. This guide aims to spotlight the top-tier weapons, empowering players to wield their arsenals effectively on the ever-shifting frontlines.



LCMG is one of Battlefield 2042’s premier assault-type weapons, renowned for its 200-round magazine offering unparalleled firepower. Its standout feature is its minimal recoil, ensuring precise control and ease of handling, making it an ideal choice for overwhelming enemies without worrying about reloading. Accessible from Level 1, this light machine gun proves its worth in the chaos of massive battles, excelling in versatility across various ranges such as close, mid, and even far distances.

Boasting semi-automatic and automatic fire modes, the LCMG offers players superior control while dealing substantial damage. Its 7.62mm bullet size and large magazine capacity make it a relentless force on the battlefield. Coupled with a Shan 2.5x scope for enhanced accuracy and an Arcom tactical muzzle break to maintain stealth, the LCMG seamlessly blends the effectiveness of an LMG with the versatility of an assault rifle, positioning itself as a lethal and adaptable weapon for skilled operators.

2. AK-24


AK-24 in Battlefield 2042 underwent significant post-launch improvements, evolving from a lacklustre weapon to a more potent player choice. Despite its standard 30-round magazine, the rifle now boasts commendable damage potential when used effectively, especially in controlled bursts during engagements. Unlocked at Level 11, its specialization in armour penetration makes it popular among players aiming to pierce through enemy defences. Modifications like the Muzzle Brake help mitigate its high recoil, enhancing precision and control, while adding a drum mag expands its magazine capacity to 50 rounds, providing sustained firepower.

Renowned for its ability to inflict substantial damage at longer ranges, the AK-24 is a high-powered, fully automatic assault rifle. While its firing rate might be slower than some counterparts, each shot delivers a heavier impact. Attachments like the K8 Holographic, Bravo 3x, and Maul Hybrid 1.5-3x scopes improve accuracy, while accessories like the Cobra Grip enhance handling. Augmenting it with high-power ammunition rounds further elevates its damage potential, cementing its status as a premier assault rifle in Battlefield 2042’s arsenal.

3. M5A3


M5A3 is a default assault rifle in Battlefield 2042, offering a respectable performance as a starter weapon. Boasting a standard 30-round magazine and balanced attributes, it excels with favourable recoil and commendable accuracy. Its versatility makes it one of the better all-around assault rifles in the game despite the inherent bullet dispersion challenge common to ARs. Operating at a moderate firing rate, it proves effective for mid-range engagements, leveraging its controlled recoil to provide stability in combat situations.

Accessible to all players, the M5A3 is a reliable choice for mid-range confrontations, delivering a manageable recoil that ensures stability during combat. With a magazine capacity of thirty rounds, it maintains effectiveness over sustained engagements before necessitating a reload. Optionally equipping an extended magazine extends its ammo capacity to forty rounds per round, enhancing its efficiency in open battles. Notably, the M5A3 showcases heightened effectiveness against stationary opponents, making it a strategic choice in certain combat scenarios.

4. SVK


SVK, a semi-automatic marksman rifle in Battlefield 2042, becomes available at Level 14 and caters to long-range combat with its formidable damage and a remarkable maximum range of 1500 meters. Despite its limited six-round magazine, skilled players favour its lethal potential, allowing for the precise elimination of adversaries. Its rapid firing rate enables swift follow-up shots, compensating for the low ammo count and making it a top choice for skilled marksmen aiming to excel in the game.

This tremendously powerful marksman rifle offers precision akin to a sniper under favourable conditions, delivering deadly damage with its high firing rate and stability. While the SVK’s limited ammo capacity requires frequent reloading, its effectiveness in dispatching foes with just two well-placed shots makes it a favoured weapon among seasoned Battlefield 2042 players. Skilful handling of the SVK empowers players to swiftly eliminate numerous adversaries, securing a prominent position on the leaderboard with a high kill count.

5. PP-29


The PP-29 takes the spotlight as Battlefield 2042’s top-tier SMG, considered by many as the pinnacle weapon in the game. Its versatility and exceptional performance make it a force to be reckoned with, excelling in close and mid-range combat scenarios. Unlocked at Level 18, this submachine gun boasts an impressive magazine capacity of 53 rounds, significantly surpassing its SMG counterparts. Its exceptional handling and adaptability across various engagements make it a standout choice for players aiming to dominate the battlefield.

Favoured by skilled gamers, the PP-29’s effectiveness lies in its high capacity and range of attachments that elevate its performance. Attachments like the Standard Issue barrel, reducing recoil and enhancing the rate of fire, along with the Wrapped Suppressor for stealthier attacks, contribute to its dominance on the map. Its ability to frag adversaries effortlessly has cemented its position as a go-to weapon for those seeking an edge in combat situations.

6. K30


The K30, often known as the KRISS Vector, emerges as a top-tier choice for close-range engagements in Battlefield 2042, boasting an impressively low Time to Kill (TTK) that spells doom for adversaries caught in its path. Post-launch updates have transformed this 20-round SMG, initially plagued by uncontrollable recoil, into a formidable weapon offering rapid fire and devastating capabilities at close quarters. The Plus System integration allows for stealthy manoeuvres, enabling players to equip a Suppressor and wreak havoc without revealing their position, making it a deadly force when employed within its optimal range.

Following significant improvements addressing recoil and bloom issues, the K30 has surged in popularity, earning its place among the best SMGs. Its high rate of fire and enhanced destructive potential at close quarters make it a potent choice for players favouring submachine guns. With a magazine capable of holding twenty rounds, the K30 ensures sustained damage output in various combat scenarios, and equipping an extended mag ammo adapter further bolsters its ammo capacity for prolonged engagements.

7. M44


The M44 Taurus in Battlefield 2042 defies the typical limitations of handguns in first-person shooters, standing out as a semiautomatic .44 Magnum that delivers devastating results with single head or torso shots. Equipped with anti-material rounds, a 4x scope, and a speedloader, this sidearm packs a hefty punch, capable of pumping up to 18 rounds per extended magazine. Its potency makes it a compelling choice for on-the-move combat scenarios, offering players mobility without compromising firepower.

Considered the top-tier secondary weapon in the game, the M44 revolver surprises players with its ability to execute one-shot headshots and deliver impactful body damage. Through the Plus System, it can be fitted with a 4x scope, extending its effectiveness to close-medium range encounters. Despite its six-bullet magazine size and a relatively slow rate of fire, its exceptional power ensures swift kills, likening its reliability and potency to the revered sidearms of classic shooter games.



The PKP-BP, a traditional light machine gun in Battlefield 2042, boasts slightly higher damage per round than its rival, the LCMG. Despite its theoretical advantages, it falls short in proceeds better handling and unreliable accuracy, making the LCMG a superior choice in most scenarios. While often considered the best weapon in the game, especially among LMGs, its performance requires frequent pre-aiming to compensate for a significant delay between sprinting and firing, limiting its efficiency during tactical sprints.

Players wielding the PKP-BP benefit from pre-aiming, ensuring a higher chance of success in firefights, especially against adversaries using LMGs. Although currently a top selection in Battlefield 2042, the PKP-BP might face adjustments in the future as developers tend to balance powerful weapons for fair gameplay.

9. PBX-45


The PBX-45 in Battlefield 2042 stands out as a potent sub-machine gun, excelling in close to mid-range combat scenarios, making it a go-to choice for aggressive objective pushing and close-quarter engagements. While it struggles at longer distances, its prowess shines within confined spaces like buildings, allowing players to eliminate adversaries in their path swiftly. Players adept at Battlefield 2042 can capitalize on its effectiveness by employing suppressors, enabling stealthy movements while wielding the PBX-45, providing an advantage by evading detection on the mini-map.

This upgraded model from the PBX-9 line is a reliable, fully automatic light machine gun designed for powerful and efficient takedowns, particularly at mid to short-range. Attachments like the wrapped suppressor and extended barrel maximize damage output while maintaining a stealthy profile. Whether utilizing standard rounds or high-power ammunition, the PBX-45 proves effective against groups of enemies within medium range, boasting high accuracy, quick reload times, and a substantial magazine capacity, solidifying its position as one of the game’s strongest and most versatile weapons.

10. 12M Auto

12M Auto

The 12M Auto is the default shotgun in Battlefield 2042, known for its considerable power and utility in close-range combat. While its effectiveness diminishes over longer distances due to the inherent spread of shotgun rounds, it remains a reliable choice due to its favourable recoil and decent accuracy within its effective range. Available to all players, this shotgun offers a stable and moderately paced firing rate, excelling in eliminating adversaries within tight combat situations, thanks to its controlled recoil that ensures stability during engagements.

Regarded as one of the premier shotguns in Battlefield 2042, the 12M Auto specializes in obliterating opponents within a 15-meter range, boasting an eight-round magazine capacity that ensures sustained combat effectiveness. While it may lack pinpoint accuracy, its sheer power poses a significant threat to anyone caught within its path, making it a formidable choice for close-quarters engagements despite limitations over longer distances.

11. SWS-10


The SWS-10, Battlefield 2042’s initial Sniper Rifle unlock, has gained popularity among players for its sheer power and enjoyable gameplay. Known for its satisfying sniping experiences, this rifle offers versatility through the Plus System, enabling players to customize it to their preferred playstyle, whether for long-range precision shots or while manoeuvring around objectives on the expansive maps of Battlefield 2042.

With its diverse skin options like the Cold Barrel and Aftershock skins, this rifle adds a fun visual element to the game while providing flexibility in scope choices, such as the Ghost Hybrid 1.5-4x scope. Featuring over five ammunition types, including armour-piercing rounds, the SWS-10 stands out as one of the best weapons in Battlefield 2042, catering to strategic and precise long-range eliminations. Additionally, its ability to fire different rounds like .762×51 mm NATO, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum, coupled with scopes like the M11 6x and Raven 4x, grants versatility for engaging enemies both at distance and in close combat scenarios, making it an invaluable asset for snipers in the game.

12. NTW-50


NTW-50 in Battlefield 2042 is a heavyweight sniper rifle renowned for its immense power and effectiveness against vehicles and infantry alike. Infamous for its capability to swiftly dispatch vehicles such as Hovercrafts, tanks, and helicopters, this rifle offers lethal force against infantry as well. Despite its potency, developers have announced forthcoming adjustments to its vehicle damage, hinting at an impending nerf.

While highly effective against vehicles up to 1,500 meters away, this anti-material rifle presents limitations in regular gameplay due to its unwieldy nature and unreliability. Initially, it boasted significant power, resulting in adjustments after player feedback expressed concerns about its vehicle damage output. Despite being the final unlockable weapon in the progression, its three-round magazine capacity is limited, although it remains potent for anti-vehicle engagements and extreme long-range combat. However, alternative rifles are more suitable choices within the game for those seeking a higher soldier-killing capacity.

13. DM7


The DM7, Battlefield 2042’s initial Marksman Rifle, offers players a balanced and reliable option. Featuring a commendable fire rate and minimal recoil, it enables quick and accurate successive shots against adversaries. While previously challenged by the bloom mechanic, recent updates have transformed it into a versatile choice across various ranges, allowing effective engagement in close and long-range scenarios with customizable attachments through the Plus System.

Comparable to the SVK, the DM7 provides a solid alternative, though it is placed slightly lower due to its perceived limitations in dispatching foes seamlessly compared to its counterpart. However, its value as a semi-automatic marksman rifle available from the game’s onset makes it a popular choice, particularly for newcomers. Renowned for its pinpoint accuracy and formidable firepower, it excels in long-range combat. It is ideal for eliminating opponents from elevated vantage points, earning praise as a favourite among early-stage players.

14. VCAR


The VCAR in Battlefield 2042 is a unique and amusing marksman rifle that packs a decent punch despite its smaller size and limited magazine size of 20 rounds. It excels in close-quarters combat with its high rate of fire, demanding a skilled trigger finger for optimal results. While lacking versatility compared to other rifles, it offers a distinctive playstyle, favouring players who can handle its rapid-fire nature.

Though initially requiring additional attachments for practical use, the VCAR stands out for skilled players, rewarding precision with its quick, high-damage potential for head and chest shots. Accessible at level 47, this lightweight rifle enhances player mobility and proves effective in close to medium ranges, significantly when suppressed for stealth operations. With improved accuracy and a compact design, the VCAR secures a top-tier position among the game’s best weapons, offering a fun yet potent choice for players in the right hands.

15. DXR-1


The DXR-1 in Battlefield 2042 is a substantial and user-friendly sniper rifle, providing a more accessible alternative compared to its high-ranking counterpart, the SWS-10. With its capability to eliminate enemies with a single headshot and maintain formidable damage even across long distances, the DXR-1 becomes a hard asset for any loadout, proving its effectiveness across various scenarios.

Following the significant nerf to the NTW, the DXR-1 rose to become the most prominent sniper in the game despite the limited selection of snipers. Offering rapid firing and lethal headshot potential, the DXR-1’s dominance became more pronounced after the changes to the NTW. Its significant firepower, reliable performance, and versatility in engaging enemies at various ranges solidify its status as a powerful and favourable choice among the available sniper rifles in the game.


Battlefield 2042’s arsenal boasts diverse weapons, each catering to different combat preferences. Standouts include the LCMG, famed for its magazine size and low recoil, and the PP-29, renowned for its monstrous magazine capacity and excellent handling. The NTW-50 once reigned as a vehicle-destroying sniper, but recent changes have brought the DXR-1 to the forefront with its lethal headshot potential.

The game offers a variety of options, whether dominating at close range with the PBX-45, securing mid-range wins with the DM7, or delivering precise long-range shots with the SWS-10. Finding the best weapon in Battlefield 2042 often depends on personal style and strategy, ensuring an ongoing adventure as players explore the dynamic and ever-evolving battlefield.

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