Best Ziggs Skins in League of Legends: The Ultimate Ranking

League of Legends best Ziggs skins

For players who are good at Ziggs, getting a skin they like can be a thrill. Have you decided which skin you want to buy? Maybe we can give you some ideas.

The hexplosives expert – Ziggs, just like many other yordles, has a very interesting personality, perhaps more of an explosive one, his love for big bombs and short fuse is clearly demonstrated with his explosive force of nature.

As an inventor’s assistant in Plitover, he found himself bored by his predictable life and decided to befriend a mad, blue-haired bomber named Jinx. Ziggs found lots of entertainment in Zaun after moving from Piltover; he now explores his chaotic ambitions with his hyperactive nature.

Ziggs is an artillery mage that is able to whittle down his enemies from a long distance, as well as to be able to take down turrets incredibly faster than any other artillery mage.

At the time of publication, Ziggs has acquired 9 skins from Riot, and here is our ranking for the best Ziggs skins!

1. Master Arcanist Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 06-May-2015
  • Price: 1350 RP

Dwelling at the crossroads of science and magic, Ziggs fights with his collection of enchanted artifacts and forbidden tomes to rival the greatest in the known world. He uses his arcane knowledge to make bombs. Magic bombs. Big ones!

There is no doubt that Master Arcanist Ziggs is the best skin released for him; his spammable Q skill has become a magic bomb with cool new visuals and sound effects, his W is an inventory bag that holds magical items which some of which can be recognised from the game’s item shop which is a really cool detail to notice! At least before they explode.

Finally, Ziggs blows everyone’s minds, no puns intended, with his ultimate move, throwing his magical bomb at his enemies to create an arcane of destruction.

2. Battle Boss Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 07-Aug-2017
  • Price: 1350 RP

Ziggs transport to Arcade World with one purpose: blow up everything. This skin offers a new voice filter for Ziggs that matches his new arcade theme, as well as new SFX/VFX and new animations. His recall references Bomberman, a classic arcade game. Battle Boss Ziggs throws his bouncy evil-looking bombs at his enemies and uses his grumpy explosive cube to push himself further to his targets or back to safety.

Ziggs can place small little bombs as obstacles to slow his enemies; these little bombs peak their eyes up to look around. Ziggs unleashes his ultimate move, which is a huge devilish bomb launched with an evil smile, creating a massive arcade explosion!

3. Hextech Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 03-Sep-2020
  • Price: Special Pricing.  10 Gemstones.

Hextech Ziggs is a rare exclusive mythic skin only obtainable from combining gemstones in Mythic Crafting. While the rarity of this skin might let others think it is his best one, unfortunately, lacks a bit in providing a quality that is fair for its price and difficulty to acquire.

However, Hextech Ziggs is still a very good skin with new SFX/VFX and new animations; he throws his new elegant hextech bombs at his enemies while his W being an explosive chest waiting to blow Ziggs or his enemies away as soon as it opens.

Ziggs throws a huge hexplosive bomb that deals massive AOE damage to enemies caught in it, creating a momentary shockwave that looks visually impressive.

4. Sugar Rush Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 17-Dec-2019
  • Price: 1350 RP

Ziggs bursts across the Candy Kingdom to show off his colourful explosions, carrying a large cupcake on his back and dressing as a delicious dessert; Ziggs makes use of his sugary look to enjoy his hyperactive personality.

This skin provides new animations, new SFX/VFX and chromas, as well as delicious cupcakes that are enchanted with his explosive powers; Ziggs throws cupcakes at his enemies with his Q skill, A cheesecake as his W skill, and small jelly plates as his E.

For his ultimate, Ziggs throws a massive explosive cupcake that covers his enemies with his ultimate sugar rush in a large area.

5. Odyssey Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 12-Dec-2018
  • Price: 1350 RP.  Legacy content.

Ziggs travels between oras hotspots in a mad gamble to regain his former prestige. Odyssey Ziggs was released in the community favourite Odyssey event. The skin offers new SFX/VFX, new animations, and chromas. Ziggs has turned from a furry yordle into a chaotic alien that uses galactic bombs to destroy his enemies.

His bombs change colours gradually until they explode; his advanced galactic device creates a shockwave that blows himself and his enemies away while his small little orange bombs slow down anything that walks through their path.

“Look out below!” Ziggs throws a large galactic bomb that explodes before swallowing its destructive effects into a small space hole. This skin can’t be purchased directly anymore and can only be obtained through loot and chests.

6. Pool Party Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 04-Sep-2012
  • Price: 1350 RP

Ziggs is obsessed with creating the biggest water balloon in the history of poolside festivities. Carrying a huge water balloon on his back, water wings, and afloat, Ziggs crashes the pool party with his water balloon bombs that splash his enemies, and he uses his spare float to become airborne while blowing his enemies away.

Ziggs then finally reveals his ‘Waterlogic’ side by throwing his biggest water balloon bomb, exploding in a large AOE to splash his enemies with water. While this skin offers new SFX/VFX and animation, it is not of the same quality as the previous ones.

7. Snow Day Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 14-Dec-2012
  • Price: 975 RP.  Legacy content.

Ziggs finds himself happy to take a break and have some fun by playing with snowballs. But instead of having “a couple” of snowballs, Ziggs makes hundreds of volatile spheres of explosive wintery death. This skin offers new SFX/VFX and new animation. Ziggs throws large snowballs at his enemies and blows them away with a large-time bombed snowman.

Once Ziggs feels like making things more interesting, he brings out his greatest weapon, throwing a massive explosive sphere of wintery death at his enemies in a large area. Snow day ziggs is a legacy skin and can only be obtained from loot and chests.

8. Mad Scientist Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 01-Feb-2012
  • Price: 975 RP

Ziggs plugged two electromagnetic charges into his brain, which almost exploded; three of them might just do the trick. Mad Scientist Ziggs does not offer new animations or new SFX/VFX.

Instead, Ziggs customizes himself to look like a Mad Scientist with chemical bottles around his waist and a large green chemical jar on his back. Ziggs throws his round bottles at his enemies to create a dangerous chemical explosive on impact.

In a large AOE, Ziggs nukes the enemy team with his largest chemical weapon that he has in store, creating a green cloud of smoke. This skin isn’t recommended as many players in the League community preferred the classic Ziggs appearance instead.

9. Major Ziggs

YouTube video
  • Release Date: 01-Feb-2012
  • Price: 975 RP.  Legacy content.

Ziggs finds himself dressed as a war chief and an important major in the army; he throws his black round bombs at his enemies that bounce away and places mini bombs on the ground as obstacles for them to slow his targets down. Lastly, he uses his great bomb, which was held on his back, to create a large explosion that has the same visual effects as his classic skin.

Major Ziggs is a legacy skin and can only be obtained through loot and chests. This skin isn’t recommended as many players in the League community preferred the classic Ziggs appearance instead.

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