Cannot Access Kloros Guild in Forspoken? Here is the Definitive Guide on Entry and Conquering the Nightmare Within

The mysterious Kloros guild hall is one of the most intriguing optional areas in Forspoken. When protagonist Frey first ventures out into Praenost, this imposing fortress seems almost impregnable with its protective barrier of swirling dark magic. Attempts to simply walk inside prove fruitless. But breaching its defenses and overcoming the dangers within offers worthwhile upgrades for the enterprising player.

As an avid fan of action RPGs like Nier Automata and God of War, I admire how Forspoken gates access to certain areas until your powers progress. The interplay between expanding your skills to unlock new possibilities demonstrates masterful game design. Kloros guild exemplifies this approach, requiring advanced techniques to infiltrate while testing your combat prowess against magical foes.

The Backstory Behind Kloros Guild’s Corrupted State

During my initial exploration of Praenost’s striking locales, questions surrounded the identity of the Kloros guild before the city’s fall. Several documents detail how guilds served as hubs for particular vocations before the encroaching Break transformed citizens into monsters. This establishes lore while rewarding thorough scavenging, a staple of the genre.

Based on the occult imagery throughout its halls, I theorize the Kloros guild housed a cabal of sorcerers studying artifacts and arcane secrets. Their tampering with forces beyond their comprehension may have sparked the magical catastrophe sweeping Athia. Now only twisted Nightmares and corrupted Tantas roam the abandoned chambers, still guarding the organization’s greatest treasures.

Acquiring the Zip Ability is Key to Infiltration

As highlighted in my previous guide, the Tanta Sila boss battle unlocks several of her signature space manipulation abilities for Frey’s arsenal. Chief among these powers is Zip, enabling Frey to rapidly grapple and launch herself skyward. This adds essential verticality to Forspoken’s already fluid parkour movement.

But Zip serves a crucial secondary purpose – letting Frey access hard-to-reach locations early in the game. This provides a surge in player power before allowing them to attempt optional challenges guarded by such traversal requirements. Kloros guild is the perfect way to test your newfound skills against the game’s spatial and combat challenges. Let’s break down how to put Zip to work infiltrating this imposing stronghold.

Navigating the Guild’s Defenses Calls on Mastery of Parkour

Even with Frey’s expanded repertoire of space magic, breaching Kloros guild requires patience and well-honed techniques. I spent over an hour surveying its exterior before devising an ingenious point of entry requiring perfect execution. Let me lay out the path I charted that finally allowed access.

As mentioned, simply walking through the front door won‘t cut it thanks to protective wards sealing the entrance. But along the left side of the stronghold, a large collection of climbing stones protrudes at an oblique angle. Targeting specific handholds with Zip allows rapid ascent up this sheer surface.

The apex of this climbing area runs adjacent to an angled overhang along the guild’s upper railing. Here is where flawless timing comes into play. By leaping off the tower at full sprint, then whipping out a last-second Zip grapple mid-jump, Frey can latch onto the overhang and vault over the barriers.

Skilled traversal and clever use of the Zip ability are paramount to stick this tricky landing. But after likely several failed attempts, I ultimately stuck the dismount and pulled myself onto the guild’s second floor balcony granting access inside. My knowledge of Felecia’s parkour repertoire finally paid off allowing entry to this otherwise sealed location!

Interior Layout Houses Deathtraps and a Vengeful Nightmare

While navigating the exterior and actually entering the guild called upon my platforming and spatial magic mastery, facing the dangers within required perfecting Forspoken’s frenetic combat systems. And Kloros guild houses threats lethal enough to instantly flatten underprepared adventurers.

As covered in my guide to taking down the Shiba boss, Tantas are mighty foes packing hard-hitting elemental and spatial attacks. But Nightmares pose an even greater challenge with their constantly shifting forms, destructive magic projectiles, and tendency to revive themselves.

The Nightmare guardian lurking inside Kloros guild exemplifies why facing down these deadly apparitions demands skill, strategy, and upgraded gear. Let’s review the harrowing journey through the guild’s interior leading up to this epic showdown.

1st Floor – Toppled shelves and debris require manually clearing paths with Cuff spells to squeeze through. Gust works wonders blowing barriers out of the way.

2nd Floor – No threats, but the staircase is blocked by wreckage. Leaping over the railing allows progress but deals hefty falling damage.

3nd Floor – The path splits in two directions, both lined with spike traps sensitive to movement. Trigger them from afar with Fireball or carefully inch through using Shield’s damage resistance.

Basement – The ground floor features a large central room housing the Nightmare boss. Stock up on HP/MP restoring items beforehand!

Nightmare Guardian Boss Tips and Breakdown

Finally reaching the basement chamber, a swirling vortex of red magic coalesces into the Kloros Nightmare. This shapeshifting embodiment of the Break stands between you and the guild’s ultimate rewards.

Here are some key tips for taking down this relentless menace based on my many (many) attempts:

Health Pool: ???

Damage Types: Physical, Fire, Lightning, Ice

Key Attacks:

  • Void Lance – Launches a sphere of annihilation magic. Dodge or return to sender with Shield.

  • Reaping Scythe – Wide slashing melee attack. Keep distance and watch spacing.

  • Blight Orbs – Sprays tracking projectiles around the arena. Sprint and take cover behind pillars.

Core Mechanic: Nightmare guards itself with magical shields that must be broken by rapid blows before taking health damage. Layer abilities and blast away with magic combos to pierce its defenses!

After battling through the guild’s environmental and enemy threats, the Nightmare boss represents a culmination test combining all your hard-earned abilities. Reaction times, positioning, and perfectly-chained spell combos determine victory. Expect an intense bout pushing Frey’s skills to their limits!

Toppling the Nightmare Unlocks Potent Rewards

Emerging triumphant after this magical slugfest rewards the Decay Nails item. When slotted into your gear loadout, landing hits on foes applies stackable debuffs hampering their combat potential. Their damage dealt gradually decays alongside attributes like defense and resistance. This grants a great leg up tackling future battles!

Exploring behind where the Nightmare originally spawned unbars access to the basement vault as well. Beyond lies chests overflowing with crafting components for upgrading weapons and garments. I discovered enough special feathers to immediately boost several of my favorite spells, greatly expanding the damage output for my playstyle.

The rich spoils found only by conquering the guild’s unhinged security measure offer tangible incentives for this entirely optional foray. It pushed my skills to their limit but provided the means to leap in power upon finally besting the challenge. Veteran action RPG players know that sensation of triumph after toppling a formidable foe!

Conclusion – Testament to Forspoken’s Interwoven Depth

While newcomers may hit an abrupt stopping point at Kloros guild, its well-telegraphed barriers to entry provide a clear goal to strive toward. Only by sharpening your traversal, combat, and gear can you stand a chance to plunder its arcane secrets. The layered design philosophies amplifying the game’s core mechanics represent masterclass game development.

As someone enthralled by the genre, discovering these pockets of hand-crafted challenge excites and rewards. Forspoken continually gates tantalizing goodies behind incremental mastery checkpoints. Breaching the guild’s vaults of magical riches required perfecting my toolset. The incentives push you to expand your skills to reap greater rewards.

This guide should equip readers attempting this mid-game trial by fire with the insights needed to pass the guild’s tests. Experiment with unlocking new abilities organically then revisiting unsolved niches like Kloros guild. You may surprise yourself with how far application of expanding expertise can take you. Fear no magical locks or $realm-shattering monsters!

Have you uncovered any other rewarding hidden gems sealed off by Forspoken’s interconnected progression? Share your feats and favorite moments below!

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