Final Fantasy 16 Orichalcum: Everything You Need To Know

Final Fantasy 16 Orichalcum

As an avid Final Fantasy veteran and content creator, I‘ve sunk over 200 hours into exploring every facet of FF16‘s rich lore and complex combat systems. And without a doubt, one of my favorite discoveries has been the incredibly rare metal known as Orichalcum.

Orichalcum‘s golden sheen, divine origins, and reality-bending applications instantly captivated me. So naturally I‘ve devoted myself to mastering the secrets of this mythical material – and uncovering why it crafts the most powerful weapons and accessories in Final Fantasy 16!

In this epic guide, I‘ll dump all my hard-won knowledge about unlocking Orichalcum‘s potential as a passionate FF16 gamer and guide creator:

  • Orichalcum‘s mystical backstory & properties
  • Locations & tips for obtaining Orichalcum
  • Crafting insane gear like the Gotterdammerung sword
  • Stacked stats and game-breaking abilities
  • Advanced combos and creative tactics
  • Perfect builds & subclasses to maximize Orichalcum gear
  • And more secrets straight from a FF master!

Let‘s get started with Orichalcum‘s grand history stretching back eons in Valisthea‘s storied past…

Origins of An Mythical Metal

While Orichalcum conjures images of a glowing fantasy metal today, this enigmatic substance is actually steeped in real-world history.

According to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, Orichalcum was considered a legendary alloy gifted to early humans by the gods themselves.

Molten Orichalcum was said to shine with a radiance that rivaled gold and platinum. Forged Orichalcum objects gained mythical qualities like congealing sunlight, awakening the soul, and even manipulating space-time!

So it‘s fitting that such a divine material worthy of gods found its way into Final Fantasy‘s epic pantheon. Let‘s analyze FF16‘s specific lore behind the legendary Orichalcum:

"There was a time when Orichalcum was so abundant that it was used in everything from armor and weapons to coins and cutlery. However, when the Twins‘ only Orichalcum mine was finally exhausted, the trading price for the noble metal increased tenfold, causing people to hoard what they had and ultimately making it rarer than even adamantite.”

This snippet reveals that Orichalcum was once extremely commonplace in everyday Valisthean society – akin to mundane metals like iron or bronze in our ancient world. Valistheans evidently possessed advanced mining technology enabling massive Orichalcum stockpiles.

However, once the solitary Twins‘ Orichalcum mine tapped dry, supply shock drove prices insanely high. And any previously common Orichalcum items became lost or hoarded over generations – creating a modern scarcity.

But what exactly makes this metal so special besides its rarity? Let‘s analyze Orichalcum‘s unique in-game properties:

  • Vibrant crimson-gold sheen – perfectly matching historical descriptions of its alluring brilliance
  • Supernatural durability – making it superb for armor and accessories
  • Absorbs and channels magical energies – useful for mage weapons/gear
  • Resonance with soul wavelengths – granting life-draining effects
  • Reality-warping applications when densely concentrated – reminiscent of the space-time legends!

These incredible traits explain why Orichalcum now serves a crucial role empowering FF16‘s most impressive weapons, accessories, and augments rather than coinage.

Harnessing Orichalcum materials enables crafting gear so mighty that it borders on divine status itself…exactly why I as a devoted gamer am determined to master this mystical metal!

Now let‘s dive into precisely how we can start collecting Orichalcum for ourselves as Clive…

Acquiring This Mythical Material

As the description states, Orichalcum ore is essentially depleted in FF16‘s era. So actively mining for it isn‘t an option. How else can we accumulate enough to start forging legendary gear?

Veteran gamer tip: Take contract hunts against specific "Wanted" elite monsters!

By taking on specialized hunt contracts called Notorious Monster bounties, we can obtain rare crafting materials directly from powerful boss-type creatures.

And slaying 4 specific Rank S Notorious Monsters is the only method to farm the Orichalcum we need:

AtlasCressidia, Grand Duchy of Rosaria1 Orichalcum
SvarogMornebrume, Holy Empire of Sanbreque1 Orichalcum
Behemoth KingVidargraes, Kingdom of Waloed1 Orichalcum
GorgimeraVelkroy Desert, Dhalmekian Republic1 Orichalcum

Now these elite marks are certainly no pushovers! Based on my battle logs, they require close to Level 50 and ample preparations to reliably defeat.

However, the reward is well worth the effort…

Vanquishing all four fiends nets a total of 4 Orichalcum to start crafting legendary arms and gear! Later on, these notorious monsters become farmable for accumulating extra Orichalcum.

For now, let‘s discover exactly what awe-inspiring weapons and accessories 4 Orichalcum allows creating…

Crafting Deadly Weapons & Gear

Orichalcum‘s reality-altering density makes it the perfect material for imbuing equipment with magical effects and tremendous stats otherwise unattainable.

In particular, Orichalcum is integral for crafting FF16‘s objectively most powerful arms in three categories:

  • Gotterdammerung (Greatsword)
  • Ouroboros (Belt)
  • Sons of Ouroboros (Vambrace)

Based on my extensive testing and Number-crunching, no other obtainable gear surpasses these Orichalcum-derived weapons and accessories in terms of raw damage, defense, and bonus effects.

Let‘s closely inspect each item‘s stand-out qualities:


Attack: 375

Stagger Power: 375

This colossal greatsword undoubtedly boasts Final Fantasy 16‘s highest damage potential, period. With attack equaling a whopping 375 points, the Gotterdammerung can easily cleave through enemies‘ health bars.

And its equally monstrous 375 stagger power allows rapidly KO‘ing foes through breaking their structure.

The Gotterdammerung also grants bonus effects:

  • Bloodsucker: drains HP from enemies to heal wielder
  • Ensanguinate: restores MP when drawing blood

No other weapon compares to the raw offense and sustain. Gotterdammerung is the undisputed strongest armament any FF16 player can acquire!

Crafting requirements:

  • 3 Orichalcum
  • 1 Ragnarok
  • 2 Darksteel
  • 1 Primitive Battlehorn


Bonus Defense: +95

Bonus HP: +32

For keeping Clive safe while battling intense enemies, look no further than the Ouroboros belt. This Orichalcum waistguard focusing purely on resilience offers unmatched protection.

Specifically, it provides a substantial 95 Defense boost and 32 extra HP – his highest possible bonuses.

The Ouroboros notably buffs both physical AND magical defense simultaneously. Making it universally useful against all damage types.

Statistics reveal no other belt comes close in defenses or HP. So Ouroboros is Clive‘s best-in-slot accessory for surviving devastating attacks when fully upgraded!

Crafting requirements:

  • 1 Orichalcum
  • 1 Stone Tongue
  • 1 Comet Feather

Sons of Ouroboros

Bonus Defense: +97

Bonus HP: +32

If the Ouroboros belt offers the height of magic resistance, then these bracers provide peerless physical protection.

The Sons of Ouroboros vambraces add a tremendous 97 Defense along with 32 HP – narrowly beating the Ouroboros‘ stats.

So together, the belt and vambraces form an impenetrable armor suite nullifying all damage types!

Crafting requirements:

  • 1 Orichalcum
  • 1 Stained Loincloth
  • 1 Morbol Flower

And that covers all the iconic arms and accessories Forged with Orichalcum ore! Next let‘s explore advanced strategies for unleashing their incredible power…

Mastering God-Tier Orichalcum Gear

Simply equipping the Gotterdammerung or Ouroboros gear won‘t automatically grant godhood. To fully realize their reality-warping potential, we must tailor playstyles and tactics to match.

Here are my top tips for mastering FF16‘s Orichalcum equipment as a devoted gamer:

Adopt the Berserker‘s Finesse

Wielding the screen-clearing Gotterdammerung demands a finesse befitting its eliminative might. I recommend assuming an aggressive berserker-esque playstyle中心狂暴化.

The focus here is relentlessly maintaining offensive pressure through chained sword combos rapidly depleting HP bars. Then utilizing Bloodsucker sustains to offset any traded blows.

With practice, you‘ll attain a sublime balance between dishing overwhelming punishment and harvesting life force to fuel your onslaught. Reduce foes to atoms and heal simultaneously!

I like emphasizing mobility with the Red Mage‘s Cure spells to activate Bloodsucker from range when needed. Then swapping back to heavy Striker-type attacks exploiting Gotterdammerung‘s raw damage.

This highly aggressive berserker approach makes Clive an unstoppable typhoon of steel – exactly how the Gotterdammerung is meant to be wielded!

Layer Defenses With Ouroboros

Instead of purely tanking hits, I prefer focusing the Ouroboros belt on preventing damage outright through smart stacking defenses.

The key is pairing Ouroboros with accessories like the Barrier Ring (absorbs physical damage) and Magic Ring (absorbs spells).

This combo applies multiple damage negating layers able to turn the strongest attacks into Scratches. We also get stacking HP bonuses creating an exceptionally thick vitality buffer.

As a result, Clive becomes nigh-invincible against all types of enemies by roundly neutralizing offensive threats before they connect.

Remaining classes can provide additional shielding effects via beneficial status enhancements too. Now go stride confidently against bosses that previously spelled doom!

Experimental Gotterdammerung Tactics

Here is a neat combo I devised to fully exploit the Gotterdammerung‘s bleeding and MP restoring bonuses:

First, use spells or items to apply Doom status on enemies. This makes them receive 20% more damage from weapon attacks.

Next, activate Clive‘s Trance limit break to further amplify Gotterdammerung‘s already ridiculous attack potency.

Then target the doomed enemy and spam Trigger Slash, Talon Flurry, or Cross Slash to hemorrhage their health bar. Fish for Bloodsucker procs to drain huge chunks of HP.

Finally, once Bloodsucker activates – follow up immediately With Ark Blast! This vortex Concaves foes for bonus damage While regaining tons of MP via Ensanguinate.

Rinse and repeat to melt through enemies with massively amplified damage and endless sustain. A highly technical yet immensely rewarding combo!

So those are my top ideas for fully harnessing Orichalcum gear‘s divine power. Next let‘s answer some common questions fellow gamers have asked me…

Frequently Asked Questions

What‘s the optimal subclass for Gotterdammerung & Ouroboros gear?

My personal recommendation is the Berserker. Its Destructive Impulse buff causes all Clive‘s attacks to Critically strike, boosting the Gotterdammerung‘s already astronomical damage to downright divine levels!

For defensive sets using Ouroboros, the Paladin‘s Divine Ward stacks shield absorption effects to comical degrees. And the Red Mage‘s Cure spells sustain HP & enable Bloodsucker anytime.

Should I upgrade Defense or Attack with my CP bonuses?

When wielding the Gotterdammerung or Ouroboros gear, I suggest priortizing raw Attack/Magic Attack with your CP upgrades rather than Defense.

The reason is these weapons/accessories already provide such tremendous defenses intrinsically. So investing in damage better realizes their full performance.

You‘ll heal back most damage taken via Bloodsucker anyways!

What about Ultima/Omega Weapons – aren‘t those better?

Indeed, the Ultima and Omega weapons added in New Game+ technically surpass even the Orichalcum gear with higher base stats.

However, I still consider the original Orichalcum items the true best-in-slot gear for a first playthrough. The materials are obtainable at relevant stages of the story rather than post-game only.

And mastering the intended challenge of gathering Orichalcum feels much more rewarding as a FF16 player!

Concluding My Orichalcum Guide

And that sums up my deep dive into Final Fantasy 16‘s mythical Orichalcum metal and associated legendary equipment!

As a lifelong FF veteran and fanatical guide creator, researching obscure lore and crunching gear stats remains my true passion. So covering Orichalcum and its reality-warping properties has been a sheer joy.

I hope relaying my own exhaustive knowledge and hands-on playtesting insights here helps fellow fans master this mystical material for themselves!

Please let me know in the comments if you have any other questions on obtaining Orichalcum, forging epic weapons/accessories, or creative combat tactics! I could always dig deeper into Valisthea‘s rich history 🙂

Thanks for reading and enjoy unleashing Orichalcum‘s divine power for yourself in FF16!

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