Fire Emblem Engage: Unlocking Romances and S-Ranking Your Partner

As a longtime Fire Emblem fan, I was eagerly anticipating the romance system in Engage. Confessing your love to a chosen hero mid-war is such classic series drama!

However, I know many players feel confused about how romancing characters works this time around. So as a seasoned veteran, I‘ve compiled this comprehensive romance guide explaining everything in detail.

What is the Romance System in Fire Emblem Engage?

New to Engage is the ability to strengthen bonds beyond simple friendship. By gifting others the precious Pact Ring item, you can confirm a romantic relationship with unique story scenes and combat bonuses.

However, you can only have one official S-rank partner per playthrough. So choose wisely – that special someone will gain sweet stats when supported by Alear in battle!

Step-by-Step Guide to Romancing Characters

Follow these steps to successfully woo your desired unit:

Step 1: Progress Until You Obtain the Pact Ring

  • Play through the main story until Chapter 23
  • Complete the unlocked Paralogue: The Connector
  • Receive the Pact Ring as a reward for finishing the battle
  • Equip the Pact Ring from your inventory

Step 2: Reach A-Rank Support with a Romanceable Character

  • Fight battles often with potential partners to raise support
  • Give gifts tailored to what they like to accelerate bonding
  • Have meals and talks regularly back at the Somniel hub

Step 3: Confess Your Love by Giving Them the Pact Ring!

Once a romance option reaches A-rank support, give them the Pact Ring! This jumps you to S-rank, confirming your love with a touching CG movie.

Then just sit back and enjoy your strengthened bond and upgraded combat bonuses!

Top Tip: Don‘t waste gifts and rings on non-romanceable heroes – only target options from the list below!

All Romanceable Characters in Fire Emblem Engage

Not everyone can be seduced – some heroes care only for platonic friendship. To avoid breaking hearts, solely pursue the characters that can fall in love:

Males That Alear Can Romance

AlfredA cavalier who seems cold but has a hidden caring side.
KagetsuAn earnest samurai with some killer damage potential.
BunetA calm priest who can both heal wounds and mend your heart.
DiamantA fancy-speaking archer as accurate with his words as his shots.
MauvierA beastman berserker who struggles with controlling his inner turmoil.
LouisA young mage with optimistic energy and explosive fire magic.
PandreoA masked mercenary who will support female Alear with his blade and devotion.
SeadallA genius inventor who crafts machines and forms bonds with care.

Females That Alear Can Romance

ChloeA dependable knight living by a strict code of honor and duty.
GoldmaryA hotblooded fighter whose passion extends from the battlefield to romance.
IvyA talented diva songstress known for her sharp tongue and tender heart.
CitrinneAn aloof vampire enchantress as alluring and mysterious as the night.
PanetteA beast laguz full of boundless optimism despite the losses she has suffered.
LapisA blunt dark mage who slowly opens up her feelings over the course of wartorn struggles.
MerrinAn idealistic princess leading the Lythos resistance – can she make space in her duties for love?
JadeA genius novice dragon knight reconciling her human friendships with her divine dragon blood.

Take your time getting to know potential partners above through support conversations and battling before taking that intimate plunge!

Advantages of S-Ranking Your Chosen Hero

Simply reaching S-rank through the Pact Ring does more than confirm a romance – it also provides notable combat bonuses when paired up:

  • +2 Damage Dealt by Supported Unit
  • +10 Avoid for Supported Unit
  • +15 Critical Evade for Supported Unit

That extra damage and durability during linked attacks can really turn the tide of fierce battles!

S-ranking also unlocks a special entry in your partner‘s Unit Notes. These provide extra backstory and romantic dialogue you otherwise would never see.

Pro Tip: Pair up often with your lover post-confession to maximize these benefits!

My Personal Recommended Romances

Obviously different players will vibe with different heroes. But based on personality, story, and gameplay benefits – these are my top romantic choices:

For Male Alear – I‘m going with Lapis as my partner. Her sharp tongue hides a vulnerable interior, making for great slow-burn drama. Her magic nukes enemies from orbit too!

For Female Alear – I have to give it to Diamant. His supports reveal unexpected depth beneath the braggart archer. Plus he gains superb Crit Evade and Avoid as an S-rank partner.

Many other fantastic options exist though, so follow your heart! Remember you can only pick one per run, however.

Non-Romanceable Heroes in Fire Emblem Engage

On your journey, you may grow close with other characters who can only offer friendship. Be sure not to mistakenly pursue the following non-romance options:

  • Alcryst
  • Amber
  • Anna
  • Boucheron
  • Celine
  • Clanne
  • Etie
  • Fogado
  • Hortensia
  • Jean
  • Linden
  • Rosado
  • Saphir
  • Timerra
  • Vander
  • Veyle
  • Yunaka
  • Zelkov

You can still reach A-rank with these heroes. But giving them the Pact Ring will do nothing, unfortunately! Don‘t waste the precious item and miss your chance to romance someone else.

Other Units Forming Romances in Your Army

Remember that Alear isn‘t the only one seeking love – members of your own army can organically fall for each other too!

If two units frequently fight and gift together, eventually they may randomly trigger a CG scene where one confesses their feelings. This officially flags them as a romantic couple complete with paired endings!

It‘s entertaining seeing these bonds unpredictably form. But they offer no gameplay benefits like S-ranking does. Still, it adds to the authenticity of wartime affairs flourishing.

In Closing

I hope this guide gives you confidence pursuing your chosen hero amidst the chaos of war! S-rank romancing in Fire Emblem Engage is an optional but highly rewarding endeavor.

If you have any other questions on securing that special S-rank love, let me know down below! Now get out there and win your perfect partner‘s heart with kindness, determination, and the Pact Ring!

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