Hogwarts Legacy: A Complete Guide to Rescuing Rococo

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Rescuing Rococo is one of the exciting side quests you can take on in Hogwarts Legacy. Rococo is a rare magical creature that has been captured by sinister dark wizards, and it‘s up to you to sneak into their lair, defeat them, and set Rococo free.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully rescue Rococo, from accepting the quest and preparing for battle to infiltrating the hideout and freeing the creature. Let‘s get started!

Overview of the Rescuing Rococo Quest

Here are the key things to know about this side quest:

  • Rococo is being held captive in a secret underground lair called Henrietta‘s Hideaway located under some ruins in Manor Cape.
  • The hideaway and ruins above ground are guarded by dangerous dark wizards and Ashwinders that you‘ll need to defeat.
  • You‘ll need to use stealth and combat abilities to sneak into the hideaway undetected and fight your way to Rococo.
  • Once you reach Rococo, you‘ll need magic to open its cage and subdue it so it doesn‘t try to flee in the chaos.

Completing this quest requires a combination of stealth, combat skill, and magic proficiency. As a reward, you‘ll free a rare magical creature and gain experience points to advance your character.

Accepting the Rescuing Rococo Quest

Here is how to officially accept the quest and get started:

  1. Travel to Manor Cape Hamlet in Bainburgh.
  2. Enter the Hamlet Shop and speak to Agnes Coffey.
  3. Agnes will explain that the creature Rococo has escaped and needs rescuing.
  4. Accept the quest from Agnes to begin the mission.

After accepting the mission, Agnes informs you that Rococo was last seen hiding in an underground lair called Henrietta‘s Hideaway located under some ruins at the southeastern tip of Manor Cape.

You now need to gather supplies and prepare to infiltrate the hideaway to find and rescue Rococo.

Preparing for the Rescue Mission

Before sneaking into the dark wizard‘s lair, make sure you:

  • Brew helpful potions like invisibility potions, wit-sharpening potions to improve spell-casting, or potions that boost health/stamina. Stock up on these.
  • Repair and upgrade your wand if needed to ensure you can cast spells effectively during battle.
  • Learn or practice any combat or stealth spells you think might help, like Stupefy, Accio, Silencio, Disillusionment Charms, etc. Having these on hand will prove useful!
  • Gather quest clues by talking to NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy that may provide additional info on the dark wizards, Ashwinders, or the layout of Henrietta‘s Hideaway.
  • Stock up on healing items like Adder‘s Fork, Moly, Dittany, etc. You‘re bound to take some damage, so be prepared.
  • If you wait until after 10 PM, you can recruit an NPC companion to assist you during the mission.

Once you‘ve made the necessary preparations, you‘re ready to find the hideaway entrance and begin infiltrating.

Locating the Hideaway Entrance

Here is where you need to go to find the entrance to Henrietta‘s Hideaway:

  1. Travel to the southeastern tip of Manor Cape.
  2. Look for Ashwinder-guarded ruins. There may also be a dark wizard named Dunstan Trinity lurking about.
  3. Head south from the ruins and make a left towards the Merlin Trial site.
  4. There you‘ll find a set of stairs leading down under the ruins into the earth – this is the hideaway entrance!

Underground tunnel

As you descend into the hideaway, prepare to use stealth and combat abilities to make your way deeper inside while avoiding detection and battling dark wizards and Ashwinders lurking within.

Infiltrating the Lair Undetected

Here are some tips for sneaking into Henrietta‘s Hideaway without being caught:

  • Drink an invisibility potion you brewed so you can slip past enemies unnoticed
  • Cast Disillusionment Charms to blend into the environment
  • Use Silencio to muffle sounds of footsteps and spellcasting
  • Stun patrolling enemies with Stupefy so you can sneak by them
  • Utilize alcoves, corners, tunnels to stay out of sight lines
  • Check the Marauder‘s Map to track enemy movements and avoid running into them
  • Have an NPC companion draw enemies away from you
  • Use the Revelio spell to uncover hidden enemies or objects in the area

Stay vigilant and be prepared to cast combat spells swiftly if enemies detect you. Prioritize stealth first and battle second on this mission.

Defeating Dark Wizards & Ashwinders

Once you‘ve reached Rococo‘s holding area, you‘ll need to defeat all the dark wizards and Ashwinders guarding it before you can free the creature.

Here are some battle strategies you can employ:

  • Disarm wizards instantly with Expelliarmus
  • Stun challenging foes with Stupefy to stop them briefly so you can regroup
  • Blast Ashwinders from afar with Confringo fire spells
  • Freeze Ashwinders in place with Glacius then shatter them with Bombarda
  • Use Accio to yank enemies into environmental hazards like spikes or fires
  • Funnel foes through tight spaces for tactical advantage
  • Employ wide-effect spells like Meteolojinx Recanto to damage groups
  • Use Descendo to make heavy objects fall onto enemies
  • Heal yourself with Wiggenweld Potion or Vulnera Sanentur when injured
  • Have an NPC companion to distract enemies and split their attacks

Saving your most powerful spells until the final wave of enemies can help turn the tide in your favor. Eliminate all hostiles in Rococo‘s holding chamber before approaching its cage.

Freeing Rococo From Its Cage

Once all enemies are defeated, here is how to break Rococo free:

  1. Approach the cage where Rococo is trapped.
  2. Cast the Wingardium Leviosa spell to lift and remove the cage door.
  3. Rococo may startle easily and try to flee out of fear due to imprisonment.
  4. Quickly cast Immobulus to freeze Rococo in place before it escapes.
  5. Cast Wingardium Leviosa again to levitate the calm Rococo. Guide it to safety away from the cleared out chamber.

With all hostiles defeated and the path clear, you can now exit the southern portion of Henrietta’s Hideaway through the main entrance.

Returning Rococo Safely

To complete the quest, here are the final steps:

  1. Guide Rococo safely through the Hideaway ruins and back above ground.
  2. Avoid any remaining dark wizard stragglers or Ashwinders that may lurk about.
  3. Bring Rococo with you to Agnes Coffey at the Manor Cape Hamlet Shop in Bainburgh.
  4. Talk to Agnes to officially complete the quest and free Rococo to peacefully roam its home once more.
  5. Receive XP rewards for finishing this exciting rescue mission!

With Rococo returned safely, inform Agnes if you uncovered any other captives in need of saving within Henrietta’s Hideaway. Dark mysteries still loom across Hogwarts Legacy‘s landscape, awaiting brave heroes like you to uncover and resolve them!


And there you have it – everything you need to know to successfully take on the Rococo rescue quest! Here are the key steps:

  1. Accept quest from Agnes Coffey in Manor Cape Hamlet
  2. Prepare with potions, healing items, combat/stealth spells
  3. Find hideaway entrance under southeast ruins in Manor Cape
  4. Sneak inside using invisibility potions, Disillusionment Charms, Silencio, etc.
  5. Defeat all dark wizard and Ashwinder guardians
  6. Break open Rococo’s cage with Wingardium Leviosa
  7. Freeze fleeing Rococo with Immobulus
  8. Levitate subdued Rococo to safety
  9. Return Rococo to Agnes Coffey to complete quest

Embark on this thrilling mission to test your magical prowess against dangerous foes and experience the excitement of liberating a rare magical beast! The opportunity for bravery awaits you. Now get out there and rescue Rococo!

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