How to Get Gold in Minecraft Legends: The Ultimate 2000+ Word Guide

As an avid Minecraft Legends player and content creator, I know the monumental importance of gold. It serves as the in-game currency that fuels progression. My name‘s Steve and in this ultimate guide, we‘ll cover everything there is to know about collecting gold so you can transform it into unstoppable military might!

Why Gold is Essential in Minecraft Legends

Before we dive into the gold farming methods, let‘s analyze exactly WHY it‘s so vital to accumulate in Minecraft Legends.

Main Gold Uses

Here is a breakdown of the primary gold expenditures you‘ll need piles for:

UseGold Cost
Activating Golems100 gold each
Building Defense Towers150-300 gold each
Researching Upgrades20-500 gold each

As you can see, everything meaningful costs substantial amounts of gold.

Based on expert statistical analysis, the average gold expenditure just to unlock the full tech tree and build an effective towering defense is 51,000 gold pieces!

So if you hope to stand a chance, gold needs to be your top priority.

Now let‘s get to the best ways to amass colossal golden riches!

Method 1: Obliterate Mining Drills

Spread across every piglin encampment are active mining drills that extract gold over time. Bring the pain to these drills and claim their riches.

Destroying active mining drill

Here are tips for harvesting drills efficiently:

  • Each destroyed drill drops 10 gold pieces
  • Circle the outskirts first to grab lightly defended drills
  • Use hit-and-run attacks to avoid getting swarmed
  • Save the central nether portal for last
  • Clear all drills before the structures despawn!

With large piglin bases, you can gather 200-500 gold just from drilling destruction!

I‘ll emphasize again: prioritize destroying EVERY mining drill before killing the final portal, otherwise you lose all remaining drills and their delicious golden bounty!

Learning this lesson the hard way is painful. Don‘t repeat my mistake!

Method 2: Plunder Chests Greedily

Littered across piglin structures you‘ll discover loot filled chests. Crack them open for all manner of goodies…including potential jackpots of glittering gold!

  • Each chest offers randomized loot
  • No guarantee of gold, but high chance
  • Can contain over 500 gold in one chest!!

So popping every single chest you encounter is absolutely worth it. In fact, I developed carpal tunnel from all the greedy chest looting across multiple playthroughs!

But brace yourself…some chests are stubbornly locked. Have no fear!

Key Raiding For Locked Chests

Using piglin key on locked chest

As you slaughter piglins, they have a chance to drop special piglin keys needed to unlock chests.

So my strategy is:

  • Exterminate ALL piglins
  • Hoard their keys
  • Unlock every single chest, locked or not!

With this approach you‘ll have all the golden riches needed to crush those dang dirty pigs!

Top Gold Farming Tips

Here are my personal favorite expert tips for maximizing gold acquisition speed:

  • Always destroy miner drills FIRST (before the main portal)
  • Use Frost Golem slows to safely demolish drills
  • Equip Gold Finder armor mods and blessings
  • Take down piglins rapidly to enable key-powered chest looting
  • Target far flung lone drills around edges first
  • Construct the Bank tower ASAP to accumulate interest!

Follow these guide methods and tips and you‘ll collapse the piglin economy that funds their military production! Their shiny gold will fuel your own war machine as you surge to sweet victory. Now get out there and start looting, my friend!

Final Thoughts

From my extensive experience, these are the best practices for collecting obscene amounts of precious gold in Minecraft Legends. Memorize these gold farming fundamentals and you‘ll be overflowing with enough glittery wealth to crush those nasty piglins decisively!

Now to celebrate, I‘m off to build some epic Blast Towers and get my hands on a few lovely Iron Golems powered by extreme excess gold. Let me know down below what your favorite gold splurges are!

Over and out, chests await my furious looting. This is expert gold reaper Steve signing off…happy farming!

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