Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Bosses – The Ultimate Guide

As an avid Legend of Zelda fan, I was ecstatic when Nintendo announced Tears of the Kingdom, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Breath of the Wild. This open-world masterpiece promises over 30 unique bosses to discover and defeat across the vast lands of Hyrule.

In this ultimate guide, I‘ll be detailing every single boss encounter – from the blazing Igneo Talus to the terrifying final form of Calamity Ganon.

Overview of Bosses

Tears of the Kingdom has a wide variety of bosses to challenge even the most seasoned adventurers. They can be divided into the following categories:

Temple Bosses: Five powerful entities that guard ancient temples. Defeating them grants sacred treasures.

Overworld Bosses: Special bosses that roam specific regions of the overworld. They protect valuable loot.

Minibosses: Tougher-than-average monsters found across Hyrule. Defeating them yields rare materials.

Final Boss: The Demon King Ganon is fought in multiple stages as the climatic final challenge.

Now, let me provide a deep dive into each legendary boss, their attack patterns, weaknesses, and strategies to emerge victorious.

Temple Bosses

These five bosses guard the temples located across Hyrule. Every temple holds an Ancient Vow that unlocks new powers when combined with the Tome of Wisdom. However, the temple bosses stand guard to test the courage of heroes.

Each temple boss boasts multiple phases and devastating special attacks. But every boss also has an Achilles‘ heel to exploit using Link‘s new abilities and the tools obtained within the temples themselves.

1. Gohma Queen

Location: Fire Temple

Drops: Heart Container, Ancient Vow

Gohma Queen is a colossal scorpion-like creature composed entirely of black marble. In the first phase, it clings to the ceiling and walls of the arena, periodically detaching boulders from its body and flinging them towards Link.

To damage it, equip the Meteor Hammer found within the Fire Temple and target the orange crystal on its abdomen during attack animations. Striking the crystal stuns the boss, causing it to crash to the ground.

At 75% health, Gohma Queen molts its rocky shell, gaining speed and agility. It will now pursue Link more aggressively with stinger swipes, venom blasts, and body slams. Use the Midnight Cuirass armor to resist poison damage.

When the crystal glows blue, lure Gohma Queen into charging at Link and dodge at the last second. It will crash and expose the crystal once more. Use heavy two-handed weapons like maces to deal bonus damage. Defeat Gohma Queen to obtain the Ancient Vow of Blazing Courage.

2. Tentalus

Location: Water Temple

Drops: Heart Container, Ancient Vow

This colossal monster resembles a sea creature with ten enormous tentacles. The boss battle takes place on a platform surrounded by water, with Tentalus emerging from the deep periodically to attack.

In the first phase, Tentalus strikes the platform with frontal tentacle slams and sweeps. It also vomits globs of poison at Link which linger on the floor. Using Cryonis, create ice blocks to avoid the poisonous pools.

Equip arrows and wait for the boss to expose its large central eye after performing certain attacks. Shooting the eye stuns Tentalus briefly, causing all tentacles to slump onto the platform. Rush in with an Aqua Sword and keep slashing the eye.

At 50% health, Tentalus submerges completely. Now all ten tentacles burst out from random positions to assault Link in unpredictable trajectories. The eye also remains closed for longer now.

Use Stasis on the attacking tentacles to create an opening and strike the central eye. Alternatively, parry the tentacle attacks back at the eye using Shield Surfing techniques. Defeating this aquatic beast grants the Ancient Vow of Torrential Fluidity.

3. Stalgoron

Location: Spirit Temple

Drops: Heart Container, Ancient Vow

Stalgoron is an undead metallic monstrosity that awakens when Link attempts to retrieve the Ancient Vow of Endless Soul. Use the Switch Hook found early in the Spirit Temple to activate far-away switches and evade its relentless assaults.

In the first phase, Stalgoron detaches its four limbs and sends them crawling along the floor independently to attack Link. Its limbs utilize scything slashes, body slams, and even laser beams. Meanwhile, the torso spins 360 degrees rapidly, preventing frontal assaults.

Exploit Stalgoron‘s torso when it pauses rotation to vomit flaming skulls towards Link. Rush in and perform several Spin Attacks before the spinning resumes. Destroying its limbs reduces overall movement and attacks.

At 50% health, Stalgoron reassembles while summoning waves of Cursed Bones and Death Knights. Use Round Boomerangs to trigger the socketed Elemental Crystals, imbuing the Boomerang with different attributes to defeat this small army quickly.

With the undead forces cleared, utilize Gale Boomerangs to activate the fans around the arena when Stalgoron resumes its assault. The gale forces will knock it off-balance, especially if attacking limbs get caught in the winds. This provides another opening to directly strike Stalgoron‘s core atop the torso. vanquishing Stalgoron earns Link the Ancient Vow of Endless Soul.

4. Phantasm Dragon

Location: Wind Temple

Drops: Heart Container, Ancient Vow

The visually stunning Phantasm Dragon has a slender serpentine body covered in shimmering blue scales. This spectral beast phases in-and-out of existence while diving through magical portals.

Phantasm Dragon utilizes lightning-fast hit-and-run tactics, emerging from portals to unleash breath attacks or fly-by tail whips before vanishing again. Link must stay mobile and time his attacks precisely during its assault windows.

When sufficiently damaged, the dragon attempts to flee through a portal but gets its tail trapped halfway. Equip the Gale Gloves discovered in the Wind Temple and direct mighty gusts at the trapped tail to force the dragon back out and stun it briefly.

Switch to Bomb Arrows and target the glowing core within Phantasm Dragon‘s chest when it gets blown out of the portal. Detonating a Bomb Arrow inside the core severely wounds it. Continue forcing and bombing the dragon until its health reaches zero. Triumph earns Link the Ancient Vow of Howling Zephyr.

5. Terrax

Location: Earth Temple

Drops: Heart Container, Ancient Vow

This bipedal colossus of stone and ore stands over 30 feet tall. Terrax levels the battlefield by summoning meteor strikes and chasms early on, leaving Link no escape from its tectonic blows.

The boss initially remains out of reach, assaulting Link with explosions, shockwaves and petrification beams. It also materializes floating rocks that home in on Link‘s position. Move erratically to avoid them.

Use the Ethereal Chain discovered in the Earth Temple to grapple beam attacks back at Terrax‘s headgear when it begins glowing. Stunning the giant provides temporary access to its crystal shoulder plating.

Switch to the Diamond Hammer and shatter the shoulder crystals. Extracting both shoulder crystals awakens Terrax‘s secondary face on the abdomen, which spews liquid magma. Look for white-hot spots in the magma stream and activate Magnesis when they appear to extract flying fiery rocks.

Hurl the searing projectiles at the abdominal face during vulnerable intervals to eventually defeat Terrax. Triumph grants Link the Ancient Vow of Primordial Earth.

Overworld Bosses

While exploring Hyrule‘s sprawling plains, forests, volcanoes and tundras, Link will encounter heavily armed monsters and legendary beasts long spoken of in rumors.

These special Overworld Bosses drop rare ingredients and equipment pieces. Though optional, defeating them helps Link hone his combat skills on his journey to confront Calamity Ganon.

1. Dinolfos Chieftain

Location: Death Mountain Trail

Drops: Dinolfos Skull, Golden Bow, Fire Arrows

This moblin subtype features reptilian traits and powerful flame-based breath attacks. Dinolfos are an extremely territorial species that attack interlopers on sight with serrated blades and scorching magic.

The Dinolfos Chieftain wields a savage Flame Axe nearly as tall as himself. Engage this fiery warrior in close-quarters combat by deflecting his melee attacks back at him. Target his unguarded torso with Spin Attacks before he recovers.

Beware getting caught at mid-range, as the chieftain unleashes barrages of Fire Arrows to hamper Link‘s advance. Close the gap by using Cryonis to create intermittent ice walls for cover.

At low health, the chieftain retaliates with more vicious breath attacks like Fireball Volleys and Floor Sweepers. Activate the Flamebreaker armor set bonus skill to absorb fire damage and finish him off with deadly precision.

2. Frost Ogre

Location: Hebra Peak

Drops: Frost Cores, Ogre‘s Club, Fireblade

This towering monster resides in Hebra‘s eternally snow-bound peak, relentlessly stalking lost travelers to devour them. Frost Ogre‘s herself resembles one of his hapless victims fused crudely with the bark and stones of frost-rimed trees.

Frost Ogre has extremely high health, making battles more about managing attrition. It hurls giant boulders that explode into hostile ice shards upon connecting with the ground. Carefully position Link between shards with side rolls and backflips to avoid being pinned down and damaged.

The ogre also attempts to grab Link and squeeze warmth from his body, dealing severe cold DoT (damage over time). Escape its clutch before freezing to death. Parry its lumbering physical attacks for opportunities to deal damage safely.

At under 33% health, the Frost Ogre undergoes a terrifying transformation – grafting severed limbs and bones from defeated monsters onto its body while growing ice spikes across its torso. Endure its last frenzied assault with carefully timed dodges and parries before ending the abomination with Spin Attacks.

3. Moldarmox

Location: Gerudo Desert

Drops: Moldarmox Scales, Barbarian Bridle

This colossal molduga variant rules Gerudo Desert‘s southern dunes with iron fins. Moldarmox swims through sand with terrifying speed, drawing hapless victims into its sandy vortex trail before disgorging them violently.

While its emerging/submerging animations provide brief attack windows, Moldarmox deliberately baits enemies by exposing its armored eyelids during these transitions. Beware attacking the eyelids directly, as spears, hammers and other weapons will bounce off harmlessly.

Observe Moldarmox‘s swimming pattern between assaults and plant Round Bombs in its path. Detonating a Round Bomb right as Moldarmox passes over it will flip the beast onto its vulnerable underside. Switch to Barbarian armor and pummel its underbelly fiercely with melee weapons before it recovers.

Moldarmox also infuses its vortex trail with lightning to deter pursuit at critical health levels. Wield the Thunder Helm discovered in Gerudo Town to safely pass through electrified sand and slay the desert scourge once and for all.


While less visually striking than Temple or Overworld bosses, Tears of Kingdom‘s minibosses can still provide quite the challenge under certain conditions. Defeating minibosses grants rare materials for gear upgrades.

Here are some particularly memorable minibosses Link may face during his quest.

1. Igneo Talus

Location: Multiple (Volcanic/Hot Regions)

Drops: Luminous Stone

These smaller Taluses originating from Death Mountain will definitely catch Link off-guard with their explosive might. Igneo Talus‘ bulky obsidian bodies harbor molten cores hot enough to smelt metal.

They cast trails of fire everywhere, including from gaping maws that spit flaming boulders. Igneo Talus will also punch the ground to generate spreading flames when Link attempts to create distance.

Equip the Tunic of Flames discovered in Goron City and drink a Chilly Elixir. Now fearlessly attack the Talus from close range while resisting its heat blasts. Target the orange core with Spin Attacks whenever it extrudes from the shell after certain attacks.

2. Frost Pebblits

Location: Hebra Territory

Drops: Ore Deposits

Do not be deceived by their small size – Frost Pebblits are easily among the most annoying enemies in the entire game thanks to their sheer speed and numbers. These little rock monsters gang up on Link in ambush formation while patrolling frozen Hebra.

Frost Pebblits may be tiny individually, but getting surrounded allows them to gradually wear Link‘s health down via barrage tactics. Their nonstop attacks also leave Link unable to access inventory items for healing/ buffing mid-fight.

However, Frost Pebblits dissolve upon taking any fire damage. Equip a Flameblade and carefully spin in circles, allowing the sword‘s wide arcs to vaporize entire Pebblit mobs ambushing from all sides. It takes practice, but the effortless loots are worth it.

3. Decayed Guardian

Location: Central Hyrule Plains, Akkala Region

Drops: Ancient Gears, Ancient Armor Sets

The remnants of Guardian stalkers defeated 100 years ago now stir once again as undead mechanical monstrosities.

While no longer having any ranged beam attacks, Decayed Guardians utilize rusty halberds and long blades in place of their missing limbs for deadly melee strikes augmented by boosters. Always keep your shield ready.

Their heavily corroded chassis still exposes the main energy core within though – presenting a clear weak point for ancient arrows to inflict massive damage.

Alternate between shield parrying strikes and firing ancient arrows at the core until you dismantle the persistent rust bucket.

Final Boss – Calamity Ganon

After conquering the Divine Beasts and freeing their spirits, Link must finally confront the Calamity Ganon itself at the ruins of Hyrule Castle.

This apocalyptic final battle will test Link‘s courage, skill and endurance to the very limits…as the ancient evil fights not just for domination, but also its survival.

Phase 1 – Scourge of Hyrule Castle

At the height of its power after consuming the corrupted Guardians and Hinox armies, Calamity Ganon now possesses Princess Zelda‘s body as its mortal form.

Ganon initially attacks with ranged ancient Sheikah weapons like grenade launchers and arm cannons. Use Shield Surfing and lateral Boost Dodges to avoid the explosions while closing distance quickly.

At 70% health, Ganon switches to a savage flurry of melee attacks from its pair of Arm Blades. The Calamity now displays even greater strength and agility compared to any Lynel…Link must carefully observe and Respond to Ganon‘s perilous combo strings instead of dodging haphazardly.

Phase 1 ends when Link finally deals enough damage to force Ganon‘s specter form out of Zelda‘s possessed body.

Phase 2 – Blight of the Blood Moon

The weakened dark spirit now tries fleeing underground, but Link gives chase into the depths of the castle. Here Ganon tapped into the Malice energy from an ancient Blood Moon Shrine, rejuvenating itself.

This underground lair allows Ganon to regenerate health constantly…forcing Link to defeat it faster than it recovers. Making matters worse, the fiery lighting conditions constantly wear down Link‘s weapons and shields from prolonged use.

Use ancient arrows to destroy the Blood Moon Shrine‘s unprotected power orbs when Ganon distances itself to feed. Alternatively, use Cryonis to firewall the healing beams.

With its healing source destroyed, engage in an all-out melee duel with the Blight form. Utilize Flurry Rush when it pauses briefly to spawn flying skulls that home in on Link – destroying the projectiles instantly.

Keep attacking without reprieve using the savage Lionel and Flameblade arsenal found underground. Cut off escape routes with Bomb Arrows. Soon the fearsome Blight exhausts itself, plunging the castle depths into silence once more.

Final Phase – Hatred & Malice Incarnate

A disoriented Link regains consciousness at the lowest level of the Blood Moon Shrine. Suddenly, the area shakes violently as an explosion vapourizes a far-away wall…giving way to the true final form of Calamity Ganon.

Now an amorphous mass of pure Malice energy, Hatred & Malice Incarnate oozes with murderous intent while levitating an array of Sheikah weapons telekinetically as orbital defenses.

Keep moving constantly and look for openings whenever it stops to charge up attacks like the Disintegration Beam or Malice Missile Barrage.

At 50% health, the abomination channels the collective Calamity energy amassed over millennia, transforming into an ethereal Dark Beast form.

The four Divine Beasts now combine their assault on the exposed energy nucleus of the Dark Beast while Zelda reinforces Link with the Bow of Light and Hylian Shield.

Utilize Shield Surfing techniques to reflect the beast‘s projectiles back at itself. Buy time until Zelda fully charges the sealing magic…then strike the Dark Beast with the final Light Arrow to vanquish Hatred & Malice Incarnate forever.


And there ends this comprehensive guide detailing every single boss battle in the much-awaited Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! Which boss excites you the most? Let me know in the comments!

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