6 Best LoL Ping Test Tools & Lower the Ping

Lol ping test

In the past, the ping has been a problem for the majority of gamers. It can be incredibly upsetting to lose if your ping climbs to 200 in the middle of the match during a crucial period. Unsure of how to handle it, many people just put up with poor ping every time. Before playing in a game, test the ping in-game with the use of the basic tool known as LOL Ping Checker. 10 seconds or less of analysis will exceed your limit..

Understanding of ping and what makes it excellent are necessary before we proceed. Ping is the time your keyboard and mouse take for clicks and movements to be registered on the game server. Your ability to play online games might be severely hampered by bad ping.

On a network with high ping, your games would be unplayable since the ping is above 1000 milliseconds (MS), which is regarded as exceptionally high. For instance, if the ping time is 1000 MS, then each action must wait a full second for the server to record it. Games may crash as a result of having a significant ping.

In this article, we look at a few suggestions and tools for checking and reducing that annoying ping.

1. Deep focus

Deep focus overview

Before playing the game, the LOL Ping Checker is a straightforward application that aids with ping checking in-game. It takes around 10 seconds to complete the analysis, which will take longer than your maximum, minimum, and average ping times, as well as your live ping feed.

The League of Legends Ping Checker estimates your in-game ping in magnitude. The pings are delivered over HTTP as opposed to the conventional command terminal techniques so that the outcomes will be a little different. Instead of knowing your precise ping, it’s good to utilize it to check when you’ll be delayed in gameplay.

2. Game server ping

Game server ping overview

This MMO inspired by World of Warcraft has attracted a substantial player base since its 2009 release. A respectable ping is necessary for LOL, like other games. So, to ensure that users can monitor the speed of their network connection, the game server created this LOL ping test.

3. Ping test live

Ping test live overview

The League of Legends Ping Tool can measure your latency to all Lol servers. It displays your minimum, average, and maximum latency statistics for every LoL server, along with their current condition. Additionally, it makes it possible to compare the ping findings. You can uncheck all and then choose the server you want to ping if you only want to ping one specific League of Legends server. HTTP is used to transmit ping requests. Confirm your LoL ping right here with pingtestlive.com if you want a smooth match.

4. League Ping test

League Ping test overview

Would you like to know how long it will take you to be connected to the LOL server that is closest to you? I suppose I should applaud you since you’ve just found the best source for accomplishing this.

You may view the game ping delivered through HTTP from your location using this online tool (NA, EUW, EUNE, OCE, and LAN). Not just that, additionally, you may discover the area that has the least ping to your location. This operates by establishing a connection to the internet server you choose and calculating the latency from your present location or IP.

The greatest tool for determining game latency is the LOL ping tester. With the help of this program, you can verify the in-game ping before you begin playing.

5. Github

Github overview

You can discover the ping between your computer and other LoL networks with the little LoL ping checker program. In League of Legends, the player takes on the role of a Summoner and manages a particular Champion. They organize into teams, engage in competitive combat for supremacy and triumph, level up their avatars, and acquire goods.

The game alone has a few tons of options, namely the widely known Summoner’s Rift, from which two teams of five players compete to tear down the opponent base, known as the Nexus, or the more laid back ARAM (all random all mid), in which five players fight a crew of another five. Still, the map is compressed into a single carriageway, and the winners are chosen randomly out of each player’s available pool.

6. Ping server status

Ping server status overview

From where you are right now, this website checks the League of Legends ping test and the League server status. Every time you view this page, the server status is live and validated; they don’t cache data to prevent outdated information. Just reload the page to verify again.

By selecting “Ping” from the table’s heading, you may check League of Legends ping from most areas. Compared to your real in-game pings, ping values are estimates and may vary.

How to lower the ping of LOL

YouTube video
  • It is advisable to get an Ethernet cable to plug directly into your router if you are using Wi-Fi. If this doesn’t work out, attempt to move to a location with a stronger network connection.
  • Driver updates can occasionally assist with ping problems as well.
  • A lot of gamers are tempted to multitask while playing. This includes having over 2 apps running on their monitors. To lower the ping, one has to close their browser with all active downloads since it tends to bog computers down.
  • An excellent way to begin is by resetting the modem and router.
  • Rebooting the PC can also help.
  • Double-check your firewall settings and see if they are the problem.

In case all the 6 ways fail, you can opt to flush their DNS. All you have to do is go to your cmd (command) prompt and type in the following:

  • ipconfig /release” and press Enter.
  • “ipconfig /renew” and press Enter.
  • “ipconfig /flushdns” and press Enter

This fix has been effective for many individuals when fixing ping. If none of the above isn’t successful, you’ll be forced to check in with your service provider.


High pings are hectic and frustrating, especially when you are at the game’s peak. Lucky for you, this article has highlighted some ways to avoid high pings. Besides, there are tools you can use to check the latency to avoid the high ping problem.

Check them out and give us feedback. Happy gaming!

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