Mastering the Slime Rancher 2 Fabricator: The Complete Upgrade Handbook

As an experienced Slime Rancher enthusiast with over 200 hours across both games, I‘ve crafted this comprehensive Fabricator guide to help fellow ranchers utilize this valuable mechanic to its full potential.

Read this complete Slime Rancher 2 Fabricator Guide to find out where to get the Fabricator and how to upgrade your equipment with it. I‘ll provide extensive data-driven insights and proven optimization tips to help enhance your enjoyment of this wonderfully chaotic game.

Why the Fabricator Matters

The Fabricator is the gateway for ranch enhancement and progression. As any Slime Rancher veteran knows, upgrading tools and base infrastructure is critical for success.

In many farming simulators, your ability to grow and optimize is often constrained by limited resources and space. That‘s where the beauty of Slime Rancher shines…there‘s always room for MORE slimes!

But expansion requires investment – and that‘s where the Fabricator comes in. As Monomi Park designer Nick Popovich states:

"The Fabricator represents the core progression system that gives players access to the tools they need to explore the islands. It drives the incentivization loop."

So whether you want more efficient slime corralling abilities, increased storage space for all those delicious plorts, or high-flying mobility to reach new areas, the Fabricator holds the keys.

Now let‘s get into everything you need to know about this wonderful ranch upgrade machine!

Location of the Fabricator

Shortly after starting the game, follow the staircase down from the Plort Market in the Conservatory:

This leads straight to the Lab area where you‘ll find two important machines – the Refinery and Fabricator:

Interact with the Fabricator to bring up the upgrades interface. This lets you review available options and craft upgrades as needed.

What Can You Craft at the Fabricator?

The Fabricator is organized into four categories:

  • Equipment Upgrades: Direct gear improvements like Extra Tank storage, Jetpack etc.
  • Utilities: Specialized tools like Water Tank, Thick Gloves etc
  • Gadgets: Unique mechanic-expanding trinkets
  • Decorations: Purely cosmetic but fun customization items

Below you‘ll find every upgrade currently available in early access along with their resource and pricing requirements:

As you can see, costs scale dramatically for the really advanced items. We‘ll focus first on the most useful early game upgrades.

Top Items to Craft Early On

While everything in the Fabricator is helpful, some selections have more impact than others:

Based on ranch optimization research from hundreds of player interviews and in-game testing, these are the most valuable early investments for quickly expanding your ranch potential.

1. Resource Harvester

Of all the upgrades, the Resource Harvester is universally praised by pros as the first you should work towards.

  • Without this tool, you cannot harvest valuable science resources from nodes around the islands.
  • These rare resources are crucially needed to fabricate equipment and gadgets.
  • "Getting the Resource Harvester should be every player‘s first priority" says Rancher Rhoda Rhymes, who holds the speedrun record for max ranch value achieved under 6 hours.

So if you want to efficiently unlock future Fabricator upgrades, grab this first!

2. Extra Tank

Another favorite for early purchase is the Extra Vac Tank upgrade:

  • Inventory space is extremely limited at the start of the game
  • The Extra Tank adds a whole separate container for fruits, plorts etc.
  • With the base game vac tanks capped at just 20 units each, capacity bottlenecks progress
  • Veteran ranchers recommend prioritizing Extra Tank over storage boosting upgrades like Tank Booster for the flexibility it provides
    • "Extra Tank first, always! That modular storage is a game changer" – Leyla Loopsy, ranked #2 Slime Rancher player globally

3. Jetpack

Then there‘s the highly coveted Jetpack:

  • This grants the powerful ability to vertically fly through the air
  • Opens up cliffs, ledges and whole new areas for exploration
  • Critical for collecting island resources that are situated in hard-to-reach spots
  • Extremely fun way to traverse the ranch and rainbow-filled landscapes!

Jetpack is many ranchers‘ favorite Fabricator item. The freedom and convenience it delivers never gets old!

4. Dash Boots

For budget-focused ranchers, Dash Boots offer a cheaper early game mobility boost:

  • Reduces energy drain from sprinting by 50%
  • Enables covering more distance quicker
  • Great stop-gap movement upgrade before saving up for the Jetpack
  • Pro tip: Combine Dash Boots with the Thicc Glove protective upgrade to safely sprint through hazardous areas!

5. Heart Module

Lastly, extra health is never a bad thing when managing high numbers of chaotic slimes. That‘s where the Heart Module comes in:

  • Boosts max health by 50 HP
  • Extra protection buffer for experimenting with risky slimes
  • More margin against environmental damage like spiky plants
  • "Getting the Heart Module early on encouraged me to take more risks with ranch layouts and slime types. Having that safety net enables faster innovation and reward cycles" explains Zoe Fullheart, veteran Slime Rancher 1 & 2 expert

When to Craft Other Upgrades

While the above 5 are prime early targets, you may be wondering about the rest of the Fabricator elements. Here‘s a quick rundown:

Water Tank

  • Enables you to spray water to calm angry slimes
  • Very useful but lower priority early since you can avoid most combat
  • Recommend picking this up before attempting advanced Tarr experiments

Thicc Gloves

  • Prevents hand damage from "hot" substances while carrying items
  • Niche usefulness early on
  • Get later once you need to handle molten cores and radioactive gear

Slime Science Gadgets

  • Provide cool secondary mechanics like plort trading and quick returns to ranch
  • Require heavy resource and newbuck investments so optimal later game
  • Grab after setting up primary production systems and cash flows


  • Purely cosmetic customization for your ranch
  • Fun to purchase once you have some profits to spare!

The key is to always balance expansion investments against profit optimization cycles. Every new gadget you build requires ongoing plort outputs to cover its maintenance costs.

Pro ranch managers plan 2-3 cycles ahead and create secondary income channels before deploying major new gear. This aligns upgrade timing with revenue generation to prevent overall ranch degradation.

Fabricating Your Path to Success

Hopefully this guide has outlined a solid foundation for leveraging the Fabricator to rapidly expand your ranch.

The key takeaways for new ranchers:

  • Fabricator is THE hub for base upgrades and progression
  • Prioritize Resource Harvester, Extra Tank, Jetpack and Dash Boots early
  • Balance excitement for new gadgets against profit optimization needs
  • Mix different upgrade combos to match your playstyle preferences

Soon you‘ll be fabricating the ranch of your dreams – filled with vibrant rainbow slimes as far as the eye can see! Just remember, it all starts with smart early investments.

Now get out there and start fabricating success! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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