Mastering the Hidden Zipline Gun in Sons of the Forest

As a passionate gamer who has logged over 100 hours exploring the vast island of Sons of the Forest, uncovering advanced equipment like the mystical zipline gun became an obsession of mine. This powerful traversal tool hidden deep in a treacherous cave provides keen explorers with one of the biggest mobility upgrades for navigating the world.

Once I finally secured the zipline gun after days of planning out my daring cave expedition, it instantly became my favorite gadget. I‘ve used it to set up elaborate zipline fast travel networks, access extreme mountain peaks, and escape deadly encounters with unparalleled speed.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned about maximizing the zipline gun’s incredible potential. You’ll uncover hidden stats, crafting recipes, strategic placement tips, and plenty of crazy ziplining stories!

Overview: Why Learn This?

Before we rappel deeper into zipline gun tactics, let’s quickly cover why it’s so game-changing:

Lightning Speed Traversal
Riding on ziplines allows traversing massive distances or hard-to-navigate terrain almost instantly! It’s the fastest way to explore the island by far.

Build Zipline Highways
You can construct entire zipline highway systems connecting key areas for rapid fast travel.

Access Anywhere
Set up ziplines to reach seemingly impossible ledges, peaks, and caves with no limits. It expands your exploring capabilities tenfold!

Now let’s get into the details on obtaining this miraculous device and using it like a pro…

Locating the Hidden Zipline Gun

Background Lore

Long before I arrived onto the island, an earlier team of researchers explored the dense forest region years ago. One explorer came across ancient tribal caves and discovered an ancient zipline gun prototype.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it out alive. All that remains is his customized zipline gun locked away in a briefcase within those dark caves…

Map Location

The only zipline gun lies hidden inside a remote cave on the western region of the island. According to decrypted research logs, it’s specifically near the Circle Lake landmarks, only accessible from a tight passage between rocky cliffs.

Zipline gun cave map location

I set a waypoint on my GPS for the lake and embarked on my quest. After some searching near steep hills beside the lake, I finally noticed a conspicuous crack between boulders – possibly camouflaging the cave’s entrance!

Gearing Up

Before raiding the cave, I knew preparation was key. Based on the researcher’s final transmission logs, the interior contained hostile tribaloids and infected creatures.

I suited up with full modern body armor, stocked up on meds/resources, and equipped my high damage pistol & flashlight. I was locked & loaded to retrieve this zipline gun no matter what horrors lie ahead!

Preparing advanced loadout for the cave

Navigating the Treacherous Caves

With my advanced loadout prepped, it was time to begin the intense spelunking operation…

Entering the dark cave passage

Shimming Through

The gap I spotted between the boulders was extremely narrow. I carefully shifted my body sideways to slide into the opening.

15 seconds of struggling later…

Success! I managed to enter the hidden caves, armed and ready for whatever laid ahead.

Flooded Chambers

I emerged in a flooded cavern with climbable rocks up ahead. My boots splashed through the waters as I rushed onwards. Strange tribal markings lined the walls – possible warnings from the island natives.

Two crazed cannibals came charging out of the shadows! I quickly dispatched them with some well-placed pistol headshots. Their falling bodies echoed throughout the cave system…this gunfire would likely attract more.

Fighting off cannibals in the flooded caves

I proceeded up the rock climbing wall and continued left, relying on my flashlight to pierce the darkness.

Mutant Encounter

Pressing forward through a winding tunnel, I suddenly came upon a shocking discovery – the huge bloated corpse of a dead mutant wedged vertically between the cavern walls!

Its destructive arms flailed around blindly trying to grab me as I cautiously moved closer. Upon inspecting the beast, I noticed two time bomb explosives conveniently left here…likely the researcher’s stash.

In a flash moment of brilliance, I cooked a time bomb’s timer and lobbed it directly at the suffering mutant’s head.

5 seconds later…

BOOM!!! The timed explosion decimated its entire upper body in a shower of gore! The blackened arms stopped moving. With the path now clear, I utilized the second time bomb to safely destroy the remaining dangling legs blocking my route.

Bombing the trapped mutant’s body parts

Vaulting over the dead mutant’s smoky residue, I felt a rush realizing I survived an extremely close call! But the zipline gun couldn’t be much further ahead…

Frigid Deeper Caverns

I soon reached a raised wooden platform of sorts, constructed within the caves. Climbing up the planks, I discovered Confirmation! Several mutilated and strung up corpses hung from the ceiling here – likely failed rescue attempts for the lost researcher and his zipline gun.

My heart raced as I passed between the swaying bodies. Behind them the caverns narrowed into tighter, darker passages. The temperature even dropped noticeably – I must be venturing deeper underground.

Navigating deeper through the tight caverns

I crawled through on guard for cave leeches or territorial mutants. Relief washed over me spotting lights ahead. There awaited salvation…or one final death trap.

The Zipline Gun!

I emerged safely from the tight passage and stepped into a secluded cave room. Incredibly, a glowing red briefcase rested on a stool across a chasm!

I anxiously built a rock bridge connecting my ledge to the prize. As I opened the case, my eyes widened finally gazing upon the mythic zipline gun I craved!

Discovering the lost zipline gun case

I hoisted it proudly, basking in sweet victory…until noticing something else. Behind the case was an already set up zipline leading straight outside! The researcher must’ve attempted an escape plan as a last resort. There was my easy exit!

Analyzing the Zipline Gun

Now equipped with the zipline device at long last, I scrambled out of that horrid cave using the pre-built escape zipline. Catching my breath outside on forest soil, it was time to closely analyze my new expert tool…

Stats & Details

Here are the detailed specifications and functions I discovered testing out the mystical zipline gun:

Fires: High-tension Ropes

Max Range: 45m

Projectile Speed: 20 m/s

Reload Time: 1.5 seconds

Primary Function: Firing traverse-able ropes between two anchor points.

Secondary: Zipline transportation device. Interacts with ropes vaulting the user between anchors at high speeds.

Grappling Hook Integration: Features mechanical ascending retraction system. Automatically pulls the holder upwards when rope is angled above user.

Power Source: Hydroelectric pump battery integrated into handle.

Materials: Primarily zinc/titanium plating with rope spool magazine.

Ammo: Custom craftable zipline ropes (details below).

Weight: 48 oz (medium encumbrance)

Durability: 500 rope uses before failing.

With these robust capabilities, applications immediately started swirling in my head on how to maximize this gear…

Crafting Zipline Rope Ammo

To utilize the gun’s awe-inspiring functions though, specialized zipline rope ammo is required. Here’s how it’s crafted:


  • 1 Rope
  • 1 Grappling Hook


Combine rope + grappling hook in inventory crafting menu.

This synthesizes 20 uses of zipline rope ammo!

Rope Sources

  • Looted from containers across island
  • Dismantling existing ropes found in world
  • Chopping down hanging body sacks in some caves

Grappling Hooks

The most efficient hook source is crafting them yourself from resin in the 3D Printer:

Crafting grappling hooks

  • Resources Needed: 100 mL Printer Resin
  • Time to Create: 30 seconds
  • Yields: 2 hooks per craft

After some material harvesting, I was mass producing stacks of my own zipline ropes! Now I could finally utilize the gun to its limits…

Strategic Zipline Placement

Learning to properly place ziplines is key to effective navigation. Follow these placement strategies I’ve refined through extensive testing:

Connecting Key Landmarks

Plot routes hitting high priority areas. Some prime anchor point examples:

  • Primary base
  • Cave systems
  • Fishing huts
  • Hunting hotspots
  • Container heavy areas
  • Steep mountain ranges

Linking these together enables extremely rapid transit across vast distances!

Scaling Sheer Cliffsides

The steepest cliffs become trivial to scale with clever ziplines. Fire anchors into their surface then ride up without risking a fatal fall!

You can access majestic heights or floating buildings this way. It leaves no peak unreachable.

Building Aerial Getaways

Trying to ditch a relentless mutant horde? Construct aerial anchor points between treetops to create escape ziplines above ground!

I’ve survived certain death many times by utilizing this quick thinking strategy. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Expert Ziplining Tips & Tricks

I’ve accrued extensive experience mastering the ziplining arts across this island. Here are some pro tips:

Reclaiming Ropes

Remember, ropes can be picked back up after firing. Reuse ammunition wisley! I build “disposable” ziplines to reach certain far off resources, then disassemble them to regain the ropes once looting finishes.

Rapid Decent

While riding a steeply angled zipline, press jump to let go and drop early. You can plunge safely from incredible heights this way! It provides a thrill ride combined with quick descent.

Cargo Transportation

You might be hauling a heavy stash of loot but need to cross wide waters. No problem! Anchor ziplines between shorelines to quickly carry goods over dangerous areas.

Lead Poisoning Treatment

Feeling nauseous or struggling with basic tool operation? You likely have lead poisoning from drinking untreated water. Craft a Plantain Leaf Bandage immediately to cure sickness and regain normal control!

My Craziest Zipline Stories

I could relay captivating stories for hours about close calls and daring exploits I’ve survived using this wonderous zipline gun. But here are the wildest cases:

The Great Mutant Exodus

One quiet night I was cooking dinner at my seaside base when faint stomping shook the earth. I glanced up witnessing a horde of 17 lumbering mutants migrating past!

In a panic with no chance to fight them all, I sprinted and started firing zipline anchors diagonally into a nearby towering tree. Just as the mutants noticed my presence, I rode the zipline up beyond their reach and waited it out!

Triple Waterfall Zipline

While exploring northern mountain rivers, I discovered a spectacular three-tiered waterfall plunging into foaming rapids. Its pristine natural beauty awed me – I had to ride it!

I decided attempting to zipline directly down the falls would be suicidal. Instead, I strategically anchored ropes between cliff ledges, creating a zigzagging zipline route down safely beside the falls.

The thrilling ride took me across all three misty waterfalls, offering once-in-a-lifetime views! It stands as my most scenic zipline ride to date.

That covers the wildest cases so far. But countless exciting stories still await making using this gear!

In Summary

Obtaining the one-of-a-kind zipline rifle unearthed an entirely new dimension of rapid exploration and thrill seeking during my island survival journey. No other tool compares for quickly navigating rough terrain and expanding reachable areas.

I hope my guide provided tons of insight into excelling at zipline-based traversal. Let my lessons here guide you towards zipline mastery during your own epic adventures! Tread boldly, survivor.

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