Maxing Out Your SOLDIER: An Expert‘s Guide to Mover Farming in Crisis Core Reunion

As a lifelong fan who still fondly remembers unlocking Zack‘s backstory way back in 2008, I live for RPGs that blend emotional storytelling with satisfying progression systems. So when Square Enix announced Crisis Core Reunion, I cleared my calendar – it was time to dive back into Zack Fair‘s origins.

Now 30 hours into release, I must‘ve S-ranked every mission three times over in my obsession with maxing out abilities, stats, materia – you name it. And in all that farming, one enemy type kept catching my attention for offering completely unique loot and progression opportunities: the Movers.

Seriously, if you actually take the time to master Movers instead of groaning when they appear, you‘ll shave dozens of hours off the usual Zack grind. I‘m talking ludicrous ability point gains, chests full of stat-stacking accessories way earlier than normal, and materia forges that feel almost broken.

As both a gamer since childhood and guide writer for 5+ years now, I‘ve compiled everything there is to know about Movers into this definitive resource. Consider it your high-level masterclass on the secrets top Crisis Core pros use for rapid, low-risk SP and item farms.

Let‘s dive right into understanding why Movers blow other enemies out of the water for progression…

What Makes Movers So Valuable?

Movers might seem like annoying magic-spamming damage sponges at first – but that‘s exactly why they make such lucrative piñatas! They buck nearly every convention for standard enemies:

1. Extreme VIT/SPR stats – We‘re talking 100+ points over final bosses here. This enables punishment if unprepared.

2. Powerful magic – Graviga and Ultima will devastate unprepared parties. But it‘s also their Achilles heel.

3. Massive ability & item drops – We‘re talking over 10X standard enemy rewards.

Farming Movers is that classic risk-vs-reward tradeoff. The sections below overview exactly what makes them valuable.

Enemy Overview: The Mover Variants

Movers come in four enemy types sharing similar traits. Let‘s compare them:

VariantLvlHPSP p/KillItems
Original4121,4502,000Silver Armlets
EX7252,5908,000Rune Armlets + Mythril
RE6031,4504,000Gold Armlets + Flare
Three Stars80101,10120,000Mythril Armlets + Tri-Thundaga

As we can see, the Three Stars variant clearly provides the most lucrative farming opportunity at maximum risk & requirements. But the key is that all Mover types offer exponentially better rewards than standard foes – presenting power spikes for our taking at any stage of Crisis Core.

You‘ll also notice they all have:

  • VIT/SPR: Consistently 200+ – enabling powerful spells
  • Steal Items: Maffei items enabling earlier weapons forges & stat gains

Now let‘s examine why their offense translates into a major weakness ripe for farming.

Abilities & Loot Tables

All Movers lean heavily into magic for offense with two key spells:

Graviga – Cut HP by 50% + heavy magic damage
Ultima – Non-elemental AoE magic damage

They‘ll also frequently use Delta Attack – a punishing counter move when physically struck.

Here‘s the thing though: Graviga allows us to completely dismantle Movers – since it‘s their main damage threat relying on a set % drain mechanic . Equip Zack properly and Movers become little more than HP pools waiting for harvest!

AbilityDamage TypeWeaknesses
GravigaMagic (%Drain)Elemental + Lightning Materia
UltimaMagic (Non-Elem)Magic Def Accessories
Delta AttackPhysicalDefensive Materia

If we build specifically to counter Graviga, Movers can‘t leverage their inflated stats and levels for much. Suddenly you have near-bosses dying as fast as standard encounters while providing 5-10X the rewards!

Speaking of rewards – their item drops and steal tables are yet another gold mine:

Loot TypeItemsUsage
DropsGold/Silver/Mythril ArmletsMassive stat boosts!
StealsFlare, Hypno Crowns, Tri-ThundagaEndgame materia & weapons WAY early!

I cannot stress enough how broken gaining 60+ base stat armlets or late-game materia this early on can be!

The risk vs. reward tradeoff is clear. Now let‘s actually break down how to farm Movers efficiently and minimize that risk.

Advanced Mover Farming Strategies

You now understand exactly why Movers blow other enemies out of the water for rewards. But how do veterans consistently farm them without pulls of their hair out? Follow my advanced tips below:

1. The Graviga Nullification Combo

I already touched on this earlier, but I cannot stress it enough – Equip Elemental + Lightning materia ASAP.

Here‘s why it works so effectively:

  • Elemental makes you absorb damage from that linked magic type
  • Lightning makes you absorb Graviga – removing the % drain!

This means Movers now heal you each time they spam their previously dangerous Graviga magic. Their main threat is nullified, enabling you to focus solely on offense.

2. Stack Magic Damage Reduction

You‘ve disabled Graviga percentage damage – fantastic! But Ultima and other spells can still slowly whittle you down.

The solution? Magic Damage reduction gear:

  • Mythril Armlets – Huge bonuses if you steal a pair early
  • Centurion/Commander‘s Armor – Great protections that still enable AP growth

Better yet, slot Mystile or Magic Defense Up materia into linked slots for even more stackable protection. This minimizes chip damage so you can stay in longer Mover farming sessions.

3. Lean On MP Reduction Attacks

Another way to reduce incoming damage? Drain that MP bar so no spells can be cast in the first place!

Slotting MP reduction skills into your loadout, like:

  • Blood Sucker – 1 MP drain per hit adds up fast
  • Omnislash – MP gone in a flashy instant

Alternatively, slot Mystify materia into your weapon if accessible. Just a few spells disabled buys you way more damage windows.

Reviewing Every Mover Type

Now that you‘ve got effective farming strategies – let‘s examine each specific Mover enemy in detail so you know exactly what to expect:

Original Mover

For many, this basic Mover appearing in endgame Banora missions will be their first taste. Think of them as the entry test before tackling relatives.

Level 41Vulnerable to mid-tier builds
21,450 HPSurprisingly low for the level
2,000 SP2x standard enemies

Look Out For: High SPR & Graviga making them HP sponges. Farm them to warmup before ex and RE variants.

Reward Highlights:

  • Silver Armlets for early stat gains
  • Rare Hypno Crown steals enable better Alexandria builds

Mover EX

With over 50K HP and the damage output to wipe your party multiply times over, EX variants up the risk substantially. Treat these as mid-game skill checks.

Level 72Will crush weak builds
52,590 HPMini-boss tier healthpool
8,000 SP8x standard enemies!

Look Out For: Ultimate starts one-shotting everyone. Graviga dumps 50% HP per cast.

Reward Highlights:

  • Rune Armlets for massive boosts
  • Mythril steals enable earlier weapon forging
  • Flare steals let you melt bosses way early

Mover RE

Think of RE as a nice middle ground between the standard and EX variants – perfect for those looking to familiarize themselves with advanced Mover mechanics for less risk.

Level 60Elevated but still very doable to veteran players
31,450 HPLower than EX, but don‘t be fooled!
4,000 SP4x standard enemies

Look Out For: ATK & HP just high enough for Delta Attack counters to burn through parties.

Reward Highlights:

  • Gold Armlets for great stat boosts
  • Rare Flare steals for heavy firepower early
  • Easier intro to core mechanics than EX

Three Stars

This aptly named variant earns its elite status – endgame builds still face a formidable challenge with appropriate payoff. I strictly recommend veterans only try farming Three Stars with extensive preparation. You face dark dragon levels of power.

Level 80The big leagues – very extended endgame only
101,101 HPEven postgame superbosses have less!
20,000 SP10x standard enemies!!

Look Out For: Everything dialed to 11. Graviga outrageously dangerous alongside Ultima tier spells.

Reward Highlights:

  • Mythril Armlets to turn Zack into a walking stat stick
  • Rare Tri-Thundaga steals enable Thor-like devastation
  • The ULTIMATE risk vs. reward check

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it – my complete guide to dominating Crisis Core Reunion through advanced Mover mechanics!

I‘m sitting here with 99,999 SP after just 15 hours, Mythil weapons fully forged pre-chapter 3, and Zack already hitting endgame damage in his sleep. When used properly, Movers completely break Crisis Core progression.

So next time you see those quirky bouncing balls appear on screen, don‘t just sigh thinking it‘ll take 5 minutes to whittle their health down. Smile knowing you‘ve got a piñata of progression at your fingertips!

Let me know which of my tips you found most useful in the comments, and if you‘ve discovered any other sweet Mover mechanics worth sharing!

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