Sons of the Forest: 6 Best Base Locations

Sons of the Forest base location

Welcome survivalists! Building a secure home base is crucial for surviving the dangers that await in Sons of the Forest. In this guide, we‘ll explore the 6 best locations to set up your base.


When choosing a base location in Sons of the Forest, key factors to consider include:

  • Access to resources like food, water, shelter, weapons
  • Defensibility from enemies and cannibal attacks
  • Enough space for structures and storage
  • Suitability for long-term survival

Base locations that rank highly across these metrics will give you the best chance of surviving and thriving.

Now let‘s dive into the top 6 base spot contenders across the game‘s huge open world map.

1. Coastline Beaches

Rocky or sandy beaches along the island‘s coast offer prime real estate for establishing a secure oceanside base.


  • Close access to fish, shellfish and clean water
  • Open views to spot enemies before they spot you
  • Building on rocky outcroppings provides natural defenses


  • Exposure to storms and erosion over time
  • Need to travel inland for wood and wild game

Overall, the tranquility and sustenance provided by seaside bases make them a top choice for long-term survival.

2. Forest Clearing

Finding a flat clearing tucked among the island‘s dense forests allows you to tap into the abundant resources hidden below the canopy.


  • Rich supply of wood, wild berries and huntable animals nearby
  • Can build tree platforms and rope bridges between trunks
  • Forest camouflages structures from enemies


  • Less visibility compared to coastal spots
  • May need to clear space by chopping down trees first
  • Animals and enemies can wander into camp

But with a wall or fence around the perimeter, forest clearings allow you to disappear into the woods while living off the land.

3. Cave Dwellings

The island hosts a labyrinth of caves left behind by past inhabitants, offering ready-made shelters.


  • Instant enclosures for safety and storage
  • Often built near freshwater sources
  • Mazes provide defenses against enemies


  • Dark, cramped spaces
  • Few natural resources inside
  • Mazelike layouts can get confusing

Still, by adding fortified doors, lighting and storage to expand these natural shelters, caves provide versatile and defensible pre-fabricated base options.

4. Hilltop Viewpoints

Elevated lookout spots on forested hilltops or rocky cliffs allow unmatched views and defenses.


  • 360° vantage point spot threats from afar
  • Excellent visibility for long-range weapons
  • Heights and slopes add extra protection


  • Exposure to wind and rain
  • Few natural resources nearby
  • Lots of stairs needed within buildings

But for players prioritizing threat detection and defensive positioning, the views and protection of hilltop bases make them prime real estate.

5. Abandoned Structures

Remnants of shelters, buildings and bunkers from past inhabitants offer ready-made base foundations.


  • Sturdy existing structures to build upon
  • Often built near critical resources
  • Fortifications and walls may be intact


  • Can be dilapidated and demand repairs
  • Tight quarters in some buildings
  • Mazes and hills limit expansion

Nonetheless, by fixing up and fortifying existing structures, you can transform abandoned dwellings into fully-functional home bases.

6. Rivers & Waterfalls

Camping along freshwater rivers and waterfalls brings a reliable lifeline to your base location.


  • Fresh drinking water on demand
  • Fertile soil for farming crops
  • Fish and wild animals visit to drink


  • Rain and floods can damage structures
  • Moisture erodes structures over time
  • Enemies also need water, so be prepared

But with water access secured, food, farming and fortifications can turn riverside bases into self-sustaining survival compounds.

How to Choose Between Locations

When selecting your base site, think through your priorities – do you value being hidden for safety, resources for food, structures for storage or high ground for defenses?

  • Safety-focused players may want to nestle into dense forests or cave networks.
  • Resource-focused players should camp near animal dens and fertile lands.
  • Builders may want existing structures to then customize and reinforce.
  • Tacticians may prefer elevated cliffs with wide views for long-range weapons.

There‘s no universally "best" base location for all players and priorities. Choose based on your survival play-style, and then leverage the natural features of that spot to maximum advantage when building up, fortifying and customizing exactly what you need.

The key is picking a spot that aligns with your goals, offers room for structures to take shape, and provides protection plus sustenance to last the long haul.


Building up a secure, sustainable home base is critical for lasting long-term in the dangerous wilds of Sons of the Forest. Coastlines, forests, caves, hilltops and existing structures around the island all offer prime base site options if leveraged strategically. Consider what resources and features align best with your survival priorities when picking the perfect location. Then build upwards and outwards to construct a formidable fortress you can continually reinforce over time as threats arise.

With smart site selection and relentless base improvements, you can erect formidable compounds that rivals the strongest enemy strongholds across the island landscape. Use this guide to pick the best base for your survival specialty, claim your territory in defensible terrain and ultimately not just survive, but thrive indefinitely on the island!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other great base location tips for conquering Sons of the Forest!

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