The Definitive Guide to V Rising‘s Best Weapons

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V Rising throws you into a vicious battle for survival against deadly vampire clans and ravenous horrors. Having the right weaponry can make the difference between becoming an unliving legend or just another bloodless corpse.

But with a wide arsenal to choose from, what arms offer the best hope of seeing another night through? This guide provides comprehensive analysis of all V Rising‘s weapons to uncover the undisputed top tier options.

I‘ve extensively tested and dueled with every instrument of destruction the game provides, from slender blades to crushing mauls. After countless impalements from speartips, eviscerations by warscythes, and blasts of sorcerous defiance, the definitive rankings have emerged.

Discover within these blood-scribed pages the ideal weapons to bear as you rise into true Undead supremacy!

Weapon Evaluation Methodology

Deciphering V Rising‘s hierarchical web of violence requires examining gear from multiple perspecives:

Raw Damage – The basic damage per second (DPS) or per hit which weapons can inflict, utilizing typical attack rotations.

Skills – Activated weapon abilities that offer additional effects like AoE attacks, pulls, stuns etc.

Speed – The tempo of swings, combos, skills, and movement each weapon provides.

Versatility – How effective weapons remain across various combat scenarios like 1v1, mass PvE, base defense etc.

Survivability – Skills that bolster personal defense, mitigate damage, or restore health.

Control – A weapon‘s capacity to restrict enemy actions using slows, knockbacks, stuns etc.

By investigating these offensive qualities, a hierarchy emerges showing clear favorites…

7. Swords – Swiftness & Shock


Specialization: Continuous high-pace attacks and aggressive magical disruption.

Role: Relentless attacker & anti-caster.

Flavor: Rogue duelist, fighter, battlemage.

Favored by vampire clan skirmishers requiring speed and disruption magic to neutralize mortal sorceries and holy defenses. Swift swords shred cloth and puncture plate with ease.

Key Traits

  • Very fast swing speed enables endless chains of strikes
  • Shockwave provides disruption, mobility, and burst damage
  • Lacks raw stopping power of heavier weapons


Craft starting Bone Sword at Blood Altar using Bones. Upgrade rarity at Forge with additional materials.

Damage: A
Speed: S+
Survivability: B
Crowd Control: B

My personal assessment – the swiftness Sword offers enables extremely favorable trades against slower weapons by landing the first 2-3 hits. The magical Shockwave provides strong disruption and finishing potential as well. From ambushes to drawn-out duels, Sword provides reliable means for outpacing enemies.

Recommended for beginners wanting to quickly accumulate gear from PvE sources through sheer offense. Veterans will leverage Swords weaker attacks from odd angles to enable Shockwave takedowns.

6. Reaper – Rending Force


Specialization: Massive damage against individual targets and tight groups with wide arc swings

Role: Anti-Undead executioner & siegebreaker

Flavor: Death knight, fallen crusader, war priest

Originally wielded by mortal monster hunter sects, many Reapers became tools turned against their creators following the Undead uprising. Their broad blades now reap entire legions.

Key Traits

  • Huge damage per swing devastates groups or single targets
  • Area-of-effect attacks hit many clustered foes
  • Slow swing speed compared to lighter weapons


Random world drop from Undead monsters. Small chance from opening Undead Chests. Guaranteed from Undead Commander in Hallowed Garden or Church Dungeon.

Damage: S+
Speed: B-
Survivability: C+
Crowd Control: A

This brutal gear turns horde combat into grotesque mowing fields, each reaping swing sending severed limbs flying in great arcing fountains. Few weapons convey sheer power like the Reaper crashing down. Intimidation factor 10/10. Bosses and armored foes melt before your onslaught.

Drawbacks include struggling against groups of ranged enemies who won‘t bunch for convenient reaping. Closing gaps swiftly can also prove difficult. Prioritize augmenting movement speed to compensate.

5. Daggers – Flickering Strikes


Specialization: Rapid bleed effects, disruption, opportunistic focused damage

Role: Rogue, saboteur, covert attacker

Flavor: Shadow agent, clandestine killer, guerrilla fighter

Favored by less martial clans for its precise lethality employed correctly. What Daggers lack in sheer force they repay through malice and subterfuge. A weapon for calculated elimination rather than brazen shows of power.

Key Traits

  • Fast attack speed, ideal for inflicting bleeding over time
  • Highly mobile fight style exploiting openings
  • Lower direct damage requires specialization


Random world loot drop. Small chance from Chests in Bandit/Outlaw areas. Boss drop from Lionel the Tamer at Dusklight Enclave.

Damage: B
Speed: A
Survivability: B+
Crowd Control: C+

Daggers demand opportunism to maximize Damage over Time effects through repeated precise striking. This fits a "hit and run playstyle nicely. By mixing up disruption skills like Camouflage and Elusive Strike you can surgically dismantle foes. Bosses will require exploiting window to stack high bleeds.

The high skill cap and specialized role warrants caution for new players. But in skilled hands Daggers can fell titans while barely being touched themselves. Infinitely entertaining!

4. Axes – Cleaving Fury


Specialization: Raw amplified damage against individual/massed enemies. Defensive mobility.

Role: Frontline warrior, vanguard champion

Flavor: Conquering warlord, bloodlusted berserker

Favored for sheer stopping power and extensive reach, Axes entered the melee lexicon quickly once Vampiric Clans began expanding territories through conquest. Their broad heads and long hafts provide leverage to cleave mortal and Vampire ranks alike with abandon.

Key Traits

  • Sweeping strikes hit enemies in a line
  • Throwable and returnable for flexible ranged engagements
  • Dash skill augments mobility & offense together


Bone Axes – Craftable at Blood Altar
Iron Axes – Random loot drop
Copper Axes+ – Small chance from Chests in Bandit/Outlaw areas & elite enemies

Damage: A+
Speed: B
Survivability: B
Crowd Control: A-

If you crave walking into hordes and mowing them down in seconds while shrugging off attacks, Axes are your new best friend. The raw AoE devastation potential cannot be overstated. Darting back and forth repositioning mid-battle with Frenzy dash helps avoid being surrounded too. X-Strike provides mid-range and disruption support.

Against massed enemies, nothing conveys the bloodbath quite like spinning Axes firsthand. Severed limbs fly like harvest festival confetti. Morale damage over 9000!

3. Mace – Boneshattering Force


Specialization: Concentrated kinetic damage and impact force with heavy strikes. Crowd control focused.

Role: Juggernaut. Elite hunter.

Flavor: Siege ram, mountain avalanche, falling ogre.

Warlords quickly adopted these brutish tools as multiplying Thralls required keeping unruly broodmates in line. The disciplinary blows often proved literally earth-shattering. Few materials withstand a Mace‘s raw stopping power. Even thick stone surrenders and yields before the pounding.

Key Traits

  • Single crushing hits deal massive damage
  • Knockbacks send foes reeling
  • Area-of-effect crowd control skills
  • Block breaking and guard crushing capabilities


Bone Mace – Craftable at Blood Altar
Copper Mace – Random Loot drops

Damage: S+
Speed: C+
Survivability: B
Crowd Control: S

Picture a siege ram forged into weapon shape and you have a sense of the Mace‘s fighting methodology – patiently approach your target, wind up ponderously, then release the planet-cracking overcrush! Nothing quite replicates the crunch of critters squishing before your onslaught 🙂

While speedy or ranged foes require planning to connect hits on, everything struck folds with wonderful finality. Staggering strike after strike pounds enemies into the firmament.

2. Spear – Impaling Reach


Specialization: Zoning control and attrition tactics. Ranged versatility.

Role: Skirmisher, field control enforcer, hunter

Flavor: Guerrilla fighter, ronin, elite linebreaker

Favored for dominion over engagement ranges, Spears provide territory control capability leveraging 10 meter threat presence. Piercing tips claim airspace that more lumbering weapons cannot contest. Combined with throwable and pulling attacks, Spears manage their own engagement, a pivotal asymmetry many clans exploit eagerly.

Key Traits

  • Long physical attack reach overpowers closer weapons
  • Throwable Harpoon that repositions targets
  • Multi-hit combo potential offers flexibility

Damage: B+
Speed: A
Survivability: B+
Crowd Control: B+

Imagine dueling foes who cannot physically reach you. That predicament embodies Spear combat wonderfully at range. Circle strafing harassing strikes whittle enemies down at leisure before closing cautiously to finish them. Harpoon pulls enable isolating targets too.

The sheer strategic freedom to dictate engagement proximity, continually repositioning freely, provides Spears uniquely flexible leverage. Just beware being surrounded in melee!

1. Crossbows – Unrivaled Reign


Specialization: Extreme ranged threat projection. Attrition & strongharass. Zoning control.

Role: Field artillery & battlespace manipulator

Flavor: Sniper overwatch, looming shadow archer

Most ancient lineages disdained cowardly projectiles as dishonorable vanity originally. Yet witnessing clever mortal crews annihilating countless charging hordes ultimately persuaded dissenters.

Now Crossbow snipers often secure clans‘ territories uncontested, their streams of scorn rending any bold enough to approach. None threaten them as they threaten all. Such is the longbow‘s baleful sovereignty.

Key Traits

  • 35+ meter engagement range
  • Area-of-effect barrage potential
  • Precision disruption shots
  • Negates all need for melee risk

Damage: A
Speed: B
Survivability: S
Crowd Control: A

The sheer impact of attacking enemies with near impunity from absurd range without ever being threatened induces wonderful feelings of power trip intoxication 🙂 Where other weapons classes compete directly in gladiatorial duels, the Crossbow laughs as it deals death unseen from afar.

With skill, mortal armies fall flecked with bolts amidst the panicking survivors. Play strategically moving between secured vantages to command entire battlefields safely. Fear no reprisal. Reign in piercing supremacy!

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully this breakdown has provided greater insight into mastering V Rising‘s diverse weapons roster beyond surface impressions. While skill ultimately determines single combat, entering the fray with ideal arms for your preferred strategy offers major advantages. May you now wage war against the cattle more artfully!

Many memorable battles await at the points of these weapons. Wield them with wisdom and brutal elegance. Rise supreme through superior arms and you shall never fall!

Now go forth and carve out your vicious legacy night after night until the far horizon gleams red with blood and conquest!

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