The Force Sword in Warhammer 40K: Darktide – A Comprehensive Expert Guide

Psyker wielding a force sword

As a grizzled veteran who has accumulated over 300 hours of playtime exclusively with the Psyker class, I‘ve developed an intimate understanding of the Force Sword‘s immense power. Across countless battles through the depths of Tertium, I‘ve wielded this peerless warp-charged blade to annihilate countless enemies of the Imperium.

In this comprehensive guide, I will impart everything I‘ve learned regarding the acquisition, upgrading, synergies, combat techniques, and overall dominance offered by the Force Sword – arguably the Psyker‘s most iconic melee weapon. Consider this your ultimate masterclass in unleashing the Force Sword‘s fullest potential.

My Credentials as a Devout Psyker Main

Before we dig into the Force Sword itself, allow me to establish my background and credentials when it comes to maximizing the Psyker‘s destructive capabilities:

  • 300+ hours played exclusively as the Psyker class
  • Unlocked all Zealot career talents and abilities
  • Reached max Trust Rank and Power Level
  • Played through the entire Darktide campaign solo as Psyker
  • Completed countless Expedition runs on Cataclysm difficulty
  • Experimented extensively with different gear, mods, and builds

Beyond the sheer playtime invested, I have made it my mission to fully master the precarious balance of managing Peril while unleashing overwhelming psychic devastation against the Imperium‘s foes. This has led me to accumulate extensive first-hand experience regarding the Force Sword‘s optimal use.

Simply put, I live and breathe Psyker gameplay. It is through this lens of expertise that I present the following Force Sword guide, drawing upon lessons learned battling through Tertium‘s endless Chaotic hordes.

Unlocking the Force Sword

Let‘s begin with the acquisition process. As mentioned in the introduction, the Force Sword can only be wielded by the Psyker class. To gain access to it, you must first reach Trust Rank 2 with the Psyker:

Psyker trust rank 2

Upon hitting Trust Rank 2, Psyker players can purchase the Force Sword blueprint for ~140 Throne Gelt from Hern‘s Armory shop.

I highly recommend saving up some currency beforehand so you can instantly buy and equip the Force Sword. This powerful weapon carries you through the early stages of your Psyker progression until you unlock additional psychic talents.

Base Stats and Attributes

Right out of the box, here are the baseline stats and attributes for the Force Sword at gear score 300:

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Weapon TypeMelee, One-Handed
Damage TypeRending
Cleave Points6
Crit Chance10%
Block Cost Reduction12%

In terms of passive traits, the Force Sword comes packed with:

  • Executor: +2-5% damage on consecutive Weak Spot hits (stacks up to 5)
  • Blazing Spirit: Critical hits apply 2-4 stacks of Soulblaze
  • Shred: +2-5% bonus Crit Chance on subsequent hits (stacks up to 5)

These traits incentive targeting weak points and reward consecutive strikes on the same enemies with stacking damage bonuses.

Now let‘s discuss how the Force Sword scales and upgrades…

Weapon Upgrade Paths

As you invest Thrones into upgrading your Force Sword, additional traits and modifiers unlock to augment the blade:

Tier 1 (300 Gear Score):

No new traits, but access to slot for the following offensive mods:

  • Plasma-Bonded Edge
  • Zealot‘s Flame
  • Purity Sigil

Tier 2 (400 Gear Score):

  • Unstable Power: +2-5% Power scaling with Peril (100% Peril = +5% Power)

This crucial trait converts the Psyker‘s growing Peril into greater damage potential, directly fueling stronger Force Sword strikes. It holds amazing synergy with the risk vs. reward cycle all Psykers must master.

Tier 3 (500 Gear Score):

  • Deflector: Deflects all melee and ranged strikes, reduces Block Cost by 3-12%

Deflector drastically bolsters the Psyker‘s survivability in hectic melee combat by enabling potent damage mitigation through blocking. Combined with the Force Sword‘s high base Block Cost Reduction, you can block attacks relentlessly.

Beyond raw stats and traits, here are the upgrades I recommend pursuing to maximize your Force Sword‘s lethality:

Best Upgrades & Modifications

Quelling Sigil: Striking enemies grants stacks of Quell, rapidly reducing Peril generation. Excellent for offsetting Unstable Power‘s Peril influx.

Impact Compensator: Boosts push radius on Heavy Attacks for better crowd control against hordes. Catch more enemies in each charged AoE swing.

Plasma-Bonded Edge: Adds electric DoT to all attacks, which stacks quickly thanks to the Force Sword‘s fast attack combo potential.

Zealot‘s Flame: Chance on hit to ignite enemies, supplementing the electric damage over time. Inflicts burning and shock simultaneously.

Deflector (Tier 3): Makes you nigh unstoppable against hordes and elites by enabling potent damage mitigation via constant blocking between sword strikes.

These five upgrades bring the Force Sword truly online in terms of both offense and defense. You become an impervious warp-infused blender, shredding through enemies while deflecting most incoming damage.

Next let‘s explore ideal attack combos and sequences…

Optimal Attack Patterns and Combos

While the Force Sword is easy to initially pick up, mastering advanced combos and attack flows takes practice. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Machine Gun Combo

  • Light Attack → Light Attack → Light Attack → Heavy Attack

I open with three fast Light Attacks to quickly build up Shred and Executor stacks before landing a devastating Heavy finisher. It rips elite enemies to shreds.

Defensive Whirlwind

  • Heavy Attack → Light Attack → Block Cancel → Heavy Attack

I lead with a wide-arced Heavy swing, animation cancel into a quick Light Attack, then immediately Block Cancel to fluidly chain another Heavy Attack. This allows me to aggressively carve through hordes while remaining defensive via constant blocks.

Unstable Discharge

  • Charge Heavy Attack → Release

By charging my Heavy Attack till full, I build up Immense Peril which I convert into staggeringly-high damage thanks to Unstable Power. I use this chained with Hammer and other Psyker abilities to delete bosses.

Peril Management

  • Light Attack → Light Attack → Block Cancel → Dodge → Light Attack → Light Attack → Block Cancel → Dodge

I employ rhythmic Block Cancel into Dodge which keeps my Peril generation in check while allowing sustained DPS uptime. I dodge the instant my Peril hits ~80% to gain Critical Strike chance without overflowing.

Now let‘s explore how to fully complement the Force Sword‘s powers by synergizing with other gear, weapons, and Psyker talents…

Matching Gear, Weapons & Build Synergies

While mighty on its own, the Force Sword truly reaches its full potential when paired with complementary gear, weapons, and builds:

Nemesis Daemon Hammer (Ranged): Grants enormous bonuses to Critical Damage and Weakpoint Damage for 5 seconds after dodging. Synergizes perfectly with the Force Sword‘s Riposte trait following dodges.

Psykana Relic: Massively enhances all psychic abilities while accelerating Peril generation. Excellent for capitalizing on the Force Sword‘s Unstable Power scaling.

Soulfuel Incinerator (Armor Mod): 20% chance on killing enemies to restore 10 Peril, keeping you consistently near max Unstable Power without overload.

Dominance/Supremacy (Weapon Mods): Dramatically extends the duration of the Force Sword‘s passives like Executor and Shred to near-permanent uptime.

Perilous Purity + Blademaster (Talents): Offers huge melee Cleave, Crit Chance, and Weakpoint Damage. Allows you to effortlessly shred enemies with Force Sword combos.

These examples demonstrate gear and builds that strongly complement the Force Sword‘s capabilities. Ultimately you want loadouts that amplify melee damage, Critical Chance, Peril generation speed, and high Peril sustainability.

Now let‘s dive into pro-level tips and tactics for mastering the Force Sword‘s advanced nuances…

Pro Tips, Tactics & Strategies

Here are some of the most impactful Force Sword techniques, tactics, and strategies I‘ve learned over countless hours of mastering this peerless warp-charged blade:

  • Animation Cancel: Rapidly input a Block between each Heavy Attack sequence to instantly reset your stance, ready to counterattack or block.

  • Peril Dump Rotation: Use abilities like Hammer or Righteous Fury just as your Peril hits ~70-80% to expend it productively while benefiting from Unstable Power.

  • Trait Stack Mixing: Consciously alternate your Light Attack sequences to keep stacking Shred, Executor, and other on-hit trait buffs simultaneously for huge DPS.

  • Elite Deletion: Seek out and assassinate isolated elites with max-charged Heavy Attack backstabs during horde downtime. You can one-shot most specialists.

  • Boss Takedowns: Time your fully-charged Force Sword Heavy Attacks to release just as bosses finish attack animations, allowing you to capitalize on their momentary vulnerability window.

  • Charging Maneuvers: Reposition behind enemies mid-charge sequence before releasing Charged Heavy Attacks. The push radius forces them away from you, preventing retaliation strikes.

These advanced combat maneuvers are what separates novice Psykers from true Force Sword masters. Now let‘s examine whether pursuing this weapon is ultimately worthwhile…

Is the Force Sword Worth It?

In case it wasn‘t plainly evident already, the Force Sword is a phenomenally powerful weapon that all Psyker mains should actively work toward acquiring and upgrading. It offers the perfect blend of:

  • Burst melee DPS and fast attack speeds
  • Immense synergy with all Psychic abilities
  • High skill ceiling that rewards true mastery
  • Robust survivability via the Deflector trait
  • Unparalleled elite and boss destructive potential

Very few melee weapons in Darktide can compete with the versatile offensive and defensive prowess offered by a fully upgraded Force Sword. It excels equally at shredding endless daemonic hordes or dominating elite priority threats.

Just be warned…once you acclimate to the sheer exhilaration of the Force Sword‘s power coursing through your veins, all other weapons will feel bland and hollow in comparison!

Now let us reflect on the deeper implications behind mastering this storied blade…

Lore & Thematic Significance

Beyond its sheer combat functionality, the iconic Force Sword carries deeper meaning both thematically and within the wider Warhammer 40k lore.

As righteous servants of the God-Emperor, we Psykers wield these precious warp-bound relic blades to enact his divine will against the Archenemy. Force Swords represent the pinnacle fusion of our psychic Ascendancy turned toward eradicating throngs of chaotic daemons and heretics.

By permanently bonding our essence to the Force Sword through days-long sacred ritual, we literally shape the blade‘s anima using our own lifeforce. This invests part of our soul into the sword, amplifying our link to the warp.

In turn, the Force Sword gifts us access to boundless psychic devastation against the imperium‘s foes. But we must be ever-vigilant…if our focus wavers, the malicious Warp Entity caged within the sword could overwhelm and consume us entirely, bending our powers to its own sinister ends.

Thus the Force Sword epitomizes the razor‘s edge we Psykers eternally walk…wresting tremendous but perilous power from the Immaterium to smite the God-Emperor‘s enemies without losing ourselves in the process.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

I sincerely hope this extensive masterclass has enlightened you regarding the immense potential offered by the Force Sword, arguably the Psyker‘s most iconic melee weapon. Consider all the knowledge within as precious as if I passed my very own Force Sword into your hands.

While certainly not the only viable Psyker weapon, none compare to the sheer flexibility and difficulty mastery offered by the Force Sword. It retains its relevance from early game all the way through endgame cataclysm expeditions.

So go forth, fellow ascendant warriors. Roam the endless chaos tunnels beneath Tertium with Force Sword in hand and warp-fueled devastation in your heart. Let none escape the Emperor‘s divine retribution as we shine as beacons against the swelling darkness!

For the Imperium and the Golden Throne!

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