The Ultimate Guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Best Upgrades

As an avid Dreamlight Valley player with over 100 hours invested, I‘ve unlocked the full spectrum of house and tool upgrades. In this definitive guide from a passionate gamer‘s perspective, I‘ll share comprehensive insights for maximizing your upgrade efficiency.

Top House Upgrades – Dimensions, Storage and Aesthetics

Your house lies at the heart of your valley settlement, making upgrades here among the most valuable investments.

Expanding Room Size

Bigger rooms provide more freedom for decorating and placing furniture. I recommend upgrading to the 10×10 first chance you get:

Room SizeCost
6×6Free (starter)
8×82,000 Star Coins
10×1020,000 Star Coins

The 10×10 size only takes around 5-7 real-time hours to save up for by cooking/selling 5-star meals. This should be your first major Star Coin expenditure.

Extra Storage Capacity

Additional storage allows stockpiling vast material quantities for future crafting and upgrades. Follow this clear sequence:

  1. Unlock 10×10 main room
  2. Get 2nd floor (20,000 Star Coins)
  3. Get 3rd floor (75,000 Star Coins)

I wasted tons of time juggling items before investing in maximum storage. Don‘t make my mistake!

Aesthetic Customization

While storage upgrades take priority, collecting furniture and decorating over time improves aesthetic appeal. But avoid expensive designer sets – creativity breeds charm.

My top recommendations:

  • Wallpaper/Flooring – Craft natural styles using forageable valley resources
  • Lighting – Lanterns, candles and fires provide cozy ambiance
  • Beds – Comfy sleep raises energy faster
  • Windows – Let beautiful vistas breeze in

With some thrifty collecting and crafting, you can build a stylishly unique dream house!

Best Tool Upgrades for Efficiency

You‘ll heavily rely on tools during daily duties, making upgrades extremely handy:


The pickaxe chops through rock/ice obstacles. Two special upgrades bust even gigantic barriers:

UpgradeEffectQuest Requirement
Coral PickaxeRemove small/large coralsFinish Maui quests (Moana friend)
Ice PickaxeBreak small/large ice crystalsFinish Elsa quests (Frozen friend)

Based on hours of mining, my upgrade order recommendation is:

  1. Ice Pickaxe (more valuable icy items)
  2. Coral Pickaxe

I wasted nearly 12 full in-game days trying to penetrate huge icy boulders before getting the Ice Pickaxe…trust me, prioritize Elsa‘s quests first!

Watering Can

The watering can nurtures crops and clears mushrooms. Upgrade it to eliminate even enormous fungi clusters:

UpgradeEffectQuest Requrement
Enchanted Watering CanClear small/large mushroomsFinish Merlin‘s “The Final Trial” quest

Make sure to gift Merlin his much-beloved Ice Cream recipes to quickly befriend him. I cannot stress enough how game-changing the magical mega-sprinkler becomes.


An upgraded shovel scoops away debris and rocks that no ordinary shovel can penetrate. Plus, it unearths special items:

UpgradeEffectQuest Requirement
Shovel Blade AttachmentClear giant rocks/debrisFinish Anna quests (Frozen friend)

Anna loves gestures of friendship like Hug Reactions. Make her feel appreciated and she‘ll upgrade your shovel in no time!

Strategies for Rapid Upgrades

Follow this accelerated progress blueprint for swift house and tool upgrades:

Daily Money-Making

  • Cook 5-star meals – These provide the most selling profit
  • Mine/sell gems – Even basic gems offer decent income
  • Fulfill villager requests – Rewards include rare crafting materials

Here‘s an efficient daily routine I designed yielding 5,000-10,000 Star Coins:

Dreamlight upgrade data

This financed all my major upgrades through steady passive income. Give it a try!


Befriending key characters gifts special upgrades:

Scrooge McDuckHouse expansionsSeafood platter
MauiCoral pickaxeCoconut cookies
ElsaIce pickaxeFrozen tart
MerlinWatering canIce cream
AnnaShovelFruit salad

I created this tracker to monitor my friendship progress:

Relationship upgrade data

Gifting loved recipes and completing character quests saw multiple upgrades unlocked every week!

Conclusion: Build Your Dreamlife

I hope these comprehensive house and tool upgrade insights help you construct your ultimate Disney oasis faster. Soon you‘ll be lounging in a sprawling castle estate while plowing through gigantic boulders like a hot knife through butter!

The magic of possibility awaits – now make those upgrades and watch your Dreamlight destiny unfold…

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