Unleashing The Force Gun‘s True Power in Dead Space Remake

The Force Gun‘s raw destructive might has made it a fan-favorite across the Dead Space series. There‘s nothing more satisfying than blasting apart waves of Necromorphs in a single mighty shot. This iconic weapon returns in Dead Space Remake more devastating than ever before.

I aim to provide the definitive guide to unlocking the Force Gun‘s maximum potential. We‘ll go over finding it, essential upgrades for boosting its stats, advanced usage strategies, and how it compares to other weapons. Strap in, this gravitational beast is a powerhouse when fully upgraded.

Why The Force Gun Rules in Dead Space Remake

The Force Gun firing in Dead Space Remake

Let‘s start by covering why this devastating kinetic shotgun is so effective:

  • Extreme Close-Quarters Damage – Each blast unleashes tremendous force capable of dismembering groups of Necromorphs. It‘s the ultimate panic weapon when swarmed.

  • Unique Secondary Fire – Its Gravity Well alternate fire projects a micro-gravity field, ensnaring and shredding hordes with gravitational energy.

  • Ammo Variety – Craftable from components or buyable at the Store, Force Energy ammo is flexible for any playstyle.

And that‘s just the base Force Gun before upgrades. This raw power up close allows you to shred groups even in narrow corridors. But upgrading it amplifies its damage to insane levels in Dead Space Remake…

Location: Where To Find This Brutal Shotgun

The earliest you can acquire the Force Gun is Chapter 6 while exploring the Hydroponics section. Specifically head to West Seedling Room A.

However, this room requires a level 2 security clearance to access its rewards. So if it‘s still locked, progress until you have this keycard, then return to claim your prize.

With the weapon in hand, let‘s unleash its true upgrade potential.

Force Gun Upgrades – Boosting Gravity Manipulation

This devastating kinetic shotgun harbors three major upgrades:

  • Subsonic Oscillator – Adds damage over time to Gravity Well.
  • Gravitic Amplifier – Widens Gravity Well‘s area of effect.
  • Suspension Module – Extends Gravity Well‘s duration.

Here‘s an in-depth look at each upgrade:

I. Subsonic Oscillator Upgrade


  • 33% Damage Over Time
  • +2 Sec Duration

After acquiring the Force Gun in Chapter 6, visit any Store to purchase the Subsonic Oscillator for 12,000 credits.

Installing this add-on makes your Gravity Well deal heavy residual damage, draining enemies trapped within it. It‘s an excellent boost to crowd control capabilities.

II. Gravitic Amplifier Upgrade


  • +100% Gravity Well Radius
  • -10% Damage

To obtain this upgrade, progress until Chapter 10 and head to the Crew Quarters‘ Deluxe Suites area. Inside the backroom of the Guest Consultant Suites lies the Gravitic Amplifier.

By widening Gravity Well‘s area, more Necromorphs are pulled into its swirling vortex. Group them together for an easy pulverization!

III. Suspension Module Upgrade


  • +150% Gravity Well Duration
  • -15% Damage

This final piece resides in a storage locker inside Chapter 11‘s Cargo Bay. Use a rare Master Override to unlock it and claim this prize.

Installing the Suspension Module makes your Gravity Well last significantly longer. Enemies caught in its grip take continual damage as they swirl helplessly.

Installing The Upgrades

Once you retrieve all three components, visit any Bench to slot them into your Force Gun:

  1. Interact with the Bench
  2. Navigate to the Force Gun tab
  3. Select Upgrade Slots
  4. Install each major upgrade

With these equipped, your Force Gun will ascend to god-tier crowd control. Both primary and secondary fire become incredibly lethal!

But we can further amplify its power…

Advanced Modifications & Damage Nodes

Besides those major upgrades, allocating Nodes can push your Force Gun‘s capacities even higher.

Here‘s how I like to invest those hard-earned Nodes for maximum damage:

Force gun upgrade tree


  • 2x Base Weapon
  • 2x Subsonic Oscillator
  • 1x Gravitic Amplifier
  • 2x Suspension Module

I pile most Nodes into raw damage output. Combined with those major upgrades that already boost crowd damage, your shots will shred hordes in seconds.

For utility, invest into:

Reload Speed:

  • 1x Base Weapon
  • 1x Subsonic Oscillator
  • 1x Gravitic Amplifier

Faster reload means less downtime swapping ammo.

Finally, these special Nodes turbo-charge individual upgrades:

  • Subsonic Oscillator
  • Gravitic Amplifier
  • Suspension Module

Follow this upgrade path to mold your Force Gun into an unrivaled damage dealer against groups. Both primary and secondary fire become truly devastating!

Using The Upgraded Force Gun: Strategies & Tips

Obliterating waves of Necromorphs with an enhanced Force Gun is intensely satisfying. Here are some pro tips for wielding its sheer destructive might:

Unload Gravity Well First

When swarmed in tight spaces, first target the floor with your secondary fire. The upgraded Gravity Well will ensnare entire groups while damaging them. Then finish off the survivors with primal blasts.

Flank & Disable

Circle behind clustered foes before unloading to strike their unprotected backs. Consider using Stasis to freeze Necromorphs first for easy pickings.

Reign Supreme in Close Quarters

The Force Gun is purpose-built for laying waste at short range. When traversing Ishimura‘s cramped corridors, it should be your go-to instrument of destruction.

Hotkey For Rapid Response

Bind the Force Gun to a number key for instant deployment when ambushed. Its raw stopping power up close makes it ideal for sudden Necromorph appearances.

Master these advanced combat tactics to leverage your upgraded Force Gun‘s maximum crowd-clearing power.

Versus Other Weapons: Why Force Gun Reigns Supreme

Other Dead Space weapons

Many formidable weapons inhabit Dead Space Remake‘s arsenal. But few match the raw close-quarters devastation of an upgraded Force Gun. Here‘s how it compares:

Vs. Plasma Cutter – Faster firing than the classic cutter with bonus crowd control options. Cutter has longer range however.

Vs. Pulse Rifle – Outdamages at close range and easier ammo to craft. Rifle has superior accuracy at range.

Vs. Flamethrower – Wider damage radius plus additional gravity utility. Flamethrower consumes less ammo over time though.

Vs. Ripper Blade – Gravity Well disables groups while you carve up survivors. However, Ripper has longer reach.

As you can see, the Force Gun excels at annihilating groups up close. Few other options shred hordes as ruthlessly in tight spaces.

Conclusion: Your New Instrument of Destruction

And there you have it – everything you need to know about acquiring and upgrading Dead Space Remake‘s most explosive crowd-control weapon.

The Force Gun‘s raw damage output receives a massive boost from those three major upgrades. Investing Nodes into the right stats pushes its already ridiculous close-quarters power even higher.

I hope these advanced tips help you unleash the Force Gun‘s maximum gravity-manipulating abilities against the Necromorph hordes. This iconic weapon has cleared many a bloodsoaked hallway for me in the Ishimura‘s cramped corridors.

Happy hunting, and may your Force Gun serve you well by blasting those monsters back to oblivion in style!

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