Yura‘s Questline in Elden Ring: A Complete Walkthrough

As a passionate gamer and avid fan of FromSoftware titles like Elden Ring, few side quests intrigued me as much on my journey as Yura‘s mysterious bloody finger hunter storyline. Tracking down these ill-omened invaders and claiming the unique weapons used by figures like Eleonora made for a thrilling adventure, one I‘m delighted to recount in full detail through this 2000+ word guide.

Bloody fingers have long been a staple in FromSoftware‘s games – invaders stained with blood who revel in chaos and murder. In Elden Ring, few hunt these figures with more zeal than lone warrior Yura, slain and reborn countless times on his righteous quest to eradicate their presence from the Lands Between.

To unravel the secrets behind Yura‘s tale in Elden Ring and claim the powerful weapons he and his rival Eleonora brandish, follow along below. I‘ll provide key bits of lore to establish context, combat tips to defeat the deadly foes, detailed explanations of the potent rewards, and insights into build synergies so you can inflict maximum blood loss against your own enemies. Let‘s begin, shall we?

Step 1: Cross Paths with Yura at Agheel Lake

The first step puts you firmly on the bloody trail, foreshadowing the thrills and lethal battles to come. Make your way to Agheel Lake in western Limgrave and seek out a cave underneath a bridge, guarded by a noble samurai.

This is Yura, a swordsman from distant lands consumed with destroying bloody fingers – invaders who crawl into other worlds to mindlessly murder Tarnished for entertainment. As Yura informs you, these maidens and men have stained Agheel Lake‘s tranquil waters with copious amounts of Tarnished blood.

Your questlog also hints at Yura‘s rebirths, implying this stoic warrior has tirelessly hunted fingers across countless lives. Such dedication commands respect. With your interest piqued, continue along the path to trigger the first of many unexpected encounters – an ambush by Bloody Finger Nerijus!

Ambush Across Agheel Lake

While attempting to cross Agheel Lake, Bloody Finger Nerijus will come screaming out of thin air with rivers of blood dripping from his dagger, the deadly Reduvia. Catch him mid-monologue with a war cry and force him on the defensive.

NerijusMoveset: Favors relentless slashing combos and quickstepping to safety. Apply pressure to limit his evasiveness.

Yura‘s Aid: The noble swordman quickly comes to your rescue, evening the odds. Draw aggro and use hit-and-run attacks while Yura tanks.

Riposte Openings: Nerijus leaves himself exposed after certain multi-hit chains. Land parries and repostes during these openings.

Stay nimble on your feet while locked onto both enemies – Nerijus will stop at nothing for the kill, but the combined force of your blades ultimately proves too much for the blood-addled invader.

With Nerijus slain, Yura bequeaths the spoils – the previously discussed Reduvia dagger. Now blessed with this instrument of blood loss yourself, the real work begins. But first, light the Site of Grace to record your progress. Yura awaits ahead…

Reduvia Dagger

This vicious dagger makes up for its shorter reach with a profoundly cruel and punishing fighting style, inflicting rapid hemorrhaging that outpaces nearly every early game armament.

Wield it with High Arcane and Dexterity to boost blood loss buildup, allowing you to aggressively hack away at foes. Dual-wielding two of these daggers is equally viable, transforming you into a whirlwind of lacerating slashes.

Base Damage: 79

Bleed Buildup: 110

Scales With: Dexterity, Arcane, Strength

Yura bestows this sinister yet rewarding weapon as thanks for assisting in the bloody justice enacted against Nerijus. But more fingers lurk in the dark, and Yura‘s vengeance has only just begun…

Step 2: Reinforce Yura at Raya Lucaria Academy

Progressing through Stormveil Castle brings you to the crystalline magic academy of Raya Lucaria, where more Bloody Fingers have congregated. Seek out a summoning sign along the collapsed bridge guarded by sorcerers to warp into a familiar scene.

Yura stands across from a nameless Bloody Finger, who mockingly gestures towards you both, hungering for violence. With blades drawn, advance slowly towards this new threat.

Showdown Upon the Bridge

This Bloody Finger dual-wields bleed bandit curved swords, capable of both inflicting hemorrhaging strikes and parrying attacks when timed correctly. Beware his swiftness.

Finger‘s Moveset: Spams running slashes. Bait an attack then retaliate. Keeps distance and advances aggressively when you heal.

Crucial Tips: Circle around the bridge‘s dead sorcerers to obstruct his movement and attacks. His health pool is smaller than Nerijus‘s.

Coordinate with Yura to quickly overwhelm your opponent. Dodge rather than block his flurry combos. Timing and footwork reign supreme in this duel.

With your combined efforts, the nameless finger collapses with one final curse. Axe in hand, Yura stands tall having reaped his vengeance once more. Speak with him afterwards to receive smithing stones and his next target – Eleonora.

Bridge Duel Rewards

Besting the walking corpse on the bridge yields the following spoils:

Runes: 300
Furlcalling Finger Remedy: x2 (allows you to summon co-op help)
Smithing Stones: x5
Ash of War: Raptor of the Mist

This lethal skill enables a opportunistic leaping stab that bypasses shields at the cost of FP. Utilize it to aggressively counterattack bosses and mini-bosses when they leave an opening.

With the seeds of a friendship bonded by bloodshed planted, advance to Altus Plateau next to continue the quest. Destiny awaits at the Second Church of Marika…

Step 3: Confront Eleonora at Second Church

Arriving at the Ancient Dragon Prayer Church marks a pivotal moment that shapes the quest‘s conclusion. Seek out the Second Church of Marika to the northeast where a grisly scene plays out.

A gravely injured Yura recounts his epic but doomed battle against the Violet Bloody Finger Eleonora, supposedly the most ruthless digit yet. Unfortunately his wounds leave him at death‘s door.

Interact with him to trigger the arrival of Eleonora herself, an elegant knight adorned in violet and gold. If you hope to claim Yura‘s weapons and put his spirit to rest, you must defeat this executioner queen in single combat.

Eleonora – Violet Bloody Finger

Eleonora‘s rapier strikes with the precision and lethality her title implies. She adorns her Noble‘s Estoc with melee-range bloodflame incantations, rapidly inflicting hemorrhage buildup with each clash.

Wielding the sacred Erdtree Greatshield, Eleonora also unleashes punishing shield bash counters if pressed recklessly. Bide your time and avoid tunnel vision.


  • Thrusting slashes and bloodflame augmentations
  • Guard counters and shield bashes
  • Spinning shield slam with high poise

Fight the urge to spam attacks. Circle her while watching for extended combos. She leaves herself vulnerable after missing her shield slam.

Her Greatshield also reduces physical damage by a heavy degree. Switch to elemental weapons like flame or lightning to bypass it. In time, the noblewoman blood knight crumples.

Besting Eleonora

Toppling this violet valkyrie awards the following armaments:

Purifying Crystal Tear – Boosts holy damage resistance when used.

Eleonora‘s Poleblade – A gracefully brutal twinblade that causes blood loss with each slash.

Nagakiba Katana – Yura‘s beloved odachi-style blade with incredible range.

You may also loot Yura‘s Ronin armor set from his body along with the Uchigatana, making for a fitting memorial.

With Eleonora slain, inspect the weapon that sealed so many Tarnished‘s fates…

Eleonora‘s Poleblade

This legendary twinblade lives up to its macabre name with strong attack power and exceptional bleed buildup. Attuning your attributes to Arcane and Dexterity unlocks its sinister potential.

Wield Eleonora‘s Poleblade with two hands to execute its Ash of War – Bloodblade Dance. By siphoning your blood with FP, unleash ravaging whirlwind slashes that easily overwhelm foes.

Make it your own by further boosting hemorrhage infliction with blood greases and high Arcane. Few early game weapons promote such vicious dueling capabilities. Fear the Violet Valkyrie no more.

Base Damage: 220 physical, 72 magic

Bleed Buildup: 77

Scales With: Dexterity, Strength, Arcane

You may also loot Yura‘s cherished Nagakiba from his body, allowing you to wield it while also carrying on his legacy against the bloody fingers.


This weapon‘s name translates to "longsword" in Yura‘s distant homeland, befitting the Nagakiba‘s incredible length – it reigns as the longest of all katanas in The Lands Between.

Raising your Dexterity will unlock devastating damage from the Nagakiba‘s deep slashes and piercing lunges. Use its range to outspace enemies and counterattack recklessly aggressive foes.

Its heavy-hitting Ash of War known as "Piercing Fang" enables a deadly thrust that can pierce through shields and poise. Mix up standard slashes with this special attack to catch opponents off guard.

Wield the Nagakiba as a primary weapon or secondary sidearm to adapt to shifting combat conditions. Either way, it serves as an elegant epitaph to the Bloody Finger Hunter.

Base Damage: 115 physical

Bleed Buildup: 33
Scales Best With: Dexterity

With Yura‘s race run and Eleonora sent into the badlands, all that remains is ending the strange curse that rebirths these fated warriors over and over…

Step 4: Lay Yura‘s Soul to Rest

Yura‘s soul did not remain at peace for long following his epic duel with Eleonora. Journey to the Mountaintops of the Giants after defeating the Fire Giant and continue north past Castle Sol.

While exploring this snowy realm, you may notice a familiar wandering merchant clad in eastern armor – Shabriri. But why does this peddler give you such unease? Interact with him to unravel the mystery.

Shabriri speaks of chaos and madness with deranged glee. Quickly his guise melts away, revealing himself as a possessed Yura, now more bloodthirsty phantom than man!

Yura the Possessed

Yura flourishes the legendary Rivers of Blood katana, empowering each slash with bloodflame sorceries capable of heavily staggering you. Avoid direct hits.

He combines leaping strikes, whirling combos and magic to overwhelm his prey – do not falter!


  • Maintain distance and carefully dodge his perilous attack chains
  • Punish overcommitted combo finishers before he can retaliate
  • Yura is weak to Strike damage and holy weapons like Blasphemous Blade

Putting the good samurai down grants Yura the rest he deserves while freeing you to pillage his merchant wares, including more smithing stones. You also loot the wicked Rivers of Blood katana and Yura‘s Ronin armor set.

Ronin Armor Set

Donning the garb of this fallen warrior evokes Yura‘s foreign roots while providing balanced damage negation:

Ronin‘s Hat: Robust magic damage reduction. Raises focus.
Ronin‘s Armor: Superb lightning damage reduction.
Ronin Gauntlets: Improves blood loss, frost and poison resistance.
Ronin Greaves: Boosts immunity to rot buildup.

Brandishing Yura‘s Nagakiba or Eleonora‘s Poleblade completes the slayer‘s look. Alternatively, you may craft Rivers of Blood to weaponize bloodflame magic as a method of honoring Yura‘s resting soul.

Either way, with peace found and rewards claimed, the lengthy bloody finger questline concludes, granting you access to some truly unique and devastating tools of warfare. Utilize them wisely in your remaining journeys, honoring the spirit of the warrior who unleashed their potential unto you. Fear the old blood, as the adage goes…


And with that epic saga completed, so too ends my 2000+ word guide covering how to complete Yura‘s sprawling questline in Elden Ring! Across frozen lakes, crystalline academies and snow-swept peaks, I detailed key events in the Bloody Finger Hunter‘s redemption tale.

We unearthed sinister weapons like the long-reaching Nagakiba and the ruthlessly sanguine Eleonora‘s Poleblade before granting Yura‘s soul salvation from its endless cycles of violence. You now possess the knowledge needed to retrace these steps yourselves and reap the rewards.

I implore all warriors fascinated by tales of vengeance, honor and glory to experience Yura‘s questline firsthand. Swap tales at Site of Graces with fellow Tarnished who aided our fallen champion. Fan the flames of legend by adopting Yura‘s signature garb and armaments to strike fear in those who would invade and pillage endlessly.

Most importantly, stay ever vigilant while exploring the realm, for more Bloody Fingers await new hunters…

May we cross paths one day upon that winding bloody trail. Farewell for now!

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