How to Find the Warden in Minecraft (Avoid & Escape)

How to Find the Warden in Minecraft

Are you up to find a worthy challenge in Minecraft? There is a new miniboss named The Warden. The Warden is far more complicated than any other hostile mob you have ever encountered in Minecraft. Here we show How to Find, Fight and Escape the Warden in Minecraft.

Following the Minecraft Wild Update 1.19, the Warden is a terrifying creature whose characteristics match no other mob. The Warden lives in the “Dark Deep” beneath the earth’s surface. The animal is blind, but it has high senses of sound, smell, and vibrations caused by player movements in the Dark Deep. Whenever the pulses trigger the Warden, it spawns and is ready to attack.

Avoid the Warden in Minecraft

It is not easy to kill the Warden as it has 500 Health points making it the most brutal mob to eliminate in Minecraft. Are you planning to take an adventure into Minecraft’s Deep Dark? Keep reading and learn How to find, beat and avoid the Warden in Minecraft.

How to Find the Warden in Minecraft

Warden in MCPE

The Warden is an exclusively Deep Dark monster; it does not surface in the open air. To reach the Deep Dark, you need to go below Y=0. To find this biome, dig deep down as you are mining diamonds. Are you looking up to challenging the Warden? Do this:

  • Dig deep down to the Deep Dark (below the Y=0).
  • Once you are at the Deep Dark, you need to light your surroundings; therefore, grab a torch.
  • To summon the Warden, wander around. The Deep Dark is covered by a sculk block that allows vibrations to penetrate. As you wander around, the vibrations emitted from your movements, placing items, mining a block, looting chests, and opening doors will sound a warning to the Warden, leading to its spawning. When the noise caused by the player activates the Sculk shrieker over four times, the light level is below 11 in the region, and there is only one Warden in a range of 48 blocks, then be assured that the Warden is summoned.

Dark is covered by a sculk block

  • The Warden crawls to find you when you notice a loud shriek and some dark effect.
  • Now that you have spawned the Warden be sure of being tracked. Continue moving until it appears. When the nearby candles and lights start flashing, know that the Warden is approaching.

Notice a loud shriek and some dark effect

Note: The Warden is extra powerful and complicated to kill. Its primary purpose was to prevent players from sneaking around to gather and loot precious items. Killing the Warden is a unique challenge as it only drops five points of experience and the measly Sculk catalyst block after a player manages to kill it.

Avoid and escape the Warden in Minecraft.

Avoid and escape the Warden in Minecraft

Do you know that a single strike from the Warden can kill a player? Most probably, you will not win this fight. So, is it worth challenging the new Miniboss? If you find yourself in a tricky situation with the Warden, here is how to avoid and escape the Warden:

  • Try to sneak and crouch as you move in the Deep Dark. Sneaking has minimal vibrations that can penetrate the Sculk. Therefore, the sculk shriekers are most probably not set off. However, Deep Dark has little hidden traps known as the Sculk Sensors that may go off and send a signal that awakens the Warden whenever you walk over them. So be watchful.
  • Sometimes it may be hard to sneak and crouch without making a single noise. Inviting Axolotls and Foxes as you take your adventure to the Deep Dark is advisable. The Warden also attacks other mobs; therefore, having them around may offer you a chance of survival.

Warden also attacks other mobs

  • Distracting the Warden nearby can leave you a slim chance to sneak and escape. To distract the monster, throw something to cause some noise. For instance, if you throw a snowball or fire an arrow, the Warden gets distracted and focuses on investigating the sound. At that moment, try to sneak away.
  • If the Warden spots you, it directly comes for you, ready to attack. Sprinting to the nearest light source is the only choice, so take it. Well-lighted rooms and sunlight leave the Warden no option except to bury itself underground. That’s it; you will have survived the scenario.


Now, that’s all you need to know about finding, killing, and avoiding the Warden in Minecraft. As we know, there is no chance of killing the Warden while in survival mode. We recommend you avoid and escape.

However, I encourage you to take an adventure in the Deep Dark as the article has briefed you all about the Warden in Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update.

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