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How to Get Shaders in Minecraft Bedrock

Possibly the most played game in history, Minecraft recently surpassed 1 trillion views on YouTube. The game first came out more than ten years ago, and since then, it has undergone countless alterations to become the giant it is today.

The game’s aesthetics are one aspect that has stayed the same, though. And while the bulk of ardent Minecraft fans would contend that the game’s pixelated, retro aesthetics add to its country charm, other players would prefer it to have somewhat more transparent graphics.

We have the choice to install shaders to accomplish this. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn how to install shaders in Minecraft Bedrock Edition to make your game even more gorgeous!

What Are Shaders?

Shaders in Minecraft Bedrock Overview

We want to define shaders in greater detail before we discuss installing them. Shaders are a form of modification to the Minecraft gaming experience known as texture packs. Installing a shader alters the game’s graphics, enabling you to play it with entirely different visuals.

You’ve likely seen screenshots of Minecraft online that significantly differ from your own. They can be more detailed or pixelated, or you might say they look nicer. A shader is being used there.

There is an ever-expanding variety of shaders accessible, and more and more are being developed daily. If you still need to discover one you like, keep looking; you will find something.

How to Get Shaders in Minecraft

Get Shaders in Minecraft

We’ll walk you through the simple process of installing shaders in Minecraft. This should be pretty easy for those who are familiar with how to install mods on Minecraft. Optifine is the ideal tool for the job. This is fine if you already use Forge, another mod installation tool. No matter if Forge is installed or not, Optifine will function.

Naturally, downloading Optifine comes first. You can do this by visiting the official website. The most recent version of Minecraft must then be installed on the launcher. You can then use Optifine Minecraft, a modified version of the original game.

If you already use Forge, another mod installation tool, this is not a problem.

Once you have Optifine Minecraft, you only need to download the shaders you want and add them to the “Shaderpacks” folder. Usually, you can find it in the video settings.

How to Get Shaders in Minecraft without Optifine

YouTube video

Even though Optifine is the most popular way to install shaders, there are several reasons why you would want to avoid using it. Most users see this because they are running mods built using the Satin API, which is incompatible with Optifine.

Don’t worry, and ignore the online idiots who claim that the only method to use shaders is with Optifine. However, the procedure is a little more complicated since you must apply another mod. Here is one method we are aware of for obtaining shaders without Optifine:

Activate Iris Shaders. This mod enables the usage of shaders without needing Optifine and is compatible with most Fabric mods. Ensure that you are using the most recent version before installing.

Find the modifications folder. In general, you can find this folder in the location where you installed Minecraft. In Windows’ file manager, select users>UserName>Appdata>Roaming. Minecraft

Note: If there isn’t already one, make one and call it “mods.”

Get rid of Sodium Fabric. Iris Shader includes a fabric mod like this. Minecraft will break if you attempt to utilize any shaders while sodium is still installed. In the Iris Shader mod folder, look for the sodium fabric file and delete it.

Open a fresh universe. Follow the standard procedure here.

Your shaders, please. A new tab called “Shader Packs” can be found in the video settings. You should then select “Open Shader Packs Folder” from the menu. Using the drag-and-drop feature, you may add your chosen shaders from here.

Remember only to install shaders that work with the version of Minecraft you are currently using.

Refresh. You must click the “Refresh Shaders Packs” button to see the shaders you’ve installed. After doing this, you should see a list of all the shaders you’ve added and a list of all the shaders you’ve added.

Use the shader of your choice. The shader you want to use can now be selected and used further by clicking. From here, switching between shaders is simple.

Iris Shaders have allowed us to obtain shaders without the need for Optifine. You might also give Continuum and Sildurs a try. We have yet to use these techniques; therefore, we can’t speak to their effectiveness.

How to Get Shaders in Minecraft on Bedrock

Follow these instructions to download and set up shaders for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft 1.20:

Step 1: Search for Minecraft Bedrock Shaders:

Search for the shaders

Go online and look up “Minecraft Bedrock Shaders.” You may discover some websites with a selection of shaders appropriate for the Bedrock Edition, including MCPEDL, Curseforge, and 9minecraft.

Step 2: Choose and Download a Shader:

Choose a website and type the name of the shader you want to install into the search window. Ensure to include “RTX” in your search to find shaders supporting RTX. Before downloading, ensure the shader version is compatible with the one in your game.

Step 3: Importing the Shader:

Open the downloaded shader file by finding it in your computer’s “Downloads” folder. The game will start up automatically and begin importing the shader. You can use the shader in your game after the import is finished.

Step 4: Activating the Shader:

Installing and activating shader pack

Press the “Play” button to start Minecraft. You can load an existing world or create a new one. Choose “Resource Packs” from the menu on the left side of the screen, then click the “Owned” tab. The shaders you imported are located here. To activate your selected shader for the current world, tap on the “Activate” button next to it.

Step 5: Experience Shaders in Bedrock 1.20:

After turning on the shader to enjoy the improved graphics, begin playing in your world. Enjoy the breathtaking visual effects and how shaders have changed how you play Minecraft.

Checking the compatibility of RTX with your graphics card


RTX graphics on a device

We must possess an RTX-capable device to use shaders now that we understand how to enable them.

Shaders are used in the game Bedrock Edition because of Nvidia’s RTX technology. Even though this is great for improving the world’s aesthetic appeal, anyone needing a Nvidia RTX graphics card cannot use Bedrock Edition shaders. Shaders cannot be used on devices like consoles and mobile phones.

To quickly determine if your graphics card supports RTX technology, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start Minecraft and select Bedrock.

Step 2: Access the video settings for the game.

Step 3: Scroll down to find the tiny tab marked Ray Tracing.

You can use it if it is available to you and can run shaders. However, if it is grayed out, you cannot use Bedrock shaders because you don’t have an RTX-capable device.

Final Thoughts

Shaders, on the other hand, offer a fantastic opportunity to modify the game’s aesthetics and submerge yourself in a visually gorgeous world if you’re trying to take your experience with Minecraft to new heights. Even while Bedrock Edition differs from Java Edition in several ways, notably for players with less capable PCs, it still gives them access to shaders and resource packs.

You can quickly download and install shaders for Minecraft Bedrock 1.20 by following the instructions in this guide, and then you can start an exciting voyage through a redesigned Minecraft universe. Take advantage of shader technology to make the most of your Minecraft explorations!

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