How to Light TNT in Minecraft [6 Ways]

How to Light TNT in Minecraft

Minecraft provides players with different destructive items that they can use to inflict significant damage to the in-game world of the game. One of the most common basic explosion-related items is TNT.

TNT is a craftable block in Minecraft that can explode and destroy other blocks and entities when ignited. It can be used for excavating several blocks at a time or as a trap for mobs and other players. Technically, TNT explodes for four seconds, helping you maximize the damage caused.

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TNT is among the most straightforward items to craft or obtain in Minecraft. All you need is sand and gunpowder, which can be found in the Desert Temple, Woodland Mansion, Buried Treasure, or Shipwreck. However, after crafting a TNT, you might have difficulty activating it. What you don’t know is that there are different ways of using a TNT. This article will look at how you can light a TNT in Minecraft.

Light a TNT in Minecraft

Lighting a TNT in Minecraft is pretty simple. However, it can be a little tricky at first, but once you grasp it, you should have no difficulty using a TNT. You should keep in mind that TNT blocks are only affected by items related to fire or Redstone. Therefore, you can use any item that causes fire or emits an active Redstone signal to activate a TNT.

Here are the different ways you can ignite TNT in Minecraft.

1. Using Flint and Steel to Light TNT

Using Flint and Steel

One of the most basic fire items in Minecraft is the Flint and Steel. These items can be used to burn any flammable items in Minecraft, including TNT. You’ll need an Iron Ingot and Flint to craft Flint and Steel. An Iron Ingot can be obtained by smelting iron ore in a furnace, while Flint can be found by digging gravel. To light TNT using Flint and Steel:

Step 1: Craft Flint and Steel with Iron Ingot and Flint. After that, equip Flint and Steel

Step 2: Right-click on the TNT

Step 3: You’ll have a short period to get outside its explosion radius

Step 4: After the explosion, it will create a home in the ground and damage any surrounding living things.

2. Using Fire Charges to Light TNT

Using Fire Charges

A Fire Charge is an item that can start a fire on any block even if it’s not flammable. You can also throw them from a distance allowing you to get away from the explosion. However, fire charges are not as efficient as Flint and Steel because you’ll lose charge after throwing them.

To create a fire charge, place charcoal in the center of the grid, a blaze powder to the left, and gunpowder below it. When fired from a dispenser or by hand, fire charges can activate a TNT.

Step 1: You can throw the fire charge by selecting it in your inventory and then using it.

Step 2: Alternatively, you can put a fire charge in a dispenser, which will cause it to shoot out as a fireball when triggered. The challenge is that fireballs shoot at random angles, making them difficult to use for TNT.

3. Using Flaming Arrows to Light TNT

Using Flaming Arrows

Lighting TNT using a Flaming arrow allows you to get as far as possible. You can get a Flaming arrow by using a bow enchanted with the Flame Enchantment. As said earlier, TNT is triggered by the fire. Therefore, shooting the flaming arrow at them will light them up.

You can also create flaming arrows by shooting a regular arrow through fire or lava. You can build a fire in front of your TNT block and shoot an arrow through it.

4. By spreading fire or lava to Light TNT

By a spreading fire or lava

Technically, fire and lava will make the TNT explode. You can set the area around the TNT on fire and ensure it reaches the explosive. Alternatively, when lava flows near the TNT, it will be set off when it catches fire. By using lava and fire, you can light a TNT even if the lava is not directly touching the TNT.

5. Using Redstone circuits to Light TNT

Using Redstone circuits

Using Redstone circuits is a more complicated way of lighting a TNT. You’ll have to create a Redstone circuit using Redstone dust before you can use it. To create a basic Redstone circuit, you’ll need a trail of 15 blocks of Redstone dust.

To craft Redstone dust, you’ll have to find the Redstone ore. You can mine down the bedrock layer and look for the Redstone vein using an iron ore or diamond pickaxe. In most cases, one block of Redstone ore can be crafted into nine piles of Redstone dust. You can also find Redstone dust in dungeon chests and stronghold chests. Witches are also likely to drop Redstone dust when defeated.

You can light TNT in Minecraft using Redstone circuits by:

Step 1: Gather Redstone dust used to create the Redstone circuit and transmit power

Step 2: You can then make a switch mechanism which can either be a button, lever, or pressure plate

Step 3: You can create a basic circuit using the Redstone dust and a switch mechanism. It will help if you put the switch mechanism where you can use it, place the Redstone dust in a trail and put TNT at its end.

Step 4: After completing the circuit, you can blow the TNT using the trigger. You’ll have enough time to get out of the explosion radius.

6. Using other TNT blocks to Light TNT

Using other TNT blocks

You can also light a TNT by placing it near another exploding TNT block. Technically, a TNT within the explosion radius will light and explode. When a TNT is hit with another TNT explosion, it will detonate in less than 2 seconds. You should ensure the TNT is within the vicinity, preferably less than three blocks away from the original one.


Using TNT is a more exciting way of setting traps, killing enemies, and destroying things in Minecraft. Before creating complicated traps, you’ll have to know how to trigger a TNT first. If you ended up with a TNT, these are some of the ways you can light them up. After reading our article, it’s time to make the most of these incredibly fun-to-use explosives.

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