Rising Machines – How Beneficial Robotics Are for Humans?

How Beneficial Robotics Are for Humans

Imagine the year is 2040 and you’re grooving with your friends. Not having a clue about the world, you crossed multiple red lights. Suddenly, a sturdy, tall figure with sparkling blue eyes dressed as a police officer stops you. Imagining it may be impossible right now. However, with ongoing tech advancements, this cannot be overruled.

With tech in the driving seat, our lives are connected to machines. From the smallest to the largest, mechanics are involved. We may not see many robots around us, but in one way or another, they accompany us in our daily tasks. From factories to operation theaters, robotics are used in today’s world.

However, such a rapid rise in robotics questions the authority of humans with a burning supposition that “Can robots overtake the world”? It may be worrying for some, but robots cannot outdo humans.

AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard may be more efficient. But they have limitations. Moreover, they still need human assistance to work. Also, genius human brains are behind all the discoveries. So, robotics overtaking the human race is out of the equation.

Anyway, we’re here to discuss how AI-powered robots are being used in our daily lives. How and in what ways do they assist us? So, let’s explore how beneficial robotics are:

1. Robots in Factories

Robots in Factories

A chemical factory is full of toxic fumes. Even with protective gear, a minor exposure to such chemicals can wreak havoc on humans. However, using robots instead of humans is an innovative idea. Not only this can save lives, but they increase efficiency as well.

Heavy machinery and equipment are a common sight at workplaces. Operating such hardware around thousands of people can be very risky at times. However, robotics can run such gear with extraordinary skills.

Moreover, robots are machines, more or less, in a human form. After having all the movable parts, adding tear and wear to the machinery, they can still function for a longer period than humans.

Furthermore, repetitive and redundant tasks can dent worker’s motivation. On the other hand, robots can undergo such tasks all day long, without tiring and taking a break. Since workers don’t have to undergo such gruesome work, an increase in their satisfaction levels is apparent.

However, just to bust a myth, robots are no threat to human employment. Humans still control them. For the inspection and service of robots, humans are still needed. Mechanics are only applied to places where humans can focus on doing something more productive.

2. Robots in Education

Robotics have influenced education in different ways. Specifically in special schools, children fighting with autism are helped by bots. They are helpful in conversational and development skills.

The interactive bots are designed to help children to engage in a conversation. This way, children feel relaxed while conversing with robots. Simulations are also used in schools with the help of robots to teach students how to overcome different situations.

3. Robots in Households and Restaurants

Ever left your chores because you were not feeling up for the task? Or has your mom ever shouted at you for making a mess? Don’t tell me, we know the answer.

What’s the point of having robots if they can’t help us with chores? However, household bots are here to help us out. From vacuum cleaning to organizing, all sorts of robotics are available.

Moreover, you may have seen robots serving food to people. That’s not everything they can do. From preparing meals to filling cups, they have become an integral staff member in the majority of restaurants in Japan. However, you may get a rare sight of them in this country.

However, domestic robots need a stable internet connection to work as intended. Otherwise, they might increase your work instead of decreasing it. A seamless connection enables them to comprehend the given instructions thoroughly. Also, without a continuous connection, bots may lag.

So, we recommend an internet connection like Cox. Such an exceptional connection won’t let your bot twitch its eyelids. If you’re planning to avail of such a service, you can visit Cox’s website today. Also, Spanish customers can connect to Cox communications en español for customer support in Spanish.

3. Robots in the Medical Field

Robots in the Medical Field

How terrifying would it be to let a robot operate you? Still, this is pretty much the reality of the medical field. In major surgeries of the heart, digestive system, bladder, prostate, and eye, and plastic surgery, help is taken from the robots.

Procedures involving bots have a higher success rate and they reduce the risks involved. Moreover, some robots are intelligent enough to eliminate human errors in surgery. Surgeons can save a lot of time, which can be spent on important, non-automated tasks. Moreover, they can be utilized to sanitize and disinfect hospital premises.

Winding Up

Without a doubt, robots will never replace humans, but they can become active members of society, given how useful they’re becoming. As tech advances, we can only see more robotic involvement in our daily lives.

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