10 Best Dumpor Alternatives: Download Instagram Stories Anonymously

Are you aware of Dumpor? This may be surprising as it is a very useful tool for Instagrammers. Even if you don’t know Dumpor perhaps you may find it useful or yet be interested? For anyone in the know, Dumpor is one of the most regarded Instagram downloaders and viewers. Learn more to know about this valuable Instagram tool.

Many tools may claim to be like Dumpor but few can do as much. Some tools and apps may be free while others cost a lot more money.

Whether you are a business owner, an influencer, a casual social media user, or anything else then you may want to use Dumpor. But, the question though? What are options instead of Dumpor with Instagram?

The attractive element of this tool is clear for any Instagram user who wants to increase their share.

What is Dumpor?


A good summary of what Dumpor is below. First and foremost, what is essential is that Dumpor is an online accessory or tool for Instagram.

Dumpor accomplishes the following tasks below:

1. Dumpor gives users the ability on Instagram to track and analyze their story viewers.

2. Secondly, Dumpor allows users to visualize and see a list of how people engage with their Instagram accounts.

3. You have the ability to view Instagram stories and track engagement data and growth.

4. Dumpor allows and offers the chance to download pictures and videos from Instagram even from private accounts.

5. Detailed analytics and information gathering overall about user information.

In general, Dumpor is quite easy and seamless to utilize. However, many people want alternatives to Dumpor so here are the best alternatives to the Instagram tool. All in all, you want an effective tool that would not require downloads or installations. And finally, an alternative to Dumpor that is compatible with both public and even private Instagram accounts.

Remarkable Features that make Dumpor Unique

Dumpor is a top notch story viewer tool. It works with algorithms to aid in evaluating statistics and data of your Instagram accounts. More importantly, it is there to give insights to your Instagram accounts.

Dumpor is primarily used to explore posts further, search and find out about followers, stories, locations, hashtags, and more of any Instagram profile. Here are some popular things that people love about Dumpor below:

  • Free Service
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Ease of Use and Functionality
  • Downloadable and Flexible

Finally, let’s dive in and discover similar sites that can act as useful as an Instagram story viewer tool. Look below!

1. Pixwox:

Pixwox Dumpor Alternatives Overview

This is an alternative to Dumpor because Pixwox provides a wonderful way to visualize information for Instagram users. You are able to view and download posts on Instagram anonymously, so this is attractive.

Pixor is a greatly received and user-friendly option for downloading high-resolution Instagram photos. Also, you can try and download videos. Moreover, you are able to utilize tools to enlarge profile pictures. Moreover, you are able to utilize and customize for automatic downloads. This would include statistics for things such as stories, highlights, and more.

As well, with Pixor the application permits users to repost their preferred photos. As well, videos to Instagram without having to log in each and every time.

They can explore other profiles of friends or artists they admire while still being able to access hashtag information from within their accounts.

Pixor allows users to download and view Instagram posts. Moreover, you are able to view Instagram photos and as well videos completely free for tracking. You can even do this with anInstagram profile that is private or public. This is a unique feature that not not every Instagram tool can do.

Pixwox aids users to delve and discover different Instagram profiles. For example, you are able to search and retrieve an Instagram username right away from the Pixwox homepage. All in all, Pixwox is by far one of the top alternatives and substitutes to Dumpor.

2. InstaStories:

InstaStories Dumpor Alternatives Overview

This is another well received option for Dumpor if you want to achieve the same results. Instastories means you are able to get posts and stories with ease and fast. A great thing about Instastories is there is absolutely no requirement to create an Instagram account. So, you can view and get user stories and more without registration and application.

Instastories provides a lot of data and algorithmic information. Basically, you are able to with the

app to load and use with ease. Also, with this social media and mining tool, you are able to browse and do research without an account. The crucial thing is that you are able to  maintain 100% anonymity.

Instastories is a useful tool and app for anyone seeking to stalk and data mine. Why? You are able to get information quite quickly and with ease for download. Therefore, you can download IG stories and even pictures directly to your phone. This is a great advantage. As you can download to your computer, as you can access the website from any device for Instastories.

3. Hoverwatch:

Hoverwatch Dumpor Alternatives Overview

Hoverwatch is a wonderful alternative all the way round. In fact, it is one of the top Dumpor alternative options because of its industry reputation.

One of the leading things about Hoverwatch is that you are able to try out their services with your email address. Functionality and ease is key. Moreover, with Hoverwatch you have the choice to try out features for free. Better yet, you are given really affordable rates.

Hoverwatch  was founded and established in 2002. Overall, the company offers employee monitoring and parental control solutions for customers worldwide on a variety of platforms.

Hovercraft has a lot of pull. Why? Because they have nearly 2 billion users now. All in all, Instagram is a great social network to utilize Hoverwatch. You will be able to protect and monitor your child by monitoring activity on Instagram with Hoverwatch.

4. mSpy:

mSpy Dumpor Alternatives Overview

mSpy touts you can read other peoples messages on Instagram. As well, mSpy functions without following. So, overall you will not have to be tracked by having to follow people on Instagram to read their messages. It is incredible but mSpy is a powerful and effective tool.

You are able to use this tool effectively with ease and do well. How? Basically, with no recognizable  app that is detectable. Moreover, on the home screen of whatever type of  phone you’re monitoring, there is powerful and vital anonymity. The most important thing is that with mSpy they’ll never know you have the ability to to read even Instagram DMs.

This company has a lot of clout and is a longstanding regular for features similar to Dumpor. Basically, you will be able to easily download Instagram stories as well as be undetectable.

Expect to be able to read and view texts, pictures, and videos.

All of the data you want with Instagram is sent available. That is everything sent to you as a user of mSpy. All in all, everything received and all there to evaluate. The most valuable thing  about mSpy is you can see someone’s location on Instagram even if they’re not using Instagram at the time. It is quite a tool. All in all, with utmost privacy seriously considered for all when you use mSpy as well.

5. Story Saver:

Story Saver Dumpor Alternatives Overview

Story Saver is another viable tool for social media users. Story Saver has a great ability to help and provide a lot for consumers. First, you are able to improve and help and download Instagram stories anonymously.

The ease of this tool is attractive as well. With Story Saver you do not have to sign up for an account with them. From there the process is fast and easy. So, with Story Saver all you have to do is check and wait. And presto! Boom, with Story Save you can view the Instagram account username of whomever, and then select download and get your data.

Therefore, with Story Saver, you are able to see all of the Instagram stories that any person has uploaded in any period or specified timeframe. Do remember with Story Saver that any and all download content of the user would have to include active Instagram stories. Therefore, with Story Saver, you will not be able to download and get any Instagram posts.

In conclusion, you are allowed to download Instagram stories or story archives as any type of highlights with Story Saver.

6. InstaDP:

InstaDP Dumpor Alternatives Overview

InstaDP is an excellent alternative to Dumpor. There are a lot of great options but this social media tool does give a lot of customization for tracking and algorithms for any user potential.

InstaDP is very comprehensive. And, it is an all-in-one tool for Instagram users and it helps you download Instagram profile pictures. This tool is great for tracking and is a good alternative to seeing what you are doing or others on social media, especially Instagram.

In summary, there are a lot of functions for InstaDP. There are of course stories, Instagram reels, stories highlights, and posts. InstaDP features an attractive user interface and customizations. Moreover,  it’s easy to browse. For instance, select the item you want to download, enter the Instagram username/URL, click “Get” to view results, and download them.

InstaDP does give a great deal of functionality for anyone seeking Dumpor. You will be able to get a fast and easy method to download photos of High photographic quality. And the best part, just like Dumpor, is that InstaDP is free.

7. Instalkr:

Instalkr Dumpor Alternatives Overview

Instalkr is a great tool and site with many helpful features like Dumpor. However, the biggest thing is that Instalkr has functions that Dumpor does not have.

At first, this app may seem like anything else. However, you may see any user’s most recent and latest posts and stories. On the other hand, the great thing about Instalkr is it is free. Moreover, the app is upgradable but top-notch as an alternative to Dumpor.  Moreover, the app and site give you a lot in terms of being the premium version. Moreover, there are a lot of customizable features.

The great thing about Instalkr is that you can utilize Instalkr on your mobile phone. This gives you the freedom to stalk someone without alerting and being noticed by others. In summary, with Instalkr, you can view Instagram Stories in private without leaving a trace and keeping anonymity.

8. Ingramer:

Ingramer Dumpor Alternatives Overview

Often considered the best alternative to Dumpor. This is the Online Marketing you need Instead of Stalking outright. Ingramer has a great reputation as it can be utilized to collect all the required information for mining Instagram profiles.

Ingramer is often used to get and retrieve the proper Instagram marketing for gathering information. This tool and app will help with reels, posts, and photos. Moreover, it only requires a download to get started. Unfortunately, Ingramer is not and costs you around $37, $57, and $144 for every account. The rates and cost depend on if you use it for 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months respectively.

All in all, Ingramer has a smooth and stable interface to use and spy on Instagram profiles anonymously and quickly.

9. Stories IG:

Stories IG Dumpor Alternatives Overview

Stories IG is interesting as it is the Simplest Story Viewer available. It is free and viable as an alternative for anyone interested in using a substitute for Dumpor.

In terms of Dumpor alternatives, Stories IG can be the best one because it is free and easy to use. This tool allows users to access Instagram profiles with ease, which makes it popular. If anything happens easily and quickly then there are a lot of great results and feedback.

The aspect of trying to check and stalk can be a little daunting. However, with Stories IG it is not so challenging but easy. You can easily spy on all the users you want to get information on anything from followers, comments, reels, likes, and much more. With this smooth and quick interface, you will have the availability to use Stories IG for free. Once that happens you can download videos, reels, photos, and stories at the desired quality.

10. Picuki:

Picuki Dumpor Alternatives Overview

With Picuki you can explore and research on Instagram easily. The best thing as usual is that it is free as well. All in all, Picuki is an online tool and app as well. With this tool, you can acquire and get popularity among Instagram users. Moreover, you can get the best Instagram viewer and downloader for analytics.

Picuki permits users to view and download Instagram photos. Moreover, you can view and download videos, stories, and highlights. You can do all of this without the requirement of an Instagram account. Also, this tool is very user-friendly and has a smooth interface. In general, Picuki has developed into a popular and handy tool for those who want to access Instagram accounts and content without any restrictions or limitations.

In summary, Picuki and its features offer high functionality considering it is free. With Picuki, you can download stories, comments, and videos from any Instagram profile you desire. Finally, Picuki allows you to discover hashtags and get posts to a particular area on social media. Lastly, expect great analytics and insights into a particular Instagram profile for marketing and research purposes.

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