Fact About Upper Moon 3 [Akaza] Demon Slayer

Upper moon 3

He attained Upper Rank Three and rose as the fourth deadliest demon in existence that didn’t eat or kill…

Renowned as Hakuji before becoming Akaza, one of the Muzan force’s most powerful demons (Upper Rank 3). Among the most terrible backstories in Kimetsu, no Yaiba is that of Akaza.

If you’ve seen the anime series Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, you’ll know who Akaza is. And if you’re yet, then grab a seat and get comfortable as this article is all about Akaza.

Akaza’s appearance

Akaza’s appearance

Akaza assumed the shape of a strong lad with skin that was so light that it appeared dazzling green-tinged white and was adorned with a pattern of thick blue lines that resembled the felony tattoos he got as a mortal. On each of his forearms, he also has three of those tattoos. He used to have the same hair in his human days as Hakuji, only it was black instead of pink, and he had bright blue eyes with odd-looking pink eyelashes.

The center line stretched straight down his chest to partly below his stomach, while the other two split off to the sides across either side of his torso to join the other two lines, with the same three-line pattern replicating around his waist.

He dresses, in a short, sleeveless deep purple haori that appears trimmed off at the waist and left open to reveal his breast, with a square design on the back. He put on a pair of loose white slacks below that, which he folded to just below the knees and secured at the waistline with a blue belt. Akaza loves to walk about barefoot, although he does it with a necklace of huge rounded pearls around every ankle.

Early life of Hakuji/ Akaza

Early life of Hakuji

Hakuji was born to a sick father and nurtured by him. He pickpocketed the townsfolk three times to pay for medication for his ailing father. He was occasionally detained and referred to as the demon child as a result of his actions. His father committed himself after his third theft, and Edo expelled him.

In his suicide note, he expresses his desire for Hakuji to enjoy his life to the fullest and that he no longer requires the medicine if it was obtained by deception. Because of the atrocities he did, he got tattoos for each.

The loss of his father devastated him, and he started picking fights with people. One time he almost kills seven men when Keizo (owned by a local dojo) approaches him and challenges him to a fight that he loses. As an act of neighborliness, Keizo takes him in and asks him to nurse his sick daughter Koyuki. The reason behind this is that Koyuki’s previous caretaker (her mother) died of stress, and Keizo had to work day jobs to take care of them.

Two years later, Koyuki got better and could even do chores by herself. Keizo saw how caring and determined Hakuji was, so he asked him to take over the dojo and marry his daughter. Hakuji didn’t hesitate, so he agreed and vowed to protect both Koyuki and Keizo by all means.

Koyuki got better

Since this was some great news, he went to his father’s grave to share the news. While he was away, a dojo student informed him of his rival poisoning the well that Koyuki and Keizo drank from. The two died instantly.

How Akaza became a demon

Akaza became a demon

Hakuji did not take the news too well. Consumed by rage, he ends up slaughtering all 67 students of the rivaling martial arts school with his own hands, smashing their bodies to the point that they could no longer be identified. This episode drew Muzan Kibutsuji’s interest. Despite his disappointment that the perpetrator had been a man instead of a Demon, he opted to make Hakuji one of the Twelve Kizuki. Hakuji embraces and becomes the demon Akaza since he has nobody left to protect and has lost his desire to live.

Blood demon art

  • Akaza’s Blood Demon Art focuses on martial arts, merging shockwave management with his Soryu Style (Sory Shiki?) Akaza’s shockwaves are blue in hue and may take many different shapes, including nearly imAkaza begins combat by using a specific method called Technique Development to launch his Blood, Demon Art.

Akaza's Blood Demon Art focuses on martial arts

  • Akaza begins by assuming a Soryu Style posture, though there are two variations. In the initial stance, he takes a half-crouch position by bending his knees. The second variation is essentially identical to the first, with the exception that he extends his palm on his right forearm while fully locking his fists in a vertical bend on his left arm, perceptible air density or spherical energy-like quakes.

Akaza begins by assuming a Soryu Style posture

  • Destructive Death is a bare-knuckle fighting style comparable to Soryu Style. It makes use of the user’s limbs to launch quick and strong strikes against an opponent’s neck and weapon. To do serious harm to his victim, he employs his Blood Demon Art to unleash massive shockwaves. More astonishingly, he has the ability to produce innumerable shockwaves that encircle his victim with a hundred hits that hit them all at once.
  • His Compass Needle skill, which allows him to detect a person’s resolve to battle, is also an important aspect of his Blood Demon Art. He employs this knowledge to target their vitals and weak areas automatically. This is a sophisticated extrasensory awareness that allows him to anticipate wherever and how his adversaries will engage.

Compass Needle skill


Muzan favored Akaza because he was trustworthy and responsible.  Out of the Twelve Kizuki, Akaza was the only one who refused to consume or murder women, and he was granted a go-ahead to do just that.

Despite his dedication, Akaza had no regard for Muzan and never felt awed by him. He regarded him as somebody who gave commands and who he had to respect.

By 1982 votes, Akaza is the 17th most popular character in the second fan vote.

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