20 Most Strongest Pokemons (2023 Ranked)

Strongest Pokemons

When it comes to Pokemon, it goes without saying that we seek the strongest. Everyone is familiar with Pikachu and Charizard because they are the most popular and popular Pokemon. There are currently 900 kinds of Pokémon, do you know which ones are the strongest?

1. Arceus


The creator of the world of Pokémon, which has the highest base stats of all Pokémon, is also the master of the Genesis Trio and the Guardian of the Lake. Arceus’s body is shaped similarly to a Llama, and he is white-grayish colored. Arceus’ eyes are green, but its pupils are red.

Arceus is the ultimate being since he is the creator of the universe. He can convert into any Pokemon typing as one of his abilities. There are 18 different’ typings’ in Pokemon.

2. Mewtwo


Perhaps non-Pokemon fans can see a resemblance between MewTwo and Frieza from Dragon Ball. Mewtwo, unlike other Pokemons, was created by humans using Mew’s DNA. Originally, they wanted to create a second powerful Mew, but he ended up being too powerful and couldn’t be controlled.

Since he was made using Mew’s DNA, his body is shaped similarly to Mew’s. His body is gray, and his tail is purple. Mewtwo, just like most legendary Pokemon, can use the Pressure ability, which doubles the use of power points.

3. Ho-oh


A fire-type Pokemon and a flying type too. Ho-Oh is the master of the Legendary Beasts. If you haven’t noticed, Ho-oh is based in Phoenix. Most of his body is red. The feathers on the tip of his wings are green-colored. His eyes are also red, and his tail is orange.

Ho-oh is capable of resurrecting Pokemons as he resurrected the Legendary Beasts after they perished in the burnt tower. Ho-oh has a powerful special move named Sacred Fire.

4. Lugia


The Trio master of the Legendary Birds and the Guardian of the Seas, Lugia. A psychic and a flying type with tremendous intelligence. Because of its immense power, it resides in the debts of the Whirl Islands behind a majestic waterfall, as a single flap of its wings can cause a 40-day storm.

Its body is mostly white with blue accents on its belly, back fins, tail, and eye. Despite being genderless in the games in the movie, it has a baby and is depicted as a female mother figure.

5. Rayquaza


A dragon and a flying type Pokemon. Rayquaza is the protector of the sky and ozone layer and a member of the Weather Trio residing in the Hoenn region. It is very territorial and attacks everything that may be a threat to the planet, which includes meteorites and other pokemon like his nemesis Deoxys.

Rayquaza’s immense power only increased after it gained the strength to mega evolve and use its signature move Dragon Ascent. Its long green serpentine body, covered in gold and black marking, allows it to move quickly through the atmosphere.

6. Dialga


A Steel and Dragon-type Pokemon that rivals Palkia. Dialga is a Legendary Pokemon and a member of the creation trio. Dialga’s body is very hard and somewhat resembles armor.

It has a gemstone right on its chest, which looks like a diamond; it is mostly blue but has metal crests all over its body. Together with Palkia ruling space, Dialga is the ruler of Time, which makes itself known with its signature move, Roar of Time.

7. Palkia


Dialga’s rival and a Water/Dragon Legendary-type Pokemon. Just like Dialga, Paklia is a member of the Creation Trio. His limbs are covered by large-armored pieces. And the majority of his body is white-gray colored. Meanwhile, his hands consist of only five sharp nails.

Palkia was tasked to create Space during the making of the universe. Palkia can quickly wrap space and travel through different dimensions. Strangely enough, however, Palkia doesn’t use his wings to fly as he can levitate without using them.

8. Giratina


The last member of the Creation Trio. Because of it being unable to control its destructive power, it was banished by Arceus into the distorted world. It is described as the being of Antimatter and sometimes even referred to as the pokemon devil.

It is a Ghost/Dragon type and can switch between two forms with the help of the Griseous Orb. In its Origin form, it almost resembles a levitating centipede with winged tentacles on its back. In its Altered form, it has six legs, three on each side, and more bat-like wings on its back.

9. Slaking


Slaking is a normal type Pokemon that has the appearance of a gorilla. Slaking is covered with brown fur, while his collar is white colored with fur that goes to the top of his back head. It may seem very normal to most people and not like it could rival legendaries in raw power, yet it easily can, but its immense power comes with a very big hurdle which is its Truant ability.

The ability Truant makes it so that Slaking can only attack every other turn, only making use of half of its true potential. This is probably a key design element to its lazy nature; it resembles the classic lazy father pose in anime.

10. Kyogre


Kyogre is a Water-type Legendary Pokemon. He is a member of the Weather Trio and Groudon’s rival. Kyogre has an exclusive water-type ability named Drizzle that allows rain to be summoned, and its signature move is Origin Pulse. Kyogre easily resembles a whale or an orca. Most of his body is dark blue. Red lines can also be seen on his fins shaped like wings.

It used to be stronger in the past as it still had the power of its Primal form. Still, it got banished into the ocean depths after Rayquaza took away Kyogres and Groudon’s power because they were wreaking havoc on the planet and endangering the humans.

11. Groudon


A fire and ground-type legendary pokemon and the last member of the Weather Trio. Groudon’s body is mainly red. His eyes are yellow, and pieces of his body are black and gray. His tail has sharp spikes, and his claws are white. Groudon is said to have extraordinary power that enables him to start volcano eruptions.

His ability, Drought, makes the sun shine harsher as long as he is in battle and weakens water moves. Groudon prefers to rest underground, where he remains quite hidden. His signature move is called Precipice Blades.

12. Regigigas


Is the creator of the Golems; Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regidrago and Regieleki.

Regigigas is a gigantic Pokemon titan almost 4 meters in height; its body is mostly white with some golden and black accents. It is said that Regigigas moved the continents with ropes and shaped the world as it is depicted today.

Similarly to Slaking, Regigigas has an ability called Slow Start that is meant to hold its power in check for five turns before he can fully get it under control and make work of anything in its path. Currently, he lies dormant in Snowpoint Temple in Sinnoh. To awaken it, you need to bring its three guardians first.

13. Dragonite


Dragonite is a powerful Dragon/Flying type, often referred to as a pseudo-legendary.

Its appearance resembles a classical depiction of a cartoony European dragon with its big round belly and bright yellow color, and generally friendly nature. It helps people get back home safely if they get lost out in the sea. But don’t let its friendly nature fool you because if provoked, it can easily pulverize anything in its path. It evolves from Dragonair into Dragonite at level 55, its ability Multiscale allows it to tank a hit for half of its actual damage if it is full HP.

14. Mew


Mew is a powerful Pokemon humans use to create a more powerful being, Mewtwo. Mew is a Psychic Mythical Pokemon. Mew is considered one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world. However, Mew remains a playful pokemon regardless of his tremendous power.

Mew is a relatively small Pokemon that is wholly colored in pink. His eyes are blue, and his tail is longer than his height. Mew can use all pokemon moves because of his special DNA.

15. Tyranitar


Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark type Pokemon. His appearance is similar to Godzilla’s, having a tough green body, short limbs with three nails, and an overall dinosaur look. Tyranitar can summon a sandstorm with its Sandstream ability, all while being extremely tough and resilient to most pokemon moves with its rather unique typing. Still, he is no match against fighting-type attacks.

He is super aggressive and more likely to attack first before going on a rampage that will make anyone quiver in fear. As he is another Pseudo-legendary, his end evolution is pretty late at level 55.

16. Celebi


Although tiny, this Psychic/Grass type mythical pokemon can time travel. It is mostly green with delicate wings on its back and is most often described as an onion fairy.

It resides in a small overgrown, abandoned shrine in Ilex forest. Not much is known about it as very few humans have ever seen it, but it is mainly known as a forest spirit that takes care of plant life.

17. Salamence


A Dragon/Flying-type Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. Salamence has large red wings, yet most of his body is blue. Salamence loves flying more than anything, and such happiness is expressed by not the most peaceful method. Salamence will never stop attacking once angered or challenged unless they are knocked out or too tired to continue.

Salamence is highly territorial and gets rid of anything perceived as an intruder. This is possibly reflected in its abilities Intimidate, which lowers the attack of a pokemon by one stage, and Moxie, which in turn increases the attack power after defeating a rival pokemon.

18. Metagross


Metagross is a Steel and Psychic type Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. It is considered a large pokemon that appears like a robotic spider. It has black eyes with red pupils and an X metallic piece in front of its face. Metagross is a super-intelligent Pokemon. When hunting prey, it uses its own heavy body to pin them down.

Metagross is more active in cold environments. One of his natural abilities is preventing any of his stats from being negatively affected. Metagross evolves from Metang at level 45, thus becoming an even more ruthless and intelligent pokemon with four brains.

19. Latias


Latias is a Dragon/Psychic type Legendary Pokémon. Despite most other legendaries, she is always encountered as a female-gendered Pokémon and is the companion to Latios. Her body is designed similarly to a jet; most of her body is red, while her neck is white, and she has a small blue triangle on her chest.

With her ability to levitate, she gains immunity against any ground-type moves. She also has the ability to communicate telepathically and change into humans, but she remains mute while in that form.

20. Latios


Latios is a Dragon/Psychic type Legendary Pokemon. He is the male companion to Latias, and they are always seen together. Even though they may seem similar in their body shape, they have different personalities as Latios is more serious and dominant, whereas Latias has a more outgoing and friendly nature.

The color of its body is also a huge distinction as it’s mainly blue, and the triangle on his chest is red instead of blue. Similarly to Latias, he can also turn into a human and communicate with others telepathically.


Although many Pokemons with high stats can be found equal in strength, some ultimately counter each other with their attack moves. Most Pokemon considered to be overpowered on this list are Dragon-type and Psychic-type Pokemons, as finding a counter for them is harder than with other types.

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