Top 15 Sexiest Code Geass Female Characters

Sexiest Code Geass Female Characters

Code Geass is known for its astounding female characters. The film has many female characters who play as an inspiration not only in the film but also in real life. They play a key role in achieving the bigger picture of the story. From looks to the character and different personalities, the female characters in Code Geass are worth analyzing.

Code Geass is considered a legendary anime of this millennium. One of its outstanding features is the many female characters that the film has. They play significant roles in the movie and showcase inspiring traits of women.

It has been a decade since the release of Code Geass. Still, its beautiful female characters with different characters and personalities have made the film endure the test of time and remain the best girl-power anime. Let’s look at some of the great female characters in Code Geass that will blow your mind.

1. C.C

C C is an outstanding

C.C is an outstanding and mysterious character in Code Geass. She transforms from a captured test subject to a savior of the king and a partner in the crime of the rebellion. Her long green hair and golden eyes made her an outstanding beauty. She is identified by the Geass sigil-like scar on her left breast.

C.C’s personality is of a stubborn, selfish, cold-hearted character, with no regard for others. She did whatever she pleased, irrespective of how it affected others. Despite her icy demeanor, she had a soft spot for those close to her, especially Lelouch.

Apart from her immortality which made her endure the deaths of others, C.C could also bestow people using her Geass powers. She was also obsessed with Pizza and considered a philosopher with some of the best quotes related to the film.

2. Kallen Stadtfeld

Kallen Stadtfeld

Known for her red hair and big blue eyes, Kallen is the most skilled Knightmare pilot. Not only was she selfless but also sympathetic and gentle. She had a heart for others that she failed to acknowledge her Britannian side to keep her friends. What made Kallen standout was her brave, trustworthy, and determined personality. Despite her great personality, Kallen was also reckless, hot-tempered, and forceful.

Her brother’s death negatively affected her but gave her the incentive to liberate Japan. Kallen Stadtfeld became an important aspect during battles. She used her intelligence to make effective counterattacks, find the opponent’s weaknesses and help the team win.

3. Milly Ashford

Milly Ashford

With fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair, Milly was the epitome of beauty made her a beautiful beauty. Let’s not forget her curvy figure. Milly is portrayed as a mean bully who makes fun of other people’s weaknesses.

Milly was also too obsessed with learning other people’s secrets that she could mobilize the whole school to uncover them. She is also a caring and severe character when needed to be. Milly is Lelouch’s classmate who is to be used by her family to restore their nobility status by marrying her to a noble. A plan which eventually fails.

4. Shirley Fenette

Shirley Fenette

You probably know Shirley Fenette as the most cheerful and dynamic character in this anime. Not only is she in the student council at Ashford Academy, but she is also an active member of the Swimming Club. Her light brown, very long hair and yellowish-green eyes make her even more fascinating.

Her cheerful, loving, and extroverted personality made her a lovable character. She was deeply in love with Lelouch even though he was never concerned about that. Seeing Lelouch with other girls hurt her feelings. Shirley was more welcoming even though this was considered a way to seek attention.

5. Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein was a unique character in her way. Even though she wore ragged clothes and had extremely short dark green hair, Nina was an intelligent scientist. Typically, Nina never cared about her looks but looked shaggy and chaotic.

Nina was afraid of the ‘Elevens’ and had a negative attitude towards them. Her racist mindset is because of being assaulted by the Elevens. Nina was emotionally weak, and Euphemia strongly supported her. That’s why after her death, she became helpless and had a mental breakdown. In this state, she not only killed Zero but also aided in the development of a deadly weapon for her vengeance against the ‘Elevens,’ killing 25million people in the process. The damages caused made her more devastated, forsaking her vengeance plan. Instead, he helped Lelouch protect themselves against her own invention F.L.E.I.JA.

6. Nunnally Vi Britannia

Nunnally Vi Britannia

Nunnally was Lelouch’s younger sister with an incredible personality. She was notably seen with a smile on her face. She was a virtuous woman who was patient and understanding. Though still young, Nunnally endured painful emotional and mental hardships. Not only was she blind, but she was also incapable of walking or taking care of herself. This made her a strong woman who managed to break Charles’ Geass to regain her sight.

Apart from that, Nunnally could touch a person’s hand and tell if they were lying. Nunnally was the reason Lelouch was fighting for a better and evil-free future. Her evil side was seen when she fired multiple F.L.E.J.A just an indication of her hatred. However, she was still a kind-hearted, loving, and charismatic character which made her the opposite of her brother.

7. Marianne Vi Britannia

Marianne Vi Britannia

Marianne is majorly known in Code Geass as the mother to Lelouch and his siblings. She was considered a kind-hearted, loving, and protective mother. Her violet eyes and fair skin, combined with her elegant dressing code, made her an aesthetic beauty.

Using her Geass, Marianne could possess another person’s body. This helped her when V.V severely injured her. She was a beautiful woman who used her intelligence to have things her way. The most outstanding feature about her was her excellent Knightmare piloting skills. Marianne is portrayed as an influential character who hugely impacted her children and husband. However, not every royal family member adored her, which is suspected of having led to her ‘demise’.

8. Euphemia Li Britannia

Euphemia Li Britannia

Euphemia is an astonishing character in Code Geass. Despite being a royal family member, she was respectful and kind to everyone. She never discriminated, even those that were not Britannian. Her waist-length pink hair and bluish-violet eyes made her even more beautiful.

Euphemia’s story in the anime is disheartening. Under the influence of Lelouch’s uncontrollable Geass, she mobilized the Britannian army to kill innocent Japanese, which led to her tragic end. Despite that, Euphemia is considered a strong personality led by her virtues and charisma. She was indeed an inspirational leader to her people.

9. Cecile Croomy

Cecile Croomy

Another remarkable scientist in the film was Cecile Croomy. Even though Cecile was shy, she could not hesitate to correct her superiors whenever they went wrong. She could also punish Lloyd whenever he said rude remarks. Generally, Cecile was a kind and compassionate woman. Her love for her friends was unexplainable since she was always willing to do anything under her power to protect them. Her closest friend was Suzaku.

Apart from designing the Energy Wing system, Cecile was also an outstanding Knightmare pilot. She managed to control Black Knights sent to occupy Ashford academy by herself.

10. Villetta Nu

Villetta Nu

At first, Villetta was a racist who despised other people. However, her personality drastically changed after she lost her memory. She became more kind-hearted and respected other people. Villetta is known for her great affection for Ohgi, who rescued and cared for her.

After regaining her memory, she tried to resist her love for Ohgi. She even tried to kill him to forget about him, but luckily, he survived. After battling for long, she could no longer deny the fact that she loved him. She eventually gave in and got married to Ohgi.

11. Anya Alstreim

Anya Alstreim

Anya was a character who considered everything boring and not fascinating. She was often uninterested in many things, and nothing seemed to amuse her. Anya was always quiet and remained mysterious. Despite her detached attitude, Anya was loyal to Britannia. She followed all her orders without asking any questions.

Anya also boasts of being the youngest member of the Knights of the Round. She is portrayed as a ruthless fighter who has a poor memory. She always took pictures with her phone and kept a log. That helped her keep track of her activities.

12. Monica Krushevski

Monica Krushevski

Born in a rich and noble family, her father’s death motivated her to join the military. Her gentle personality and impressive looks made people forget how dangerous she was.

Monica was a skilled soldier, and the emperor was fascinated with her capabilities, making her in charge of his Royal Guard. She was so loyal to the emperor that she rebelled against Lelouch, who had killed the previous emperor. Monica also believed that justice had to be served equally without any discrimination. That is what differentiated her from the other Britannians.

13. Sumeragi Kaguya

Sumeragi Kaguya

When you watch Code Geass, you cannot resist the urge to fall in love with Kaguya. She is not only wise but also the second-best member of the Black Knights. She has a deep but mysterious personality. Kaguya is a responsible, loyal, influential, and generous person whose prowess surpasses her age and physique.

Kaguya is renowned for her deep admiration for Zero, which made her hope he would marry her someday. She used her charms to manipulate people into doing her bidding. Kaguya was a smart character who looked at the bigger picture and controlled her emotions.

14. Empress Tianzi

Empress Tianzi

Empress Tianzi was an overlooked character. The Eunuchs never considered her opinions, forcing her to keep her ideas to herself. That made her shy and lowered her confidence. Her self-confidence was so low that she was embarrassed and considered her opinion wrong in various situations.

Despite being kind-hearted, Empress Tianzi was like a prisoner in the palace. She was not allowed to leave the palace, making her act childish and highly value any friendship she had. Her obsession to explore the outside world was seen when she saved Li Xingke from execution, hoping he could take her out.

15. Alicia Iohmeyer

Alicia Iohmeyer

Alicia was Nunnally’s aid and advisor despite being against her actions. However, she was obligated to obey her, but that did not prevent her from airing her opinions. Her rebellious nature against Nunnally made her lose trust in her.

Nunnally saw her as a threat because she wanted to punish the Elevens. That would drive her to grab power from Alicia if she had the chance. Alicia acted without hesitation misusing and abusing her authority. In the long run, Alicia tragically died after the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb destroyed her ship.

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