Sound Hashira (Tengen Uzui): His Powers Explained!

Sound Hashira

Tengen is known as the Sound Hashira because of his exceptional hearing skills, which are among his special powers. He can use his…


Sound Hashira Appearance

Tengen is a tall man with broad shoulders and muscles, with white hair and light-tanned skin. He likes to style his hair with three larger, shorter strands arched upwards and falling as bangs between his eyes and on both sides of his face. His hair is an irregular length, with the largest strands touching his shoulders.

He has quite short eyelashes that extend to the other side of his face, maroon eyes that seem to tilt inward, and quite thin eyebrows. Many women, including Zenitsu, have remarked on his great attractiveness. As a result, anytime persuasion is needed, he uses his appearance as a tool for his operations.

Tengen is dressed in a short-sleeved dark blue Demon Slayer outfit with a burgundy band around his legs and tattsuke-bakama pants tucked in. Additionally, he has two thick, golden rings all over his upper arms, a pair of blue gloves that show up to be fingerless and is fastened around his middle finger with a white band, as well as two thinner gold rings that are this time-worn on every wrist. He also has two of the latter rings around his forearms.

After being forced to leave the Demon Slayer Corps owing to the wounds he received in the course of his battle with Gyutaro, an Upper Rank Six demon, Tengen alters his appearance to match the destruction of his left eye and arm. He has switched to a lengthy, aqua-colored yukata and a black haori, and has removed his former head wrap in favor of a dark eye patch decorated with what seems to be the last of the jewels from his previous headdress. His hairstyle is now carelessly pulled back beyond his shoulders.


Sound Hashira Disposition

Tengen Uzui has a reputation for being someone who sought to stand out ever since he first appeared. Zenitsu, Tanjiro, and Inosuke occasionally found him amusing because of his bright nature, which also made them uncomfortable. Tengen may have a lavish personality, but he takes the people in his life and his career extremely seriously. Because he was curious about what had happened to his three wives, he simply went to where Tanjiro and the others were hiding.

The kunoichi vow, which mandates that wives must sacrifice their life for their husbands, is something that Tengen passionately disagrees with. Tengen shares Rengoku’s perspective that demons shouldn’t undervalue mankind. Tengen Uzui does not regard himself as great compared to the other Hashira despite being a member of that race.

Tengen brushed it off and denied having any skill when Gyutaro described him as talented. Tengen could come across as being sociopathic, but this is a sham because he is incredibly kind and modest. He put his own life in danger to rescue the people who were trapped inside the structure alongside Daki and Gyutaro. Apart from valuing them as excellent colleagues, he also admires Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.

Personnel resume

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Tengen was raised into a shinobi clan in a household of nine kids. Due to excessive training, three of the nine kids passed away before turning 10 years old. On his father’s instructions, he and the surviving six of his siblings were made to murder one another while wearing masks to prevent them from seeing the person they were fighting. After killing two of his siblings, Tengen only discovered his father’s deception. Without engaging in conflict with his brother, he fled the village with his wives, leaving him alone and his younger brother.

The family of Tengen Uzui is polygamous. Tengen must thus have three wives by the time he is 15 years old. He struggled with whether or not he ought to wipe off the Uzui clan, but he was unable to murder either his father or brother. He later transformed into the Sound Hashira. Before Sanemi became a Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and Kanae Kocho were both Demon Warrior members.


Sound Hashira Swordsmanship

One of the strongest and most talented swordsmen in the entire empire is Tengen, a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps.

He wields his Nichirin Cleavers in a dual-wielding technique. Tengen is much more deadly because of his skill with a sword and the effectiveness of his anti-demon bombs together.

He also demonstrated his ability to use just one arm to wield his Nichirin Cleavers. Tengen has also demonstrated the ability to spin his swords by their chains in addition to using regular slashes and swings. This maneuver enables him to deflect attacks and launch an immediate counterattack while keeping his blades in continual rapid motion.

An original breathing pattern was developed by Tengen. He appears to be able to use Sound Breathing to merge his musical score method, shinobi prowess and enhanced hearing with his anti-demon explosives and twin Nichirin choppers.

For this strategy to be effective, Tengen must first analyze the opponent’s motions before starting to break them down into sound and determine the rhythm of the enemy’s motion. Tengen can exploit flaws in his adversaries’ combat strategy, giving him a significant tactical edge.

Fighting Techniques

Sound Hashira Fighting Techniques

First Form: Roar – The user raises their dual swords over his forehead and crashes them down violently while also setting off a blast with his explosives to deliver a ton of physical damage, which results in a thunderous sound.

Fourth Form: Constant Resounding Slashes – The warrior spins their blades quickly while holding them apart and unleashes explosives to cause enormous explosions as they protect themselves from attacks.

Fifth Form: String Performance – The performer rotates the sword that links the two while holding it with a reverse grasp. Along with this, they set off many explosives, generating huge explosions that cause a considerable lot of bodily harm.

Combat record

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In Yoshiwara, Tokyo, there was a fight between Tanjiro Kamado, Tengen Uzui, and Gyutaro. It centers on the conflict between Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado and Tengen Uzui (the sound Hashira) versus Gyutaro who is the upper rank 6.


Tengen has an intellectual mind despite his appearance as someone who is very flamboyant. He has been seen devising complex plans that nearly allowed him to cut off Gyutaro’s head. Without a doubt, Tengen is a formidable warrior, but more than anything, he is a remarkable guy who cares deeply for his followers and is prepared to do all it takes to defend people from the dangers posed by demons.

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