40 Best Pink Haired Anime Girls (2023 Rank)

pink haired anime girls

Love Amine movies, series, and games? Introducing the Pink Haired Anime girls. This is as interesting as it is strange. It is a story of magic, mystery, and supernatural powers all brought together in the Pink Haired Anime story.

1. Sakura


Her hair color is just like her name, with the color of cherry blossoms, and green eyes, like a spring fairy. Under the lovely appearance, what hides is a dual personality, and you may not be able to bear her fist.

2. Yuno Gasai Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai is a petite Moe. Gasai is a beautiful, pink-haired bunny girl and one of the series’ main heroines. Gasai was one of the first people to find out about Yukiteru’s survival game, and her diary predicted his present actions, but if she had not known him, he would not have won a single game. However, she became interested in him as soon as she met him.

3. Inori Yuzuriha Inori Yuzuriha

Inori Yuzuriha is a 14-year-old girl who has pink hair and blue eyes. She wears glasses and the occasional school uniform and is a student at Kazuki Academy. At the beginning of her debut, she is introduced as an aloof, introverted girl with a tough exterior and a soft interior.

4. Zero Two Zero Two

Zero Two is incredibly popular with pink hair. She is one of the most loved characters in the anime Darling in the Franxx. The fascinating anime figure zerophp2 features this anime character as she appears during a battle scene.

5. Ram Ram

She is a cheerful, spirited girl who does not have any particular talent for magic but loves to sing and dance. Her trademark color is pink. Ram was one of the original four created at the beginning of the universe by the Pillar, her younger brother Rem, her excellent friend Luft and her best friend, Dorothy.

6. Madoka Kaname Madoka Kaname

Madoka Kaname looks like a regular cute schoolgirl. She acts like an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl though timid. She has her magical companion Kyubey who, like her, is also adorable – despite being a talking cat-like critter with magical powers.

7. Moka Akashiya Moka Akashiya

Akashiya Moka, known as Akashiya Pink-haired Moka to her friends, is the main protagonist of Rosario + Vampire. An attractive sixteen-year-old teenage girl with pink hair. She can be pretty excitable but is also very friendly and sweet. She loves anything cute, especially kittens, but would never admit it. Although she can get worried about silly things, she can always be counted on to help her friends in their time of need. She has a crush on Tsukune and despises Kurumu for her affection for him.

8. Chibiusa Chibiusa

Chibiusa is a character who appears in the Sailor Moon franchise. This Chibiusa Cosplay Wig is an excellent choice for anyone cosplaying as Chibiusa or if you just like this pink anime-haired hairstyle.

9. Yachiru Yachiru

Why you’ll fall in love with her, Yachiru is serious when she needs to be but can be goofy. She’s intelligent and insightful, despite being easy-going. Her hobby is eating sweets on occasions and disappearing.

10. Nonon Jakuzure Nonon Jakuzure

Nonon Jakuzure is the vice president of the student council (former vice president), and she was very much a member of the leisure committee. With her small bust and medium lower body, she is beautiful.

11. Morgiana Morgiana

Morgiana from the anime Morgiana of the spell castor is one of the lead characters of said anime and manga. She is depicted as a cute yet cheeky pink-haired anime girl with a messy clothing style yet a well-fitting body. Information on this anime is brief, but she is well known for her long pink hair, tiny venom armlets, daggers like footwear, and pretty face, which helps to show just how sweet Morgiana can be.

12. Mine Mine

Mine is a pink-haired anime girl with big pink eyes, wearing an outfit that includes a short-sleeved pink blouse with twin-tailed pink hair, thigh-high black stockings with pink shoes. She also wears multiple earrings on each ear and a gold necklace.

13. Lucy (Elfen Lied) Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Also known as Kaede, Lucy is the pink-haired elf girl from Elfen Lied. She was a Diclonius and among the most powerful of her kind. After becoming a human once again, she lived happily with Kouta. She is seen as sweet, kind, and shy.

14. Jibril Jibril

Jibril is a young girl and the main heroine of the popular series known as the No Game No life. Although she’s young, Jibril is strong as an unmatched elite class. She would be loyal to the summoner who summoned her and would throw herself into any trouble if she considered it necessary.

15. Mei Hatsume Mei Hatsume

Mei is a girl who wears an outfit decorated with pink and brown colors while having pink dreadlock-like hair. She always has a cheerful expression on her face, and she wears a pair of goggles on her head. Mei was first seen in the manga “Shinmai Maou no Testament” by Hirotaka Kisaki, but later on, she also appeared in another one of his works titled “The Testament of Sister New Devil.”

16. Momo Belia Deviluke Momo Belia Deviluke

Momo Belia Deviluke is the youngest daughter of the Deviluke royal family. Momo aspires to be a singer, but her father wants her to inherit the throne and marry someone for political reasons. Despite being childish, Momo is strategic and clever, using her singing talents and good looks to charm others into doing what she wants them to do. She has a fast way with words, easily lying when it serves her needs.

17. Ikaros Ikaros

Ikaros is angel-like, who looks like an ordinary girl but has superhuman strength. She has big light blue eyes, long pink hair in pigtails held by two spheres decorated with flowers and ribbons and wings on her back. She wears a white shirt with puffy sleeves and a neckerchief in the shape of a butterfly that covers her bust and the upper part of her breasts, a very short blue skirt, and blue knee-high socks.

18. Amu Hinamori Amu Hinamori

Hinamori Amu is a young girl who can change her hair color, hairstyle, eye color, and clothing at will, though it doesn’t take effect until midnight. She uses this ability to try out different personalities and make friends that she might not have made otherwise. Her “character change” powers are triggered by her desire for attention but sometimes can go awry if she desires something else or something more than just attention.

19. Louise Francois Louise Francois

Louise is an attractive girl with pink hair and blue eyes, often described as beautiful. She has a slender figure and a voluptuous body, which she occasionally uses to her advantage, particularly when coercing Saito into being her servant. Louise has an affinity for cute things, often acquiring plushies and other such items.

Louise is generally depicted wearing her school uniform or a variation of it; however, she also wears many different outfits throughout the series, sometimes to great effect.

20. Akari Mizunashi Akari Mizunashi

Akari Mizunashi is an 18-year-old girl who left everything behind to travel to Mars in hopes of becoming an astronaut. The story takes place in a futuristic world where space travel is common and interplanetary ships transport people and goods between planets.

21. Utena Tenjou Utena Tenjou

Utena Tenjou is a character from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. She is the “Rose Bride” of the duels to become the prince. Her signature color is pink, and she wears a long, pale pink dress with a rose design. A red ribbon holds up her hair which is layered in two different shades of pink, and she wears a gold hair clip with a rose design on it. She also has pink eyes.

22. Lacus Clyne Lacus Clyne

Lacus Clyne is an angel with the powers of a human and a Coordinate. She is described as having pink hair, pink eyes, and a cute face with an expression that looks like she is about to cry. Her angelic wings are large and white, and she also has a pair of small black wings on her head.

23. Saya Takagi Saya Takagi

Saya Takagi is a Japanese singer and voice actress from Shimane Prefecture. She is affiliated with Early Wing.

She is an extremely relatable character who simultaneously has flaws and strengths that we can all relate to. It’s also important to note that Yuki is not your stereotypical “anime” girl. She has short hair and wears boy’s clothes which is somewhat uncommon for the genre.

24. Aries Aries

She has a very brash personality and is quick to anger if someone insults herself or Wendy Marvell, to which she usually responds by punching them with her lightning-enhanced hand. She does not like it when people call her “Red” or “Arisu.” Her favorite thing to eat is the fish dumpling.

25. Mizuki Himeji Mizuki Himeji

The first anime character to rock the trendy color was Mizuki Himeji, who appeared in Ojamajo Doremi (Magical DoReMi). Her signature pink hair color was given as a symbol of her shyness, and over time it became a popular color to depict shy, kind-hearted heroines in Japanese anime and manga.

26. Miyuki Takara Miyuki Takara

Miyuki Takara is the main female character in Lucky Star. She is quite intelligent and extremely naive. She has a strange way of looking at the world and is often confused by everyday situations. Takara has short pink hair and wears a pink headband in it. She has a large chest which makes her friend compare her to a cow.

27. Mina Ashido Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido, also known as Pinky, is a student at U.A High School training to become a Pro Hero. She goes by the hero name “Pinky” and can generate acidity. She idolizes Stain, an infamous Pro Hero who fought against the society in which she currently lives.

28. Euphemia Li Britannia Euphemia Li Britannia

She had long flowing pink hair and was wearing a frilly white dress with puffed sleeves, which looked like it was made for a princess. She also had a large red bow in her hair. Her eyes were red but not as bloodshot as some of the other students. She was wearing black platform boots, which she was using to kick random objects around the room.

29. Minori Kushieda Minori Kushieda

Anime fans know Minori Kushieda as the playful and friendly girl who profoundly affects the male protagonist of the series Toradora. Her pink-colored hair contrasts with her brown eyes and dark pigmentation, making her unique. In addition to being popular with fans, she is also one of the most popular characters from this series, rivaling Ami Kawashima for much popularity.

30. Perona perona

Perona is a tall, slender woman with long, flowing, pink hair that reaches down her thighs with some bangs on her forehead. She wears black high heels, short black socks with a white belt wrapped around her right thigh, and a short pink dress held up by two belts that cross over her chest and form an “X” shape in the front.

31. Lunar Edomae

Lunar Edomae

Lunar Edomae is one of the most adorable anime girls with pink eyes and hair. Whenever she gets water on her legs, her mermaid form emerges. Therefore, she strives to stay dry to prevent the occurrence. Lunar is bipolar; changing from being nice to ruthless in an instant. You wouldn’t want to mess with her.

Lunar’s craving for attention is an attempt to receive affection due to her emotionally unavailable family. Her psychopathic personality came about due to her absent mother and socially inept father. Regardless of all that, she is still so adorable.

32. Megumi Sakura

Megumi Sakura

Megumi Sakura is a Japanese teacher and faculty advisor for the School Life Club. Her students used to refer to her as Megu-nee. Initially, she was a young petite woman with long, straight, pink hair. She used to tie it back with a white ribbon into a ponytail. She had cut it to neck length as she thought long hair was childish.

Her fair skin and copper-orange eyes made her stand out. Unfortunately, she got an infection that turned her into a walking corpse who wears tattered clothes with rotting flesh. As a zombie, her mouth is torn with her skin slowly falling out.

As a human, she was a caring young woman that cared so much about her students. However, even with her strong personality, she can be seen breaking down.

33. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji

Another adorable anime with pink hair is Mitsuri Kanroji. She has unique pink and green hair that covers her head so nicely. She has light green eyes that make her stand out. She is also curvaceous with a muscular build.

Mitsuri has a small beauty mark under each of her eyes that makes her more adorable. Previously when she was trying to get married, she dyed her hair black but later reverted to her original form.

She is an emotional, shy, kind, powerful, highly-skilled, passionate, and jovial girl who melts many people’s hearts. Additionally, Mitsuri shows a significant commitment to the Demon Slayer’s cause.

34. Trish Una

Trish Una

Trish Una is another adorable anime girl with pink hair. She often wears her hair in a loose whirl above her head. Trish was first introduced as a spoilt, selfish girl with high-quality taste. However, as she spent more time with people, she became more loyal and determined.

She also becomes friendly to her bodyguards. Additionally, Trish is highly defensive and doesn’t like being bossed around. At first, she was living a normal life with her mother before discovering that her father was the head of a powerful gang.

35. Ranmaru Rindou

Ranmaru Rindou

Ranmaru is another appealing character with pink hair.  She is a tomboy who usually dresses like a male delinquent. Her father raised her as a boy to succeed in his karate dojo. Even though she is deemed as having that character, she still has a girly side and has a huge crush on Keita.

However, in the last chapters, she started wearing girls’ clothes that made her look cute. In the anime, she has had different encounters with Ichiko Sakura who tainted her name by saying she stole goods, Momiji who tried to use her as a hostage, and Genjurou, her dad, who built her personality since childhood.

The different encounters shaped her into the Ranmaru she became. You better watch out for her!

36. Sherria Blendy

Sherria Blendy

Looking for another adorable girl with pink hair? Then Sherria is the perfect fit. She is a petite young girl with blue eyes. She is innocent and often has a childlike expression on her face. This adorable girl is shy, cheery, and very polite.

You will easily fall in love with her personality. Additionally, she is highly determined, brave, and stands up to face an opponent. She shows different attributes while acting and will leave you yearning to watch more.

37. Yoshino Koharu

Yoshino Koharu

When you first meet Yoshino, you will portray her as an innocent girl. She has beautiful pink hair with light red eyes. She is a great heroine who grew up in a rural area in Japan. However, her college life was spent in Tokyo where she hoped to land a good job in the city.

After many trials, she finally lands a job in the tourism department of Manoyama village. Being a fresh graduate she is determined to make many strides. The tourism job gave her a chance to live in the countryside.

She also becomes the queen of the Chupakabura kingdom and strives with her four new friends to improve the Manoyama monarch.

38. Isuke Inukai

Isuke Inukai

Isuke Inukai is another adorable character with long pink hair that reaches her lower back. She has beautiful golden eyes with long lashes that make her look gorgeous.

Earlier in life, she lived with her brother in a derelict house as their parents neglected them. They lived in a lot of poverty and ate from the trash because their parents didn’t provide food for them often. Unfortunately, her brother died due to ill living conditions.

She is later adopted and gets a new name – her life completely changes for the better.

39. Benitsubasa


Benitsubasa is a gorgeous lady who is often seen with a kimono-like shirt. She often ties her pink hair using a side ponytail. Her hair blends well with her beautiful pink eyes. She has the appearance of a cheerful teenager even though her appearance doesn’t fully reflect her personality.

On the downside, she is a bit short-tempered, prone to violent outbursts, and has poor impulse control. She is a well-trained martial artist who fights to kill. She is a character you will enjoy watching.

40. Shuna


Shuna is a petite girl that has two large porcelain horns that protrude from her forehead. Her long, wavy pink hair blends well with her beautiful pink eyes. She often ties her hair in a thin, low ponytail using a white ribbon.

At first, she was a 14-year-old, but after evolution becomes, a 16-year-old human girl. She looks more refined now and beautiful. Her horns also become narrower, gets slightly pink skin, and her facial markings, & fangs only become visible when she speaks.

She remains a gentle and forgiving girl with some keen senses. Her graceful personality makes her a favorite among many.


Wrapping all of this up in an appealing package is what makes anime girls special. Their hair, their eyes, their outfits — all of these aspects contribute to making them stand out as individuals even in a sea of similar-looking characters.

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