20 Hottest Anime Girls with Eye Patches

Best Anime Girls with Eye Patches

There are different reasons why some anime characters wear eye patches. Besides the sole play, some of them portray real medical problems that we deal with on a daily basis. In this article, we have elaborated some anime girls with eye patches.

If you’re a curious anime fan, you might have wondered why some of your favorite anime characters wear eye patches. Such characters come across as mysterious, strange, calm, formidable, and sometimes cute.

For instance, a female character like Minene Uryuu spots an eye patch that makes her appear prettier and with an enhanced personality. Yet, she did not set out to wear the eye patch in the first place.

With that quick background, let’s dive right into the list of anime girls with eye patches. Read on for the details……

1. Yagyuu Kyuubei

FROM: Gintama

Yagyuu Kyuubei

Yagyuu Kyuubei is a unique female anime with an eye patch. Yagyuu is a beautiful girl but covers it with white masculine attire. However, don’t let her beauty fool you. When she does decide to dress feminine, her appearance becomes stunning.

She is a loner who hates touching men but loves to touch people with her sword. As an expert swords-person, she can do a lot of harm to an unsuspecting foe. It seems like she uses the eye patch to conceal her dangerous inner self.

2. Mei Misak

FROM: Another

Mei Misaki from Another

Mei Misaki is a student in classes 3-3 with a small figure, pale complexion, red eyes, and jet black hair. Her two eyes are mismatched – one is doll-like and sees things that aren’t meant to be seen by normal eyes. Her other eye is real, though. When she lost her real eye, her mum made a glass eye to cover it up.

Henceforth, she spots an eye patch. Mei normally wears her regular uniform. On other occasions, she wears different colored outfits, precisely when she hangs out with her twin sister.

3. RikkaTakanashi

FROM: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

Rikka Takanashi

Rikka Takanashi schools in a private high school, but she exhibits a personality of an 8th grader. Rikka puts on an eye patch to cover what she called a tyrant eye (the wicked lord’s eyes), but later in the series, she learns that her eyes are harmless.

Throughout the series, she wears her school uniform. However, during her hallucinatory episodes, she spots a gothic black dress.

4. Minene Uryuu

FROM: Mirai Nikki

Minene Uryuu

She is a young woman with violet eyes and long purple hair in her 20s. Unlike most anime girls with eye patches, Minene wears the eye patch on her left eye. She lost one of her eyes while playing a survival game.

Her regular costume consists of a tank top beneath a black non-sleeve jacket and a pair of military jeans or trousers. On her first appearance in the series, Minene wore a Lolita-designed lavender-colored attire, with pigtailed styled hair.

5. Laura Bodewig

FROM: Infinite Stratos

Laura Bodewig from Infinite Stratos

Outwardly, Laura looks innocent, but she is an experienced and powerful genetically manipulated soldier. Her eye has a secret power that can overload and blow up.

As such, she conceals it with an eye patch. Laura Bodewig was born and raised inside a military annex. Now you know why she portrays that chilly and aristocratic personality.

6. Sofia Valmer

FROM: Jormungand

Sofia Valmer

Sofia Valmer is a former programmed jager major and devoted to Koko – whether her feeling is returned is unknown. She was born into a military family and worked in Africa as a UN peacekeeper. During Chen Guoming’s attack that annihilated her squad, she lost her eyes.

After the attack, she wears an eye patch to conceal her damaged eye. Sofia maintains a positive personality despite experiencing a distressful past. Even with her military background, Sofia is very calm and collected.

7. Najenda

FROM: Akame ga Kill

Najenda (Akame ga Kill)

She is the leader of an assassin gang called Night Raid, and she works with them to usurp power from the government.

Najenda’s masculine look and eye patch make people think she is unapproachable at first sight. But on the contrary, she is kind and has years of experience in the combat world.

8. Shimei Ryomou

FROM: Ikkitousen

Shimei Ryomou

Before the series started, Shimei, Saji, and Teifu were long-time friends. The feat she gained of fighting and killing Unchou Kan-u earned her respect and accolades amongst her peers. Because of her military background, she developed an aggressive personality and took pleasure in doing things like breaking her teammate’s hands.

Shimei has many submission techniques like throws, moves, combined attacks, etc. Of all the anime girls with eye patches enlisted so far, you don’t want to mess with Shimei.

9. Mio Sakamoto

FROM: Strike Witches

Mio Sakamoto

She was previously a witch and an officer of the law. As a witch, she operates on the 501st combined combat wing. Mio Sakamoto comes from Fuso and is allied with the Imperial Navy of Fuso.

In the series, she is regularly called Samurai. Mio maintains her team with paternal feelings and plays vibrant combat roles.

10. Chihiro Shindou

FROM: A Tale of Memories

Chihiro Shindou

Chihiro Shindou is another anime girl with an eye patch. She is the twin sister to Kei Shindou, the champion. Chihiro was involved in an accident that damaged her brain and left eye. Since the accident, she suffered anterograde amnesia that grossly affected her memory abilities. That has caused her to move around with a diary to chronicle her daily routine to facilitate her recall.

She wears an eye patch to cover her damaged eye. Despite her condition, she can recall any event that took place 13 hours back. Before the accident, she was very outgoing and friendly. However, ever since she lost her eye and memory, Chihiro has been somewhat shy, reserved, and quiet.

11. Adiane (Tengen Toppa

FROM: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


Adiane is the only female among the general’s gang; she is cruel, impulsive, and sadistic. On many occasions, she let her anger get the better of her, and this seems to get Adiane into a lot of problems. She portrays a masculine disposition even though she’s feminine.

Even with her beauty, she wears an eye patch to conceal her damaged eye. She is beautiful with good curves and appears very feminine despite her masculine disposition. The only thing that exposes her real nature is her snake-looking eyes and long, dense scorpion tail.

12. GisenYagyuu

FROM: Hyakka Ryouran


This strange anime samurai fell from the sky. She is an experience swordswoman who wears a kimono beautifully like a model. Gisen Yagyuu belongs to a samurai gang where Muneakira Yagyuu is the leader. She seems possessive of her leader and has an uncanny manner of communicating with him.

The other samurai members, Yukimura and Sen, are always jealous of her, and she does not seem to mind. The samurai tigress has the power to control the human mind.

13. Aldra

FROM: Queen’s Blade


Aldra is the daughter of a pope, and she won the queen’s blade competition two times in a roll.

This win earned her the crown, making her the queen, a befitting title for a pop daughter and the Devil King’s granddaughter. Aldra performs with Elina Vance as the adversary of the Queen’s blade.

14. Megumin

FROM: KonoSuba


In the fantasy world of the Crimson Magical tribe, Megumin is a superior wizard and the first to enter the Kazua’s gathering. Megumin is a young woman with brown hair and bizarre relaxed red eyes.

She wears an eye patch to conceal her red eyes. She wears traditional witch costumes like a red robe, black robe, and strange hat with gold trimmings and border.

15. Arashi Nikaidou

FROM: Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne

Arashi Nikaidou

She is a student in her third year in high school. Arashi Nikaidou is also the council head of the Arashi student and puts on a pony, possesses heterochromia, and an eye patch.

She is sexually violent, bisexual, and hangs out with a Katana.

16. Asuka Langley Souryuu

FROM: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Asuka Langley Souryuu eye patch

She is a top character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, 14 years, and a 2nd child. Asuka speaks German was born to an unknown American father and a dead German mother.

Asuka Langley is a pilot and is proud of her achievement.

17. Jiyu Nanohana

FROM: Jubei-chan


She wears a heart-shaped eye patch, an imminent reincarnation of a well-known swordsman. Overall, she is vibrant, funny, kind, and beautiful with excellent curves.

Her source of power is Yagyu Jubei’s eye patch, which influences her personality as long as she has it on.

18. Abiru Kobushi

FROM: Zetsubou-Sensei

Abiru Kobushi

Abiru is a student who is constantly enveloped in bandages. Rumor had it that she received her injury from her dad. However, later in the series, it’s revealed that it’s not the dad who caused her injuries.

The truth is that an animal in a zoo where she worked attacked her, and her evil tail triggered the attack. Together with the bandages, she also wears her signature eye patch to conceal her eyes.

19. Hephaistos

FROM: DanMachi


Hephaistos has reddish hair with crimson eyes, a tiny body, and a sharp face. Her eye patch is beautiful, and she wears it due to an eye defect that scares people stiff – everyone avoids her except Welf and Hestia.

In some parts of the series, Hephaistos displays a hardworking and strict nature. On other occasions, she is composed and serene.

20. Marie Mjolnir

FROM: Soul Eater

Marie Mjolnir

Marie Mjolnir is kind and a real woman who shows her individuality all the time. She is kind, and it shows in how she relates with people. Marie has long yellow hair and big yellow eyes; her left eye is covered with a big eye patch.

She has the power to shape-shift from a human to a mighty weapon. Noteworthy is that she spots an eye patch. She wears it is not very clear; maybe to enhance her beauty.

21. Nui Harime

FROM: Kill la Kill

Nui Harime

Nui Harime is one of the most adorable anime girls with an eye patch. She has blonde hair which makes her look so innocent and often wears pink dresses with a parasol. However, don’t be misled by her sweet face, she is still a sadistic killer.

She is one of the most hostile characters in the “kill la kill” show. Actually, Nui Harime is one of the worst sadistic fighters and gets angry when wounded.  Unfortunately, she lost her eye when in a battle against Isshin Matoi.

22. Himeno

FROM: Chainsaw Man


Himeno is a character in the “Chainsaw man” series. She has beautiful green eyes and black short hair. She lost her eye due to a contract with the devil. Himeno is part of the special Devil Hunter’s squad and is paired with Aki Hayakawa.

However, she needs to try her best to protect herself against the rogue devils. One of the best strategies that she uses to fight the devils is by recruiting the help of their kind.

To utilize the devil’s power one had to sacrifice something in return. Therefore, she gave her eye as the sacrifice for imminent strength.

23. Midari Ikishama

FROM: Kakegurui Midari

Midari Ikishama

Midari Ikishama plays in the Kakegurui Midari series. She can be termed as one weird character who stabbed her eye out with an ink pen. This was to repay a gambling debt of 300 million yen she owed the student council president.

She is pale-skinned, has a beautiful white eye with tiny pupils, and short black hair. Just like how she lost her eye, she is one of the most dangerous characters with some violent tendencies. You better watch out for this hot anime girl with an eye patch.

24. Hilda “Hot Ice”

FROM: Outlaw Star

Hilda - Hot Ice

Hilda “hot ice” is known for the “Outlaw World” series. She has beautiful yellow eyes, and black short spiky hair that blends well with her covered eye & character. At times, she often disguises herself as “Rachel Sweet” who has golden blonde hair with blue eyes.

Hilda is seen to pop up at key moments and switch sides. Additionally, Hilda is seen as a cool, patient, and flexible rival character. Unfortunately, she only allows people to do things around her if she trusts them only.

Due to killing one of the Kei Pirates leaders she lost her left arm and right eye. She then replaces her lost arm with a cybernetic one. However, she is determined to revenge for the damage.

25. Nice Holystone

FROM: Baccano!

Nice Holystone

Nice HolyStone is a popular character in the “Baccano” series. She becomes second in command to the Jacuzzi gang in Chicago after her childhood friend Jacuzzi Splot. She is quite calm, kind, and polite but people don’t easily push her over. Instead, she takes charge of any situation.

Unfortunately, an explosion that happened when she was 14, made her lose her eye. This made her to start wearing an adorable brown eye patch that blends well with her complexion.

Additionally, she has a strange look that easily puts strangers off. Her fair skin is marred by scars on the right side and across the arms. This was because of the explosion that went with her right eye too. She often wears glasses over the eyepatch due to eye issues.

Wrap up

That marks the end of our review of the top anime girls with an eye patch. Which of these cuties is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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