(2023) Top 20 Sexiest Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Sexiest Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Generally, ghouls are ugly and scary monsters. However, some ghouls in the Japanese manga series look beautiful. In this post, you will discover the most Beautiful Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters.

Ghouls originate from the Arabian religion, connected to grave human eaters, bloodsuckers, and eaters of the dead. There is so much mystery around these monstrous creatures; many filmmakers capitalized on the enigma around the existence of ghouls to create many films like the Tokyo Ghouls manga series.


Tokyo Ghoul is an anime series that aired on television from July 2014 to September 2014. Other series came right after the first one, and they telecasted the last season on TV on April 3, 2018.

The anime series entertained millions of fans, especially those that love watching horrors filled with beautiful ghouls and bloody scenes. If you haven’t seen the series, you still can.

Although it has ended, it is still relevant today. With that said, here are the 20 most beautiful Tokyo ghoul female characters.

1. Touka Kirishma

Touka Kirishima

Touka Kirishima is Ayato Kirishma’s elder sister, Arata Kirishima’s daughter, and she previously worked as a waitress at Anteiku. When Touka goes hunting, she puts on a rabbit mask which makes people call her a rabbit. In this series, she acted as a sophomore student at Kiyomi High school.

She is slim, beautiful, and wears bob-styled blue hair with lengthy bangs. Thanks to her look, you wouldn’t believe she is a ghoul. Her abilities include one wing that thickens and softens at will. She uses her single-wing power to fight Shuu Tsukiyama.

2. Karren Von Rosenwald

Another cute Tokyo ghoul female character. Karren Von Rosenwald is a former German ghoul and the remaining ghoul in the Rosewald family. Matsuri carried out the operation that wiped out Karren’s family. After the death of her family, Karren lived in Tsukiyama as a servant, where she disguised herself as a male. She is androgynous, sexy, and resembles Tsukiyama, her cousin.

Her hair is violet, short, wavy, and banged on the right side. The pretty female ghoul has some powers like unusual healing ability, the power to develop tentacles that look like whiskers, and a powerful human regeneration ability she displayed when fighting Sasaki.

3. Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi is a beautiful teenage ghoul who is an orphan. Her parents were killed by ghoul detectives. As a young Tokyo ghoul, she spots short brown hair with small eyes. When she wears her butterfly coat and dress, she is called the “Daughter” and conceals her identity in her 20th ward.

Thankfully, this ghoul orphan has some abilities, so she is not defenseless. One of her powers is a shield-like flower petal that is tough enough to protect her from the blast of Higher Minds.

4. Roma Hoito

Roma Hoito

Roma Hoito was previously the originator of the Clowns, and there is a rumor that she hides from others. Though she is fragile and young, she is an overly strong ghoul that has confronted Tsuneyoshi Washuu for a couple of years.

Her physical appearance is tiny, with a childish disposition and red hair that she typically wears in a pointed bun. She has a powerful ability to withstand pain and also regenerate herself. If you’re seeking beautiful ghouls, Roma Hoito is one name you won’t miss.

5. Kiyoko Aura

Kiyoko Aura

Kiyoko is another pretty ghoul with darkish blue hair, which she ties into a bun. She puts on typical detective attire and possesses a tiny mole at the right corner of her mouth.

Generally, she speaks respectfully to others and displays cool characters that show her confidence. Kiyoko Aura is a formidable opponent in battle. She combines beauty with the strength to outwit her enemies.

6. Kurona Yasuhisa

Kurona Yasuhisa

After Akihiro Kanou deserted her, Kurona Yasuhisa disappeared and reappeared with her sister during the Rushima Landing action. Because she is well-known to the CCG, she earned Kakugan after her conversion into a semi-ghoul.

She is intelligent, powerful, and turned into a one-eyed ghoul; this experience increased her speed, regeneration abilities, and strength.

7. Uruka Minami

Uruka Minami

Uruka Minami has lengthy brown hair she wears down, brown eyes, and she is always spotted wearing her school uniform. Her cheery, beautiful, and happy look makes others admire her.

Since she is a Lantern, she puts on a Jack-o-Lantern-looking face cover and a massive trench coat that conceals her body and face. She possesses Bikaku Kagune with heightened power, among others.

8. Ukina


In previous times she was Yoshimura’s lover and Eto’s mother. She worked in a cafe as a waitress as an undercover journalist pursuing the ghoul association V. Eventually, the ghoul association uncovered her identity and killed her to cover up their tracks.

She is young and attractive, small figured with chin-long blond hair and short bangs. Ukina is outgoing and kind with unique curiosity, sensibility, and an uncanny ability to read people.

9. Matsumae


She has bob-cut chin-length hair, with bangs packed to the left side of her face. Her eyes are nearly black, and she has small white hair on either side of her sclera.

Her powers include great strength and a detaching ability, which she displayed during the rescue of Karren. This Tokyo Ghoul cutie seems to care a lot about her looks.

10. Touka (Oneshot)

She worked part-time as a waitress in a coffee shop and appeared as a Oneshot prototype in Tokyo Ghoul. Touka is a slender female ghoul teenager with chin-length bob-styled dark hair. In most cases, Touka portrays herself as a timid and straightforward character who is very easily frightened.

However, don’t let that false shy personality fool you. Deep inside of her is a ferocious predator that feeds on the blood and flesh of her victims. She’s committed multiple murders within her locality.

11. Kaya Irimi

Kaya Irimi

Kaya Irimi has long dark hair that’s divided into locks. At first sight, she looks taciturn and serious and dresses casually. Kaya is self-contained, quiet, and guards her privacy. Despite her reserved nature, she still gets offended and expresses her candid thoughts.

Kaya has Ukaku Kagune and great physical powers with sharp senses. During fights, she battles as a dog using her pointed nails to cause her enemies severe injuries. Her beauty is just unmatched.

12. Hairu Ihei

Hairu Ihei

Ihei has pretty straight pink hair cropped into a one-sided bob, a sleepy expression with thick eyelashes, and fragile features. She prefers to dress as a male wearing slacks and a vest instead of skirts.

During her service with Squad O, her dressing was a pulled-up hoodie and trench coat that masks her true self. As a semi-human, she shows supernatural stamina when she battled with Matsumae.

13. Ching Li Hsiao

Ching Li Hsiao

Ching Li Hsiao is another dark-haired beautiful female ghoul with an average height and an athletic build. All through operations, she puts on knee-high boots, a long coat, and a long gripping glove that extends to her shoulders while also concealing her entire arms. Because she was brought forth as a semi-ghoul, she has superhuman abilities.

14. Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro

She was a former ghoul and Matasaka Kamishiro’s foster daughter. Birthed into Washuu Clan, she was previously the illegitimate daughter of the previous CCG head, Tsuneyoshi Washuu.

Others in her clan regarded her as a glutton, and because of her eating habit, she is a threat to many ghouls in different wards in Tokyo. Among other abilities, she can regenerate and call up 6-tentacles red.

15. Ruisawa


She works at the 20th ward department of the CCG as the chief Bureau Investigator. Ruisawa is a young lady, average height, with dark straight hair that extends to her shoulder.

Usually, she wears a bright-colored suit with stripes and a black shirt. Freckles can be seen around her nose, and she always looks as if her eyes are closed. She has no known superpowers because she is human.

16. Itori


Itori is a beautiful Tokyo ghoul female character who is voluptuous and heavily breasted. She is a friend to Uta and Yomo. She is always seen in Skelter bar providing information in the criminal world. She spots orange dyed hair divided to reach her middle back and let loose. Usually, she puts on revealing dresses, but at other times, she puts on dark corset attire with full arms, skirts, and shoes.

Itori always has a toothy grin pasted on her face and wears a carnival clown face cover designed with a heart. There are 3-dots on her right eye, a clover over her left eye, and a bulging chin. She was once the 4th ward leader, and she assisted them in attracting and tapping into the den of investigators.

17. Akira Mado

Akira Mado

Akira Mado is yet another pretty young ghoul female with blond hair that extends to her neck. Often, she dresses well with a dispassionate expression that gives nothing away until elicited. But when she relaxes and is near Koutarou Amon, she shows more feelings. Her signature hairstyle is braided, and she wears it most-time. In her younger years, when she was still at the academy, her hair fell to her waist.

However, since she enlisted as an investigator, she cut her hair short. She is also a fighter. Her combative skills manifest when she fights experienced ghouls like Miza and Naki. Moreover, she is also a master in weapons. The beauty’s skills in weapons are revealed when she shoots Haise Sasaki from a distance.

18. Beautiful Nurse

Beautiful Nurse

She previously worked in a medical facility belonging to the Tsukiyama clan and was later friends with Shuu Tsukiyama that preyed on her. As a nurse that works regular hours, she is often seen in her nursing uniform wearing little makeup, with her black hair down.

Beautiful Nurse deserves her name because she stood out as a pretty woman. Her clans called her Angelic because she tends to release a warm sensation when she acts kind, earning her the interest of Shuu Tsukiyama.

19. Kotone Mitsuba


This ghoul is pretty, with green eyes and auburn hair styled in pigtails. She loves to dress outlandishly like an idol with all frills and ribbons. She tends to prefer informal dressing when she is not working, therefore able to move around unnoticed.

Added to her beauty, Mitsuba is soft-spoken and often comes across as being very serious. Kotone is haunted by her family and tries to live her sister’s dream of becoming an idol.

20. Doctor Momochi

Doctor Momochi

As the name implies, this ghoul is a doctor. Momochi is very attractive and compassionate to people and ghouls. Are you wondering how she made it to the list of beautiful ghouls when she looked ordinary? Well, she may not fit the leagues of pretty ghouls facially, but she has a beautiful heart because she expresses love to both humans and ghouls.

She is a married and thriving surgeon practicing in a mini town. Doctor Momochi got pregnant in her 7th year of marriage but suddenly lost her spouse because of stress. Additionally, she lost her son and later nursed a ghoul hunted by investigators to live.

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