(2023) Top 20 Hottest My Hero Academia Male Characters

My Hero Academia Male Characters

My Hero Academia has been serialized on Jump since 2014 and has introduced a variety of characters, and in this article, we will share with you the most popular male characters in MHA.

1. All Might

All Might

Japanese Name
Birth DateJune 10
Height220cm (7’3″) (Muscle form)
Weight274kg (604lbs) (Before injury)

255kg (562lbs) (Muscle form)

Voice Actor(s)Tesshō Genda (Vomic)

Kenta Miyake (Anime) (Japanese)

Christopher Sabat (English)

Toshinori Yagi, the symbol of peace, is also known as All Might. Criminals everywhere are afraid of All Might, he has superhuman strength, he is fast and can cross distances in such a short time.

All Might always has a smile on his face, no matter what situation he is in, he will always protect and save those around him. His Quirk is called One For All, it’s a power passed down from generation to generation in order to stop his nemesis All For One.

2. Endeavor


Japanese Name 
Birth DateAugust 8
Age45 (First appearance)

46 (Current)

Height95cm (6’5″)
Voice Actor(s)Tetsu Inada (Japanese)

Patrick Seitz (English)

The number two hero is also getting the number two spot on this list. Enji Todoroki has always wanted to overtake All Might’s place at being the number one hero so he had worked so hard and trained himself. His Quirk is HellFlame, he can control and generate flames from his body.

However, if he uses it too much he can overheat which is the main reason why he couldn’t reach the spot of the number one hero, and this has led him to his Quirk Marriage.

3. Eraser Head

Eraser Head

Japanese Name
Birth DateNovember 8
Age30 (First appearance)

31 (Current)

Height183cm (6’0″)
Voice Actor(s)Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)

Alex Organ (Season 1)

Christopher Wehkamp (Season 2-present) (English)

Shota Aizawa is a teacher of Class 1-A in the U.A. High School, he is also a pro hero. He was first introduced as a lazy character, constantly keeping himself in a sleeping bag. However, his serious side is very intimidating. Aizawa has a very unique Quirk named Erasure.

It grants him the ability to erase other people’s Quirks as long as he keeps them in his sight. When he activates his power, his hair starts to float.

4. Hawks


Japanese Name
Birth DateDecember 28
Age22 (First appearance)

23 (Current)

Height172cm (5’7 ¾”)
Voice Actor(s)Yuichi Nakamura

Eri Akiyama (child) (Japanese)

Zeno Robinson

Emi Lo (child) (English)

Keigo Takami is an outgoing pro hero. He is at the top of his generation, being at number three just behind Endeavor. Hawks has been born with huge red wings behind his back, allowing him to fly high and at a fast speed as well.

He can also control the feathers of his wings, as they are sharp, big and tough. Every individual feather can be sent to save people from falling buildings. Hawks is a clever pro hero that is trusted by the government.

5. Overhaul


Japanese Name 
Birth DateMarch 20th
Age27 (First appearance)

28 (Current)

Voice Actor(s)Tetsu Inada (Japanese)

Patrick Seitz (English)

An antagonist in the series. Overhaul is named after his Quirk, Overhaul. He is an interesting Villain who seeks to erase all Quirks to bring back humanity to the period of time before the existence of Quirks.

However, his goal has led to disturbing tests made on a young girl named Eri, he has used his powers to reassemble and disassemble her multiple times to create bullets that can erase Quirks. His Quirk can also fuse him with humans and structures.

6. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki

Japanese Name
Birth DateJanuary 11
Age15 (First appearance to Endeavor Agency Arc)

16 (Current)

Height176cm (5’9¼”)
Voice Actor(s)Yūki Kaji

Kei Shindō (Young) (Japanese)

David Matranga

Mikaela Krantz (Young)

Unknown (Season 6) (English)

I am a student in the U.A. High school, brought from recommendation. He is the son of the number two hero, Endeavor. Shoto Todoroki is the result of what they call, “Quirk Marriage”. His mother could control Ice and his father had HellFlames, so he was born with the ability to control both.

Half Ice and Half Fire, he can heat things up with one side of his body and freeze things up with the other side. Todoroki had a rough childhood, but he was able to find the right path to move on and learn to use his powers.

7. Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki Bakugou

Japanese Name
Birth DateApril 20
Age4 (First appearance)14 (Chapters 1-2)

15 (Chapters 3-4)

16 (U.A. Sports Festival Arc to Dark Hero Arc)

17 (Current)

Height172cm (5’7½”)
Voice Actor(s)Yūichirō Umehara (Vomic)

Nobuhiko Okamoto (Anime)

Rie Takahashi (Vomic; child)

Sachi Kokuryū (Anime; child) (Japanese)

Clifford Chapin

Kate Oxley (Child) (English)

The rival of the main protagonist and his previous childhood friend. Bakugou is a student in Class 1-A, he admires All Might and aims to become the number one hero.

However, his personality is totally not so heroic. Bakugou is super aggressive, he is always grumpy and rarely speaks in a polite way. He is super hot-headed, but also super smart. Bakugou’s Quirk allows him to create explosions. It can create a destructive impact that gives him incredible mobility.

8. Taishiro Toyomitsu

Taishiro Toyomitsu Hero Academia

Japanese Name
Birth DateAugust 8
Height250cm (8’2″) (Fat form)
Voice Actor(s)Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese)

Kyle Hebert (English)

Hero name is “Fat Gum”. Taishiro is a pro hero seen during the fight against Overhaul organization. Although he used to look fat and big at the beginning, it was actually his Quirk consuming all the damage dealt.

His normal form showed him as a shredded human being, his fists were overloaded with power, enough to break another Villain’s barrier. Fat Gum is without a doubt a strong hero with a great sense of justice and responsibility.

9. Dabi


Japanese Name 
Birth DateJanuary 18
Age23 (First appearance to Endeavor Agency Arc)

24 (Current)

Height176cm (5’9¼”)
Voice Actor(s)Hiro Shimono

Ryoko Shiraishi (Young) (Japanese)

Jason Liebrecht

Sara Ragsdale (Young) (English)

A member of League of Villains. Dabi was introduced as a careless villain, always having his hands inside his pockets. His face and his body are full of scars and piercings. He almost always has lazy eyes, making him somewhat of an edge lord.

Dabi’s powers are also flame type, he can create blue flame from his body to burn objects or even people around him. Blue flames are known to be much hotter than regular flames, giving him an advantage over other similar Quirk type heroes.

10. All For One

All for One

Japanese Nameオール・フォー・ワン 
Birth DateNA
Height225cm (7’4″)
Voice Actor(s)Akio Ōtsuka (Japanese)

John Swasey (English)

All For One is the main antagonist in the story and the sole reason for the creation of One For All. He is the supervillain and mastermind of almost all the events that happened in the story. Although he was badly injured from fighting All Might, he was still an intriguing and definitely intimidating character.

His Quirk allows him to steal other people’s Quirk and use it for himself. The Quirks taken are permanently lost by the user, but All For One can also give other Quirks that have been stored

11. Kirishima Eijiro

Kirishima Eijiro

Japanese Name  
Birth DateOctober 16th
Age15 (First appearance)

16 (Current)

Height170cm (5’7″)
Voice Actor(s)Toshiki Masuda (Japanese)

Justin Cook (English)

Another student in Class 1-A. Kirishima is an extroverted guy with an optimistic view. He is always kind and friendly to his classmates, and he can be seen taking all of Bakogou’s ramble and rage without feeling offended at all. He has a strong personality and a strong Quirk as well.

His Quirk allows him to harden his entire body, allowing him to tank multiple attacks and abilities. He acts as a shield for his friends and teammates, but he can also deliver strong punches at any time.

12. Hitoshi Shinsou

Hitoshi Shinsou

Japanese Name 
Birth DateJuly 1
Age15 (First appearance)

16 (Current)

Height177cm (5’10”)
Voice Actor(s)Wataru Hatano (Japanese)

Jarrod Greene (English)

The ability to brainwash people is completely overpowered. Just by responding to the user, they will fall under their Quirk, anything that will be said to them will be done. That’s the power Shinsou has, a terrifying power for Villains to own.

He can become a criminal and ask for anything he wants from other people. However, Shinsou’s resolve made him train to become a hero instead. Ignoring all those negative thoughts and comments about his Quirk, he aims to become the very thing he longs for.

13. Hero Killer

Hero Killer

Japanese Name 
Birth DateJune 14th
Age31 (First Appearance)

32 (Final Exams Arc)

Height182cm (6’0)
Voice Actor(s)Go Inoue (Japanese)

Robert McCollum (English)

Stain is a previous pro hero who became a Villain after seeing how corrupt society has become. Being a pro hero is just like having a job, you will get famous and earn lots of money from it.

However, this has caused many people to become fake heroes just to become wealthy. That’s where Hero Killer comes into action, an antagonist in the story who kills those that aren’t worthy. His Quirk allows him to paralyze anyone as long as he licks their blood.

14. Twice


Japanese Name 
Birth DateMay 10
Height178cm (5’10”)
Voice Actor(s)Daichi EndōNA (Japanese)

Newton Pittman (English)

Twice is a Villain in the League of Villain. He suffers from extreme split personalities where he keeps switching between two different sides. In the past, he had lived in poor conditions that forced him to commit crimes, however, he wasn’t the type of a man to have murderous intentions inside him.

Twice is seen as a victim, but the path he had chosen can no longer be repented. His Quirk allows him to make copies of himself or other people and use their Quirks.

15. Muscular


Japanese NameNA
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)NA

Another member in the League of Villains. Although his name wasn’t revealed, he totally made an impression when he fought Deku. He is a huge muscular guy with a scar on his eyes. He has a psychopathic expression as he is always eager to fight and to kill.

He wants blood and he has no reason or ulterior goals to kill, he is just a terrifying villain. His Quirk allows him to extend his muscles and grow them bigger around his body, using them as a shield and to attack opponents.

16. Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata

Japanese Name ミリ
Birth DateJuly 15
Height181cm (5’11¼”)
Voice Actor(s)Tarusuke Shingaki

Minami Wakana (Child) (Japanese)

Ricco Fajardo

Megan Shipman (Child) (English)

Hero name is Lemillio. He is one of the older students in the U.A. High School and a member of the Big Three. The Big Three are students that are at the top of the academy in terms of strength and power.

Mirio is a cheerful figure with a Quirk that allows him to go through objects and walls, as well as entities. Mirio was actually the first candidate to be recommended to inherit the One for All until All Might met Deku.

17. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya Hero Academia

Japanese Name
Birth DateJuly 15
Age4 (First appearance)

14 (Chapter 1-2)

15 (Chapter 3 to Final Exams Arc)

16 (Forest Training Camp Arc to Current)

Height166 cm (5’5¼”)
Voice Actor(s)Daiki Yamashita (Vomic & anime)

Yuna Taniguchi (Vomic; child)

Akeno Watanabe (Anime; child) (Japanese)

Justin Briner

Lara Woodhull (Child)


The main protagonist of the story. Midoriya was a child that looked up to All Might. He wanted to become a hero that can fight with a smile on his face, but his dream was shattered when he found out he was born Quirkless.

However, the powers of All Might were passed down to Midoriya, thus, making him able to become a hero. His hero name became Deku, and his power is superhuman strength called One For All. However, using the max amount of strength can easily break his body.

18. Sekijiro Kan

Sekijiro Kan

Japanese Name 
Birth DateNovember 10
Age30 (First appearance)

31 (Current)

Height194 cm (6’4½”)
Voice Actor(s)Shuhei Matsuda (Japanese)

Ben Bryant (English) 

Also known as Vlad King. He is a vampire in the U.A. High School, kind of. His Quirk allows him to control blood and manifest it to his own liking. Unlike other humans, Vlad won’t be affected by the amount of blood lost in his body.

He works as a teacher for Class 1-B, the very class that rivals Class 1-A. His physical power syncs with his Quirk as it was seen when he fought against Dabi. He is also a very caring teacher towards his students.

19. Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye

Japanese Name
Birth DateJanuary 2
Height200 cm (6’6¾”)
Voice Actor(s)Shin-ichiro Miki (Japanese)

Brandon McInnis (English)

All Might’s previous sidekick, he was very popular due to All Might’s fame, even though he was the shutdown type of a man. Nighteye was the one to recommend Mirio as a candidate to inherit One For All, but he was upset when he knew All Might had given his powers to Deku.

Sir Nighteye has the ability to look into the future, his Quirk allows him to predict what will happen, but that wasn’t always true when Deku proved him wrong against Overhaul. He learned that the future can change, even though he tried so many times before, thus gaining his respect.

20. Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki

Japanese Name
Birth DateMarch 4
Age17 (First appearance)

18 (Current)

Height77cm (5’10”)[3]
Voice Actor(s)Yūto Uemura (Japanese)

Aaron Dismuke

Apphia Yu (Child) (English)

Another student in the U.A. High School on the list and the second member of the Big Three. Tamaki is super introverted despite his high rank in his school. He can’t look and talk to people properly, but his friend Mirio always tries to help him cheer up.

His Quirk allows Tamaki to change his limbs and his body parts based on the materials he ate. If he ate a swordfish, then he can change his arm into the sharp sword of the fish. He can also swallow hard materials to harden his body.

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