15 Hottest Anime Characters With Tan Skin (Male & Female)

Anime Characters With Tan Skin

Who adds color to anime? Discover the fascinating world of tan-skinned characters and how they are reshaping anime in our article.

Anime, a vibrant and diverse world of storytelling, is known for its eclectic cast of characters, each possessing unique traits and characteristics that captivate audiences worldwide. While a significant portion of anime characters is often depicted with pale or fair skin, the medium also showcases the beauty and allure of characters with tan skin. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of representation in anime, and characters with tan skin have played a crucial role in broadening the spectrum of beauty and diversity within the genre.

Tan-skinned anime characters come in various forms and exhibit various personalities, backgrounds, and stories. From adventurous pirates exploring uncharted seas to fierce warriors battling supernatural forces, these characters are not defined solely by their complexion but by their remarkable journeys and the depth of their personalities. This article explores some of these iconic tan-skinned figures that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans.

1. Hayase Nagator

Hayase Nagator

Age17 years
Height150 cm
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Japanese Voiced bySumire Uesaka
English Voiced byKimberley Anne Campbell

Hayase Nagatoro is the first anime character with tan skin on the list. She first meets the quiet and reserved Senpai during her first year of study at Kazehaya High School.

Her upperman is the object of Nagatoro’s affection, and he is frequently teased and bullied. She acts carelessly, but beneath that, she cares about him and even starts to feel something.

Nagatoro is a sporty, gregarious girl. She has a robust, athletic build and is of average height. Her eyes are brown, and she has long, black hair. Her skin has turned olive due to her outdoor interests.

2. Archer


Age27 years
Height175 cm
Hair ColorBlack
Eye Colorred
Japanese Voiced byJunichi Suwabe
English Voiced byBryce Pperbrook

During the Fifth Holy Grail War, Rin Tohsaka is served by an Archer-class servant named Archer. EMIYA is the actual identity of Archer. He is not a true Heroic Spirit, in contrast to the other servants. Instead, he is Shirou Emiya, who, upon coming into contact with the World or Alaya, transforms into a Heroic Spirit and swears to defend the world as a Counter Guardian.

The way Archer looks is very different from who he is. He makes an adult appearance as a Heroic Spirit. Whereas Shirou’s hair is a reddish brown, his is white. In contrast to Shirou, Archer is tall, strong, and has tanned skin.

3. Daiki Aomine

Daiki Aomine

Age16 years
Height192 cm
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorLight blue
Japanese Voiced byJunichi Suwambe
English Voiced byDavid Matranga

The star player and power forward for Touou High School’s basketball squad is Daiki Aomine. He is a member of the Generations of Miracles and played for Teiko Junior High in the past.

He was Kuroko’s companion and the source of light that complemented Kuroko’s gloom. He is a very skilled player who starts to challenge Kagami. Aomine is a very tall basketball player. He stands at a height of 6’3.5″. He has short blue hair, blue-grey eyes, and a tan complexion.

4. Sphintus Carmen

Sphintus Carmen

Age17 years
Height175 cm
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen
Japanese Voiced byDaisuke Ono
English Voiced byChris Niosi (Kirbopher)

Aladdin’s roommate and friend, Shintus Carmen, attends the Magnostadt Academy. He also comes from a lowly aristocratic line in the Kingdom of Heliohapt. Sphintus begins in the 4th Kodor and has mediocre magic, but he rises to the 1st Kodor. His specialty is magic for healing.

Sphintus is a dashing young man with green eyes and white hair with a tan complexion. Kukulcan, his pet snake, is usually around his neck.

5. Muru Muru

Muru Muru

Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPink
Manga AppearanceChapter 1
Japanese Voiced byManami Honda
English Voiced byLeah Clark

The God of Time and Space, Deus ex Machina, has a servant named Muru Muru, also known as Mur Mur. She works primarily with Deus to supervise and score the Survival Game. She comes across as innocent and funny, but in the conclusion, her true nature is shown. Muru Muru is one of the main antagonists in the show.

Although Muru Muru appears to be a young girl, she has a wicked and twisted personality. She has long, pale lavender hair and a tanned brown complexion. Between her lavender eyebrows is a black dot, and her eyes are large and purple.

6. Camilla Pareto

Camilla Pareto

HeightNot Known
Hair ColorLight colored
Eye ColorReddish Brown
Japanese Voiced byMutsumi Tamura
English Voiced byCristina Valenzuela

The head of the Ferrovius (Lion’s Faction) and an Arlequint Academy student is Camilla Pareto. Along with Ernesta, another researcher, she has created two puppets as part of her studies on battle. During the war, Camilla lost her arm and leg; Ernesta’s puppet technology replaced her missing limbs.

Teenage Camilla has a sad appearance. Her eyes are reddish-brown, and she has long, sandy-blonde hair. Her light-colored hair goes nicely with her tanned skin.

7. Heiji Hattori

Heiji Hattori

Age17 years
Height175 cm
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Manga AppearanceChapter 1
Japanese Voiced byRyo Horikawa
English Voiced byJerry Jewell

Heiji Hattori is listed as the seventh anime character with tan skin. Like Shinichi, Heiji works as a high school investigator. He speaks in the dialect of Kansai and is from Osaka. Although Heiji is Shinichi’s opponent, he assists the man in keeping his disguise as Conan when he finds out about his predicament.

Heiji is an intelligent man with a good appearance to match his sharp mind. His eyes are bluish-green, and he’s tall and tan. He practically only appears with his childhood pal Kazuha.

8. Hibana

Hibana Fire Force

Age 20
Height170 cm
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorGold
Japanese Voiced bySaeko Kamijou
English Voiced byTia Ballard

Hibana is Special Fire Force Company 5’s captain. She and Iris are the only two nuns still alive. She is a scientist and a Third Generation pyrokinetic. She can use a fan or her hands to produce flames in the shape of flowers thanks to her pyrokinetic skill, Clematis.

Hibana is a stunning woman who is twenty years old. She has a curvy shape and tanned skin. Her eyes are blue with pink, flower-shaped pupils, and her hair is an extremely pale pink.

9. Umiko Ahagon

Umiko Ahagon

Age24 years
Height163 cm
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese Voiced byChitose Moringa
English Voiced byCaitlin Glass

The head programmer at Eagle Jump, a video game developer, is Umiko Ahagon. Umiko is a rigorous professional who dislikes correcting other people’s errors. Umiko loves the military and has airsoft weapons in her workspace. She also finds her last name to be very offensive.

Umiko is a stunning twentysomething girl. She has long brown hair and is tanned. Her brown eyebrows are thick and short, framing her blue eyes.

10. Phil


Age4 years
Height170 cm
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Japanese Voiced byMiyuki Sawashiro
English Voiced byDi Gi Charat

Phil is an orphan who lives at the Grace Field House with other orphans without realizing the terrible circumstances surrounding them. Since Phil is only four years old, he is regarded as a low-quality meal. He still ranks among the highest scorers and the sharpest, though.

Phil is a charming and endearing youngster. His complexion is tanned, and he has a plump, chubby, infantile face. His eyes are a vivid blue, and he has dark brown hair. Before learning of their situation, Phil is always grinning.

11. Reg


Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorGreen
Japanese Voiced byMariya Ise
English Voiced byLuci Christian

Riko discovers Reg, an amnesiac robot, at the first layer of the Abyss. Riko gives him the name Reg in remembrance of her previous dog. He is immune to the Curse of the Abyss because of his prosthetic body. People start referring to him as “The Treasure of the Deep.”

Reg has a young boy’s appearance despite being a robot. He wears a mysterious helmet and has brown hair and bright eyes. He has two symmetrical red markings on either side of his chin, and his skin is tanned.

12. Arumi Asahina

Arumi Asahina

Age12 years
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorReddish-Brown
Japanese Voiced bySasshi
English Voiced byKasi Hollowell

Sasshi’s best buddy is Arumi Asahina. She grew up with Sasshi, having spent their early years frolicking in the shopping arcade. In the retail arcade, her father and grandfather own and operate a French restaurant. However, the family is relocating to Hokkaido as the business will shortly close.

Arumi, a 12-year-old girl, is lovely. Her brown hair is arranged in two braids, and her complexion is tan. She also has thick eyebrows and reddish-brown eyes.

13. Soma Schicksal

Soma Schicksal

Age22 years
Height180 cm
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese Voiced byHiroaki Hirata
English Voiced byKyle Hebert

Soma is a God Eater group veteran. He wields a Buster Blade like a divine spear. Soma is a quiet individual who doesn’t socialize much with others. Because he regenerates quickly, he has an extremely high survival rate.

Soma is a teenage girl of eighteen. He has blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, and a tall, tanned frame. Soma’s Indian mother and German-Caucasian father are responsible for his chocolate complexion.

14. Canaan


Age24 years
Height175 cm
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese Voiced byMaaya Sakamoto
English Voiced byShelley Calene-black

Canaan is a Shanghai-based mercenary. Her community was destroyed in a Middle East battle, and she was the only one who survived. Siam, an ex-mercenary, trained her and gave her the name Canaan before saving her life. Right now, she wants to get even with Alphard Al Sheya for betraying Siam.

Canaan is a youthful lady possessing a slim and robust physique. She has gray eyes, platinum blonde hair, and a tan complexion. Her lighter hair creates a lovely contrast with her darker skin tone.

15. Ymir


Height168 cm
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Japanese Voiced bySaki Fujita
English Voiced byElizabeth Maxwell

Eren’s fellow 104th Training Corps recruit is named Ymir. She and Krista both enlist in the Survey Corps after graduating. Since Ymir is the Jaw Titan and was formerly a member of Marley’s team, he knows the reality about Titans and the world outside the walls.

It turns out that Ymir is older. But she had stopped aging after spending many years as a Mindless Titan. At the moment, she has the severe features of a teen. Her complexion is tan, and beneath her cheeks are freckles.


The inclusion of anime characters with tan skin signifies a positive step towards diversity in the anime world. These characters, representing a broader range of skin tones, enrich the medium and appeal to a more global audience. While they are defined by more than just their skin color, their presence reflects progress in inclusive storytelling. As we look ahead, we hope to see even more nuanced and authentic representations of diverse backgrounds, breaking free from stereotypes and expanding the anime universe. This shift towards inclusivity promises a dynamic and evolving future for anime.

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