15 Hottest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Female Characters

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Female Characters

Do you want to explore the extraordinary world of JoJo Bizarre Adventure female characters? You will be excited to experience a blend of action, adventure, and supernatural elements in this renowned Manga and Anime series. You will also enjoy the thrilling journey of each female character and their unique abilities in a quest for justice and to reach their destinies.

If you are a fan of manga and anime series, you probably have heard or watched a renowned series called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure which is a series that is known for its intricate storytelling. You will be excited to find vivid characters and unique supernatural powers called Stands.

When you watch the series first, you will notice it predominantly focuses on male protagonists, but you will be surprised to find other diverse and captivating female characters. If you keep reading the article, you will learn about these female characters who play integral roles that have helped shape the series’ narrative, leaving fans and viewers with a lasting impression. Lets have a look at these 15 female characters cast in the Jojo Bizarre Adventure series.

1. Erina Pendleton

Erina Pendleton

Japanese Nameエリナ・ペンドルトン・ジョースター
Age19 (Part 1)

70 (Part 2)

81 at death

Height185 cm
Hair ColorBlonde

(Digital Color, Anime, Film)

Eye ColorCyan (Anime)

Green (Film)

She is the love interest and the wife of Jonathan Joestar, who appears in the Battle Tendency and Phantom Blood. Erina is a cute character who undergoes a noticeable transformation in the Battle, where she displays signs of aging. Surprisingly Erina’s beauty endures anyone, especially with her fair complexation and blonde hair, which she looks like a youthful girl despite being in her 70s.

Erina shows unconditional love and devotion for Jonathan as she cares for him tirelessly and is willing to sacrifice her life for him. Also, as Erina grows older in the series, she acts as a guiding grandmother to her grandson Joseph and demonstrates to him how to nurture and care for others. Erina’s story and her legacy left in the series have impacted other characters as she symbolizes love, strength, and grace through the series of Jojo Bizarre Adventures.

2. Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa

Japanese Nameリサリサ
Age2 months old (Part 1)

50 (Part 2)

Height175cm (5 ft 9 in)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue

In JoJo  Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, we have a significant character called Elizabeth Joestar, commonly known as Lisa Lisa. In the series, she plays a vital role as a master of the Hamon technique, where she also serves as a mentor to Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli. She is the teacher who taught them ways to learn Hamon combat.

Being a respected character from both male and female characters in the series, she demonstrates her bravery and possession of strong will when she doesn’t put her emotions to make her judgment. Later in the series, we find out Lisa is the true mother of Joseph Joestar, and this revelation shows how she has contributed to the life of Joseph. Throughout the series, Lisa Lisa stands out from other characters because of her refined manner and fearless attitude.

3. Holy Kujo

Holy Kujo

Japanese Name空条[ジョースター] ホリィ
Height             170 cm (5 ft 7 in) (Anime)
PowersHoly’s  Stand
Hair ColorBlonde (Digital Color, Anime)

Brown (OVA)

Eye ColorGreen (Digital Color, Anime)

Blue (OVA)

Holy Kujo is Joseph Joestar’s daughter and Jotaro Kujo’s mother, who appears in part 3 of the Jojo Bizarre Adventure series. She fell sick due to the power of her stand, and her health deteriorated to a point where anyone could notice her. It became a serious issue that made Jotaro and his companion look for help by embarking on a journey to save her life. Even though she is not involved directly in the combat, her presence and urgency of her condition have made the series go forward and interesting to follow.

4. Jolyne Cujoh

Jolyne Cujoh

Japanese Name空条 徐倫
Height174.5 cm (5 ft 8.7 in)
PowersStone Free
Hair ColorDark Blue & Yellow Green

(Digital Color, A.S.B.)

Dark Green & Blonde


Black & Blonde(EoH)

Eye ColorChartreuse (Digital Color)

Green (Anime)

Jolyne is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo and the main protagonist of part 6, “Stone Ocean.” She inherits many traits from her father, who was the protagonist in the Stardust Crusaders. When we talk about Jolyne’s abilities, she possesses a combination of intelligence, beauty, and strength, which makes her a great character in the series. Some of the similarities she has with his father are a strong sense of justice and willingly helping people who need help, whether a friend or a stranger.

In some battles she engages in, she uses her stand, Strone Free, where she showcases them in combat skills when she confronts Enrico Pucci, Dio’s trusted disciple. Jolyne is a well-developed character in the series and the only female Jojo Protagonist to date. With her unique abilities, determination, and compelling story, she is a character who has a great impression, and fans and viewers love her.

5. Tomoko Higashikata

Tomoko Higashikata

Japanese Name東方 朋子
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Tomoko is a character in the Jojo series, introduced in part 4, “Diamond is Unbreakable,” and she is the mother of Josuke Higashikata. According to her traits expressed in the series, she is a supportive and caring female looking out for Josuke and his friends. What makes Tomoko different from other characters is how she portrays a realistic mother roaming around with life challenges. In part 4, Tomako’s presence leaves an impact of exciting stories, which controls the dynamics and familiar atmosphere of Diamond is Unbreakable.

Tomoko’s appearance is described to be overtly attractive as she has been seen changing her clothes regularly. She is a woman with a slim to medium build and average height. Her usual wear is dark straight hair that falls around her neck, held by a hairpin.

6. Lucy Steel

Lucy Steel

Japanese Nameルーシー・スティール
Age                14 (Part 7)

35 (~1911),

65 (1941, Part 8)

PowersTicket to Ride
Hair ColorBlonde (Digital Color)

Aquamarine (A.S.B.)

Eye ColorBlue

In the seventh part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run, we introduce this fantastic and beautiful character Lucy Steel who stands out from the rest due to her unwavering determination, sharp intelligence, and fierce loyalty. The exciting part about Lucy is when she becomes a central figure character in the Steel Ball Run, where she connects the storylines of various protagonists and antagonists in the series.

She has shown how she is a selfless wife compared to other wives in the series, where she does more things than just supporting someone. She is seen to take risks and put herself in dangerous situations to help his husband, Steven Steel, to achieve his dreams. Despite being in hazardous conditions sometimes, she is a total badass and fearless when facing her enemies. What impress fans most is how she holds herself and defeats some adversaries in the series. That proves that Lucy is a character in the series that is more intresting and adds depth to the series.

7. Trish Una

Trish Una

Japanese Nameトリッシュ・ウナ


Height163 cm (5 ft 4 in)
PowersSpice Girl
Hair ColorPink (Digital Color, EoH, Anime)
Eye ColorBlue (Digital Color, EoH)

Green (Anime)

Trish Una is the daughter of Diavolo and Donatella Una, who is introduced in the fifth part of Jojo Bizarre, Ventro Aureo. One crazy part of the story is when Trish discovered her stand’s power when she is surprisingly attacked by the Notorious B.I.G. This attack happened when she was with the team Bucciarati.

Her stand, Spice Girl, possesses a remarkable ability that can completely soften objects. Though the stand appears normal at first glance, the power has proved incredibly versatile and invaluable in various situations. Spice Girl stands out from the rest due to its conscious nature, which has made it an extraordinary stand on its own.

8. Anne


Japanese Nameアン
Hair ColorBrown (Digital Color)

Black (Anime)

Eye ColorBlue (Digital Color)

Brown (Anime)

Anne is a  minor character introduced in the Stardust Crusaders and appears in the third part of the Jojo Bizarre Adventure series. She is seen in the first part of Stardust Crusaders with the main characters. Before departing to move to Singapore, she first joined the Joestar group, where she was saved by Jotaro Kujo and focused on following the group from where she was to Pakistan. While following the group, she witnessed various stand battles as they traveled with the group.

When you first glance at Anne, you will notice she is a young girl with average height, a slightly upturned nose, a thin to medium build body, long dark hair, and light freckles. At first, she was often seen wearing a cap where you could easily confuse her with a boy, but she changed to wearing a cap after she joined the joists group. She is a character in the series who loves to make a comedy, and she is a character you can wish to be around her.

9. Reimi Sugimoto

Reimi Sugimoto

Japanese Name杉本 鈴美
Height155 cm (5 ft 1 in)
PowersArrow Cross House
Hair ColorLight brown (Digital Color)

Pink (Anime)

Eye ColorBlue-green (Digital Color)

Pink (Anime)

In Jojo Bizzaire’s series, in part 4 of Diamond is Unbreakable, Reimi Sugimoto is featured as a side character. She is a captivating character who defies expectations with her strong and assertive attitude, which she displays to others. She is a perfect example of a resilient woman who refuses to tolerate any mistreatment from anyone.

As you go on with the story, Reimi is a ghost who refuses to move on to the afterlife as she is ambitious to haunt the hidden street of Morioh, where she believes she will find someone who will collaborate with her to find the killer and bring him to justice. Therefore, she decides to remain in spirit form to protect others from Kira’s deadly action and remains one of the notable characters in the series.

10. Ermes Costello

Ermes Costello

Japanese Nameエルメェス・コステロ
Height175cm (5 ft 9 in)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGray

Ermes Costello is featured in the sixth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean, where she joins a protagonist like Jolyne Kujo. She is a rare character who stands out from the rest in the series since she possesses a blend of violence, brutality, and tenderness. Some of the abilities she showcased in the series are exceptional combat skills. In the battle, we can see her demonstrating her ability to remain on her feet while fighting with her opponents when her liver is removed.

When her partner Jolyne is wrongfully imprisoned, she displays her determination to seek revenge against those who wronged them and even pays her friend a visit in prison. Her actions show her deep sense of protectiveness towards her companion in the series. Ermes a character who can put her life in danger to protect the people she cares about.

11. Mariah


Japanese Nameマライア
Hair ColorBlonde (Digital Color)

White (Heritage for the Future, Anime, Eyes of Heaven)

Eye ColorDark blue (Digital Color)

Brown (Anime, Eyes of Heaven)

Mariah is a member of DIO’s group who is a secondary antagonist in the third part of Jojo‘s Bizarre Adventure series “Stardust Crusaders.”As a member of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, she plays an important role in the story, specifically in the “Bastet Mariah.” According to her stand, “ Bastet,” she is seen to lack direct combat capabilities, but she still possesses a unique ability.

When we look at the Bastet ability, it lies in transforming a target individual into a magnet where the magnetic effect produced is used to attract various objects around them. So if someone is far from the distance requirement of magnetism to attract, the magnetism force will wear off, and the person affected by it will return to normal.

12. Yukako


Japanese Name山岸由花子
Height167 cm (5 ft 6 in)
PowersLove Deluxe
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue (Digital Color)

Purple (Anime, EoH)

Brown (Film)

Yukako may appear to be an ordinary high school student, but deep inside her, she is a unique individual with an intense desire for Koichi’s affection. Love Deluxe is Yakako stand, which manifests itself through her hair, where she gains remarkable strength and the ability to manipulate any human. In the event of Diamond Is Unbreakable, Her stand is not invincible and can be defeated with other strategies and skills that are superior to the stand.

The Appearance of Yukako can be described to be looking like a teenage girl whose beauty features of bodily proportions and delicate facial features are beautiful. In part 4, she is seen wearing a dark sailor suit, socks, and shoes, which shows her mature taste in casual clothing.



Japanese Nameミュッチャー・ミューラー
Height175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
PowersJail House Lock
Hair Color                 Blond (Digital Color)
Eye ColorDark Green (Digital Color)

MIU MIU, better known by her real name Miuccia Miller, is a minor character in the Jojo series featured in Stone Ocean. It is believed as long as Miu Miu is alive, no one can escape from the prison, according to Enrico Pucci. She uses her stand, Jail House, which uniquely can change people’s thoughts and make them lose their memories. Miu Miu exploits the use of her power when she dismantles the plans of her adversaries who want to escape from the prison. She introduces the manipulation of people’s perceptions, where she guides them into forgetting their original objectives.

Being a prisoner, she possesses a distinctive appearance, including blond hair styled into various long tendrils and disheveled. More so, if you check, her eyebrows are shaped into circular forms, making her look unconventional.

14. Hot Pants

Hot Pants

Japanese Nameホット・パンツ
Height185 cm
PowersCream Starter
Hair ColorRed/Pink (Digital Color)
Eye ColorDark purple (Digital Color)

In the Steel Ball Run race, we have Hot Pants, a participant with a unique stand called Cream Starter. Having used this stand, it manifested in the form of a humanoid-shaped spray. The primary function of the Creamy  Starter, when used with Hot Pants, is to lay its remarkable healing capability. Whenever individuals had injuries, Hot Pants used her standability to mend the injuries and restore the well-being of those individuals. The tactical advantage of using that stand is that it covers a target’s nose, eyes, and mouth, which has enabled her a strategic edge in battle.

15. Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

Japanese Nameフー・ファイターズ
Height165 cm (5 ft 5 in)
PowersFoo Fighters (itself)

Unnamed Boiling Water Stand (Formerly)

Hair ColorGreen (Digital Color)
Eye ColorBrown (Digital Color)

Black/Yellow (All-Star Battle R)

Blue (Anime)

Foo Fighter, also known as F.F., is a unique female character in the sixth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, “ Stone Ocean.” If you look closely and examine this character, you will find that she doesn’t look like a human, but in the real sense, she is an artificial being created from Plankton and brought to life through the stand of the Weather Report.

Just like other female characters who possess a stand, F.F. also has a stand called Foo Fighters, which allows her to control water and assume various forms and shapes. At the first of the series, F.F. starts as an antagonist, and later on, she changes and becomes an ally of the main protagonist, Jolyne Cujoh. Even though F.F. is an artificial being, she also has some sense of individuality and a desire to protect and serve her friends, just like other real characters in the series. The exciting part of F.F. is that she showed a strong bond with Jolyne and even proved to be a valuable asset during their battles against other stand users.

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