Top 20 Sexiest Fairy Tail Female Characters

Sexiest Fairy Tail Female Characters

Fairy Tail is one of the longest-running anime series. It has not only a thrilling storyline but also beautiful female characters.

Even though most animes focus on male characters, Fairy Tail has amazing women that will blow your mind. It offers plenty of badass women and girls that will leave you baffled at their stunning beauty and personality. That said, in this comprehensive guide, we have discussed the 20 Cutest Fairy Tail Female Characters.

Fairy Tail boasts of having a plethora of cute female characters in addition to its adventurous and epic moments. They showcase their beauty and play a key role in keeping the story more entertaining. Even though the most beautiful female character depends on your preference, Fairy Tail is full of extraordinary ladies to be your favorite.

With varying personalities and distinctively stunning features, Fairy Tail female characters make it hard to choose the cutest ones. Let’s look at the 20 most beautiful and hottest female characters in Fairy Tail.

1. Erza Scarlet

erza scarlet

Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage who is one of the most muscular Fairy Tail girls. Erza is a stunning beauty despite her impatience, strictness, and social awkwardness. Her long scarlet hair, brown eyes, and slender voluptuous figure will blow your mind. She majorly wears armor with a blue skirt, black boots, and diamond-shaped earrings.

In addition to her great looks, Erza Scarlet has Requip Magic to change her clothes and armor. However, don’t be fooled by her looks. Her tragic past made her who she was with a mean attitude towards others. She can also be gentle and sweet if she wants to. All in all, Erza Scarlet is one of the cutest Fairy Tail female characters.

2. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss is well known for her beauty and sweet and cuddly side. She is slim with long white curly hair and has a varied dressing style. Mirajane sometimes wears a sleeveless, ankle-length maroon dress and high-heeled shoes to match it. She wears a leopard print dress and sometimes takes a casual look when performing. She complements her dressing with different accessories like a chain necklace.

Mirajane is as powerful as she is beautiful. She uses her Take Overpowers to take over different powers and appearances of other creatures.

3. Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell is a young Dragon Slayer with healing power despite being shy and polite. She boasts of a loving and caring demeanor alongside her stunning beauty. Wendy has long dark blue hair that complements her brown eyes. She enjoys playing with her hair, often styling it differently.

When she is first introduced, Wendy is a quivering, stammering character that only wears simple dresses. Wendy also possesses a great personality. She enjoys making great friends and is also direct and open with her feelings. Though a Dragon Slayer, Wendy does not enjoy fighting.

However, when she activates her Dragonforce, she fights without hesitation.

4. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia is another Fairy Tail female character that takes pride in her appearance and sex appeal. Lucy will blow your mind with her curvy body, blonde hair, a belt to keep her skirt up, and high-heeled leather boots. Let’s not forget she is the protagonist with a striking look.

Her personality exceeds her looks. She is passionate, kind, and genuinely caring despite being a member of the most influential families. Lucy is not only a beauty but also has the power to summon spirits from another world and incorporate their powers into her.s When you watch Fairy Tail, you will fall in love with Lucy Heartfilia not only for her looks but her extraordinary abilities too.

5. Mavis Vermillion

Mavis Vermillion

Marvis Vermillion is the first guild master who stands out because of her wavy, pastel yellow-blond hair and green eyes with no pupils. After using incomplete grand magic, her body is like a thirteen-year-old person despite being over a century old.

Even though she has a curse that prevents her from caring about others, she is still kind and protective of her own. With a young body, you would understand her childish and playful nature. She also has a killer smile that’s always on her face despite being very powerful.

6. Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser

At first, you might not love her looks, but after some hair and personality changes, Juvia is more gorgeous than ever. Her azure blue hair, snow-like skin complexion, curvy figure, and blue eyes gave her a whole new look. Juvia was introduced as an emotionless character with a great obsession for Gray Fullbuster. \

However, her personality changes, and she is happier to complete her stunning beauty. In addition to that, Juvia can control, manipulate and even turn into water. After her transformation, you will probably consider her the most beautiful female character in Fairy Tail.

7. Irene Belserion

Irene Belserion

Irene Belserion will blow your mind with her perfect body, great hair, and dressing. She has thickly braided scarlet hair and wears a witch’s garb with a diamond opening showing off part of her breasts. She is also often seen with red lipstick and earrings to add to her incredible beauty.

Irene Belserion is considered a historian because of her excellent knowledge of folktales. Despite her humorous nature, she can also be mean, as seen when questioning Toma. When it comes to the cutest Fairy Tail female characters, Irene Belserion is the epitome of beauty.

8. Ultear Milkovich

Ultear Milkovich

Ultear Milkovich is a female Mage with pale skin, dark purple hair, and brown eyes. She has a great figure which she does not hesitate to show off with her revealing dresses. Ultear is a manipulative, ruthless but ambitious lady. Even though she despises her mother, her attitude towards Meredy is different.

She is calm and passionate when around her, given that she is the closest person to her. With different abilities and magical powers, Ultear has everything you can look for in a female character.

9. Lisanna Strauss

Lisanna Strauss

Lisanna Strauss is a beautiful, hot and sexy character that will capture the hearts of any Fairy Tail enthusiast. It might be because of her short, white hair, blue eyes, simple pink dress, and dark red shoes or the fact that she is the youngest character. Lisanna also features a great personality that makes anyone easily accept her.

Her powers allow her to transform her body into an animal, like a cat or rabbit, depending on the circumstances. She can also become a fish or mermaid when underwater. Lisanna Strauss has everything that you might admire in a female character.

10. Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona is an underrated character. She is gorgeous and kind though an alcoholic. Unlike the others, she has mid-length brown hair with varying shades of color incorporated in it. She is also tall, slim and her skin is tan colored. She is also talented and has a great mind but fails to utilize her full potential and instead focuses on alcoholism.

You will be amazed by her Holder Magic which gives her the ability to be summoned, create a wall of hot chicks and even summon lightning. Despite her alcoholic nature, Cana Alberona is one of the sexiest Fairy Tail girls.

11. Minerva Orland

Minerva Orland

She has a fantastic personality alongside her beauty. Minerva Orland is a voluptuous lady who is also considered the most vital member of her guild. Her glossy purple hair, strapless dress, and glossy dark lipsticks are among the few features that make her an outstanding beauty.

However, she showcases a cruel personality by being sadistic and enjoying the pain of others. Minerva Orland can influence any spatial region around her. She can also teleport to any given destination.

12. Levy Mcgarden

Levy Mcgarden

Levy Mcgarden is an example of beauty with brains. She is an intelligent and independent woman who boasts of her distinctive looks. She looks great with her blue hair, dresses, tank tops, and a pair of glasses. Levy Mcgarden is evidence that personality defines the beauty of a woman.

She has a cheerful and upbeat personality and often gets along with others. Even though she is powerful, she does not get involved in meaningless brawls. Levy is a genuinely nice girl who takes pride in her dazzling looks.

13. Kagura Mikazuchi

Kagura Mikazuchi

Kagura is a classic dark-haired beauty who wears an elaborate blazer with gold lining, a collared shirt, and a red tie. She also loves black tights and a white headband. She showcases a calm and relaxed demeanor, with sometimes her expressions being almost blank.

Kagura does not talk too much even though she has a strong sense of honor and pride. However, even though she knows what her abilities can do, she does not boast of them. She can manipulate gravity during battles to affect her targets.

14. Yukino Aguria

Yukino Aguria

Famous for her light blue hair, black rose ornament, and a cloak clasped together by a star-shaped clip, you can never mention the cutest Fairy Tail female characters without Yukino. Yukino is a self-confident, proud Sabertooth with not only a fabulous body but a great personality alongside it.

She has immense faith in her abilities, and she was willing to bet her life on it. She could use the celestial spirit magic and was an expert in hand-to-hand combat, making her that badass character with killer looks.

15. Meredy


You’ll be amazed at how charming Meredy is. She is a short girl with pink hair and bright eyes. You will not fail to notice her golden headgear and tight purplish uniform. She also has brownish thigh-high boots with white stripes to complete her gorgeous look.

Meredy is considered a calm and mature individual with a robot-like speech. She is also confident and strongly believes in her abilities. Her Maguilty Sense powers make her an even more fascinating character. When watching fairy Tail, you will have a crush on Meredy.

16. Aquarius


Aquarius is a pretty Celestrial Spirit that looks like a royal blue mermaid. With her long blue fishtail with her light blue hair, eyes, and revealing top, Aquarius is a beauty in her way. Despite her great looks, she is hot-tempered, often threatening to kill others, including Lucy. This is seen when she is summoned. Instead of obeying Lucy, she tends to attack them.

However, you cannot deny that she is still caring and loving. She uses her water magic to control water and attack her opponents.

17. Millianna


Millianna is a curvy female known for her cat-like looks and kinky outfit. She styles her brown hair to resemble a cat’s ears to complement her cat-like eyes, nose, and mouth. Milliana loves wearing a yellow jacket and a pink dress with a bow tie.

You’ll also notice how loving, cheerful, and fun Milliana is. Her binding magic and ability to excel in combat make her one of the best female characters in Fairy Tail.

18. Flare Corona

Flare Corona

Flare Corona is sometimes a forgotten character, but her beauty is on another level. She has pale skin and dark red hair. She wears a crimson dress that reveals most of her upper body parts, including her cleavage. Its large slash at the front of her dress showcases her gorgeous legs.

Flare Corona is portrayed as an individual who does not care about what happens around her. And even though she was mean to Lucy, she has a heart full of incredible kindness inside.

19. Bisca Connell

Bisca Connell

Bisca Connell stands out with her long, straight green hair, brownish-purple eyes, and large breasts. The more she grew, the more she developed sharper facial features and a curvy body. Her personality will also blow your mind. She is a determined girl who is always ready to defend others. She treats her guildmates with respect but behaves differently when around her fellow immigrants from the West.

Bisca possesses different abilities, each with different powers. She can store magical guns and bullets and summon them whenever needed. In addition to that, she is skilled with using guns and is quick during battles.

20. Dimaria Yesta

Dimaria Yesta

Her slender figure, wavy golden hair, and eyes, what else would you look for in a lady? Dimaria Yesta is a beautiful girl who prefers wearing revealing casual clothes. On the top, she wears a simple red bandeau along with her loose, striped pants.

Alongside her unique dressing code, she showcases a relaxed and cynical personality. Dimaria showcases a relaxed demeanor when around her superiors and colleagues. She is all concerned about their well-being showing how caring she is.

With the capability of freezing time summoning Chronos to earth, Dimaria is a mind-blowing character.

Wrap Up

That marks the end of our detailed guide on some of the hottest Fairy Tail female characters. If you are a big fan of anime series, you must be familiar with most of these names. Which of these cuties is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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