10+ Strongest One Punch Man Female Characters Ranked

One Punch Man Female Characters

How many female characters do you know from One Punch Man anime? Look at the list below and see if you really know its female characters well.

The One Punch Man superhero franchise is an interesting anime series if you love Japanese manga. Although the anime revolves around the life and activities of a superhero called Saitama, it has various female characters that you should know. That way, you can have a better understanding of the anime if you haven’t watched it.

1. Lin Lin

Lin Lin

This character is a martial artist and a pro user of the Palm Bell Fist.  Lin Lin is a young and beautiful girl with dark hair. She has a slender body figure and lean build that makes her look like a model. Her eyes are gray, but they appear red in the anime. Lin styles her hair into braided loops with bands hanging on the forehead. When it comes to personality, she’s always eager to know things, nosey, and fears monsters.

2. Mosquito Girl Mosquito Girl

Not a real human but an artificial mutant that is partly an insect. Dr. Genus created the Mosquito Girl, but Saitama killed her. Her body is largely covered with an exoskeleton, she can fly, and her legs look like an insect. The Mosquito Girl looks like a real mosquito, except for her long human face and long hair. She is dangerous, sees humans and animals as prey, and is friendly to mosquitos. Additionally, the Mosquito girl is easily irritated, unfriendly and arrogant.

3. Psykos Psykos

The beautiful and curvy female character is one of the main antagonists in One Punch Man anime. Psykos has emerald-green eyes and amazing long aqua blue wavy hair. She also loves wearing glasses. Psykos is quite powerful as the second-highest-ranking member of the Monster Association. She’s also a cunning and manipulative woman who likes using plots and schemes to achieve her goals. On top of that, Psykos is intelligent, mischievous, very calculating, and has a superiority complex.

4. Tatsumaki Tatsumaki

She’s a self-declared teacher of Fubuki, her younger sister, and one of the most powerful heroes of the Hero Association. Tatsumaki is a small build woman with green hair and emerald green eyes. When it comes to personality, the character is impatient, moody, hotheaded, and disrespectful. Additionally, Tatsumaki is intolerant, arrogant, proud, and an attention seeker. She is very confident about her strength and believes that no monster can defeat her.

5. Fubuki Fubuki

The female character is a younger sister of Tatsumaki, leader of the Blizzard Group and a self-declared member of the Saitama Group.  Fubuki is a young woman with a chin-length, curvy figure, dark green hair, and light green eyes. She loves wearing elegant and expensive clothing. Fubuki is an ambitious, cold-hearted, intelligent, opportunistic, and confident person who understands her abilities. Although she possesses psychic talents, Fubuki suffers from an inferiority complex, and she leaves in the shadow of her more powerful sister.

6. Monster Princess Do-S Monster Princess Do-S

She is a member of the Monster Association and a demon-level Mysterious Being. Monster Princess Do-s looks like a real human female. She has a curvy body, pink eyes, long blonde hair, and a heart-shaped symbol on her forehead. Do-s is highly commanding and a sadistic dominatrix. She is unkind to her slaves, and she expects them to follow her orders without asking questions. When fighting, the character can be ruthless and loves acting dominant.

7. Lily Lily

This female character of One Punch Man anime is a member of the Blizzard Group. Lily is a young girl with bluish-purple eyes, fair skin, and long black hair. She also loves wearing a white lily flower on her head. Just like other members of the Blizzard Group, Lily wears standard business suits most of the time. The character is loyal to Fubuki, and she adores her. Additionally, Lily is hardworking and takes her job seriously.

8. Suiko Suiko

She is a granddaughter of Suicho and a younger sister of Suiryu. Suiko is a young and beautiful woman with a lead build. She also has short black hair, tan skin, and dark eyes. Suiko loves wearing black pants, a sports top, and a hoodie. When it comes to her personality, the character is a little naïve and an easygoing woman. However, she is sometimes somewhat arrogant.

9. Captain Mizuki Captain Mizuki

The character is a B-Class Rank 71 professional of the Hero Association. Captain Mizuki is a tall and athletic woman with purple eyes. She also has a curvy body, long dark orange hair, and loves wearing three medals on her neck. Mizuki is a dutiful hero and a cheerful woman who takes advice from her superiors seriously. Moreover, the character is a strong team worker, goal-oriented woman, and strong fighter who doesn’t surrender easily.

10. Shadow Ring

Shadow Ring

She is a member of the Hero Association and a ninja. Shadow Ring loves wearing a purple ninja garb that covers her body completely. However, her hair is dark in color, and she loves styling it in pigtails. Shadow Ring has a reserved personality, and she adores fighters with ninjutsu skills. Additionally, the character is a highly skilled and powerful fighter, although she doesn’t match the wrath of Demon-level monsters.

11. Twin Tail Twin Tail

The character is an A-Class hero known for a pigtail hairstyle, with each tail having four dice holding together. Twin Tail’s dress code is that of a jester, and she has a teardrop pain on her cheek. The female character also wears a blindfold. Twin Tail is quite moody but very confident and whatever she does. She is also a skilled fighter with the ability to sense the presence of Monsters around her.

12. Kombu Infinity Kombu Infinity

This character isn’t a real human but looks like one and speaks with a female’s voice. Kombu Infinity is a tiger-level Mysterious Being that poses as a strong creature. Her mouth doesn’t have all the teeth, seaweed tentacles as hair, and big round eyes. Kombu Infinity has a scary and sinister personality. It likes fighting strong beings, and she enjoys their defeat. Another unique feature of Kombu Infinity is that she likes speaking in plural form. For instance, she refers to herself as “we.”

13. Eyesight Eyesight

The character was a demon-level mysterious being who was more of a woman. Eyesight was a Medusa-like monster similar to the Kale, Hindu Goddess. She attacked Y-City, but Pig God killed her. Eyesight was half snake and half woman. She wore a skull crown and had a piece of skeletal jewelry. Most of her ornaments were made of skeletons, and her skin was purple with black dots. Eyesight was extremely powerful and one of the most lethal mysterious beings in One Punch Man anime.

Wrapping Up

You now know more about various female characters in One Punch Man anime. If you haven’t watched the series, you know what to expect from its female characters. For those who have already watched the series, you now have a better understanding of your favorite female character. Maybe you should consider watching One Punch Man once more.

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