15 Best Anime Like My Hero Academia (MHA Pro Heroes)

Anime like My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a story about a young teenager called Izuku Midoriya. This powerless boy had always dreamed about becoming the greatest hero of all time, but how can he achieve such a dream without powers? Watch the life of Midoriya completely turn around when he meets his ideal All Might. If you are looking for the same bloody fighting anime like MHA then save this list.

Almost 80% of humanity has gained new powers upon birth. There are no special superheroes anymore. Every single individual can become a hero, but who truly does have the heart to fight crimes and save people?

1. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

There is no doubt about it. If you like My Hero Academia then you will adore One Punch Man. Saitama was an ordinary guy who wanted to find an ordinary job for himself. But that wasn’t what Saitama was truly passionate about.

After saving a kid from a giant humanoid crab, he decided to become a Hero. After training every single day by doing 100 sit-ups, 100 pushups, 100 squats, and a 10 km run, Saitama became so powerful he could defeat any villain with one single punch. But at the same time, he lost his hair and became bald, and seemed to have lost some emotions.

After being a hero alone for some time, with his disciple Genos, they officially joined the Hero Association with many heroes, he began a life of fighting against various monsters and disasters. But often it’s the work of a hero that no one knows about.

2. Naruto


Uzumaki Naruto was a young orphan, raised and taken care of by the Hokage of the village. However, that didn’t stop him from feeling neglected, especially when the village considered him a monster for having the nine-tailed beast sealed inside of him.

Yet, even then, Naruto kept on being a cheerful and optimistic boy with one goal in hand, becoming the Hokage. After passing the exam, Naruto joined Team 7 alongside Sakura and Sasuke under their mentor, Kakashi. Watch them grow, become stronger, and face powerful enemies while they complete missions of various difficulties. The story successfully depicts the ninja who was originally hidden in the dark and used the world’s most powerful perseverance and hardest efforts to do the most secretive and hidden cruel thing and depicts the proudest and brightest profession under the sun. In this ninja world, every young ninja is sticking to his own beliefs.

3. Fire Force

Fire Force

A phenomenon has occurred in the world of Fire Force that caused people to turn into Infernals. The descendants of Infernals were granted the ability to control fire without losing their humanity. To counter the infernal and fight their threat, agencies and organizations have founded a special force called the Fire Force.

Members of the Fire Force have supernatural abilities and control over flames. Shinra Kusakabe became a recent Fire Force member. Having such a highly confident and extroverted character, he seeks to become a hero and fight internal threats.

4. Haikyu!!


Most successful sports players have been fortunate to have their genetics play in their favor. But some players have achieved great success even when their physical bodies had major disadvantages. This is the story of Shouyou Hinata after he witnessed the Little Giant in a volleyball match.

Hinata promised himself to join a volleyball team after enrolling in high school. However, being short wasn’t going to make it easy. Hinata has to prove his worth and let everyone know he is ready to crush the enemy team.

5. Demon Slayer

Anime Like Demon Slayer

Demons have existed in this world for unknown decades, but their existence is not known by the world. A secret organization called the Demon Slayer corps seeks to eliminate all demons in the world and their master.

Not so many people are good enough to be Demon Slayers, but Tanjiro had no choice when he found his family massacred, all but his younger sister who happened to be a demon. Now, both of them travel together to find a way to restore her humanity while preventing demons from causing other major deaths.

6. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Ryomen Sukuna is a legendary Demon who had all his twenty fingers sealed away, but this didn’t stop him from allowing curses to exist. Cursed Spirits are creatures that mean harm, and there are only a few people who can see them, they are called Jujutsu Sorcerers. Yuji Itadori was an ordinary high school student with extraordinary physical abilities.

One night, his friends snuck into their high school only for them to get attacked by a cursed spirit. Rushing into the scene, Itadori tried to stop it but almost got himself killed, now he has no choice but to eat Sukuna’s finger and gain powers that will get him sentenced for execution.

7. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

Satan is the most powerful demon world, but what would happen if a child was born from a human woman? Rin Okumura is the son of Satan who has inherited his power.

However, the only way for him to use those powers is through a special katana. Rejecting his father’s wishes of conquering Assiah, Rin now trains to become the greatest Exorcist to be able to surpass not only his brother Yukio but also the powers of his father, Satan himself.

8. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

The destruction of the moon has left humanity in shock. The destroyer however made them more disturbed once he revealed himself. An octopus-like creature that is threatening to do the same thing to the earth. After trying all available arsenals, the government has figured that he is unkillable, except by rubber guns.

Those types of weapons are harmless to people, and because of that, this creature has given humanity a chance to kill him while he spends the remaining time teaching a class of students, thus naming himself “Koro-sensei”.

9. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

The world of HxH can be terrifying. Mysterious creatures exist and dangerous people roam the countries. Secret organizations, mafia, and assassins can be easily involved with a group of licensed hunters. Gon is a 12 year-old-boy who wishes to become a professional hunter, just like his father.

Along the way, he meets with good friends, specifically Killua. Gon and Killua slowly learn together about the secret powers hunters have to truly become professionals. Their optimism and enthusiasm can give the viewers the wrong idea about the show. It’s dark, gory, disturbing, and full of emotional moments.

10. Charlotte


The life of Yuu Otosaka has never remained the same since he discovered a unique ability that only he acquired. Because of this power, he quickly climbed up the ladder in his high school until eventually enrolling in a prestigious one.

His power is the ability to read someone’s mind and control their body. However, his clever deceit didn’t last long after moving to the prestigious high school, because one of the students discovered his ability and then persuaded him to move to a special high school for students with special abilities.

11. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Not everyone gets the chance to restore their lives after they lose them. Yuusuke Urameshi was not prepared for this day, and nor was the realm of spirits. After witnessing an accident about to happen, Yuusuke sacrifices himself to save the life of a boy from a moving vehicle.

Yuusuke was never the type of person to do such a heroic act, and because of that, the god of death has given him tasks and a series of guidance that would allow him a second chance in life.

12. Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Barnaby are on the rise to become the next King of Heroes. Perhaps they have a sense of rivalry, but they are still great partners that work together. Those who have special abilities are called NEXT. With great power comes great responsibility.

Wild Tiger and Bunny must work together to fight evil crimes and misuse of powers from devilish human beings. Wild Tiger had difficulties earning points in the past, but ever since he partnered with Bunny, his Hero career is about to change for good.

13. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Another exciting anime made by the same author of One Punch Man. Mob Psycho is a story about a kid named Shigeo and his partner Arataka to understand the power of psychics. Shigeo, also known as Mob, has discovered how treacherous his powers can be if he doesn’t control them.

Of course, the only way to do such a thing is to practice his powers on evil spirits. Arataka guides Mob to drive out those evil spirits while maintaining control of his power, but sooner or later, his psychic energy will be unleashed to the fullest.

14. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Tsunayoshi Sawada has struggled in school. Being called mean names, bullied with words, and just being bad at almost everything doesn’t help his romantic feelings for the school idol that he always had a crush on. However, he encounters a strange baby one day.

It turns out this baby is a hitman from an Italian Mafia and he had chosen Sawada to succeed the late boss. Of course, an ordinary boy can’t do that, until he is granted power from the Reborn named baby.

15. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo is a unique type of Anime that splits into multiple parts. Each part takes place years after the first one with a different main character that is supposedly related to the first JoJo. JoJo’s Bizarre story is exactly that. It is supposed to be exaggerated, funny, and completely weird out of context.

But the rivalry between Dio and Jonathan isn’t to be taken lightly. Serious moments and scenery of brotherhood can bring some to tears. Learn about how Jonathan fights vampires and trains himself to use special types of powers that can harm them.

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